WWJA: What Would Jesus Answer?

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    “couldn’t you have just forgiven without the ritual human blood sacrifice?”


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    Oh.. and by the way. Isn’t suicide a mortal sin? “No man takes my life, I give it freely”


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I think the question is better… What Would Jesus actually Answer? Because if He’s anything like her, it doesn’t matter what you ask, only what manages to get thru the ‘filter’ enough to receive an honest and direct answer.

But I’ll bite. What would you ask Jesus if you had the opportunity to sit down for a mocha latte? What do you think He would actually answer? What would you think His answer would be? Would that satify the question?

Tell me in the comments. There won’t be any holding or deleting of comments here. Make mine black, no cream or sugar. I love coffee.



The True Nature of the God of the Bible

Holocaust victims discover a ‘Hitler’ worse than Hitler

“Who punishes a child…” for the sins of it’s parents?

“God does”

“Seven days… seven days that child spent dying in Pain.”

“God is NOT Good… he was only on our side”

Christians… Jewish believers… do you really believe your God is less a monster than the Allah of the Islamic Terrorists and suicide bombers? Your God is more than “not good”.

He’s a Monster.

It’s a very good thing that He does not really exist outside the pages of the Bible. Give up your fiction. Join Reality. Enter the Recovery.


The JESUS of the New Testament: Fiction or Non-Fiction

I loved this post. Just trying to get thru the comments on it and the related article and comments on Nate’s blog as well. I’m passing it on as a possible prompt for discussion on mine as well. No longer restricted to the limited ‘liar, lunatic, or lord’ that Lewis tried to sell us, as Recovering Know It Alls and Deconverts from Christianity, we now must encourage others like we were to consider options such as Literary Fiction and Legendary Mythology. Kudos to Nan, Nate and all who cause us to Think and not just Believe. -kia

Nan's Notebook

Courtesy of Stockvault.net

On a very popular blog that I visit, there has been considerable discussion surrounding a post about the Christian nativity story (over 400 comments to date). Initially, most of the comments were related to the core subject, but as so often happens, contributors began to gradually move away from the primary topic. Before long, the “side discussions” took on a life of their own.

The topic that seemed to get a lot of attention was the historicity of Jesus. Was he simply a Jewish preacher who followed John the Baptist and then inspired his own small following? Or was he more than this as (supposedly) proven by his death and resurrection? Or did he exist at all?

As the discussion wore on, I decided to stir the pot a bit and submitted the following comment (slightly edited):

If one were to consider the New Testament a work of fiction, is it not possible the…

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For Easter Sunday: The Case Against Christianity

“Because Christianity is not Good and it isn’t True”
A clip from an old debate between Keith Parsons and that “Old Snake in the Grass” William Lane Craig. This clip is short but you can follow the link to the YouTube site and find the whole debate. 

And for “extra credit”, consider this clip from a  different person who also debated WLC. Not only is there insufficient Evidence FOR Christianity, but there is overwhelming Evidence AGAINST Christianity being true.

Please go to the YouTube site to see links in the descriptions of both of these clips for the full debates and other resources. Truth be told, watching these kinds of debates between Apologetics Heroes of the Faith and challengers was a big part of my Deconversion process. I wondered why Our Team did so poorly and relied so heavily on misinformation, logical fallacies such as Appeals to Ignorance and Incredulity, and were often rude, condescending and unprofessional to their opponents in the discussion.

“Lunatic, Liar or Lord”? How about Literary Creation and Legendary fiction to round out the Aliteration? Those two seem more appropriate to the reality.

I have since, due to more than my share of access to Christian self styled ‘apologetics blogs’ grown in my understanding of why they utilize these dishonest tactics. They simply haven’t any other honest tools at their disposal that would allow them to “win” and keep their Faith in Christianity and the Bible. Thus, as my mom used to say “If you can’t dazzle them with intellect, baffle them with Bulls#!t” ((yes, mom actually said that;)  ))

Can you handle the Truth? Does it still Matter to you?

If a Jewish Rabbi named Jesus, Joshua or whatever the original model was named did actually die a horrible death at the hands of Roman soldiers for his crimes of sedition and fomenting rebellion, he most certainly was not the Jesus depicted in the NT and he most certainly would have been tossed into a common, unmarked mass grave as other crucified criminals were at the time. The whole idea of crucifixion and the way they disposed of the body was to deny the Victim an honorable burial. If there was a Historical Template for the person in the NT, his fate would have been no different, mythology of dying and rising gods aside. And that Jesus is most certainly still dead and his body decayed away by now. If there was a ‘historical template’, he most certainly never raised from the dead, as certainly as the NT Jesus never actually existing outside of the pages of religious fiction.

I learned, from my Heroes’ own mouths and Answers to being Questioned and Challenged to respond, that the “answers” we have been given by the Apologists are not sufficient to the task of defending Biblical Christianity. They are only answers ‘enough’ to keep us locked inside the doors of the False Church of Christianity, not to help questioning outsiders gain access.  Enjoy the clips, the day and Think for yourself. -kia

Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, and The Exodus

And the light went on… “It Never Happened”

Since wordpress apparently won’t let me reblog a post directly twice, and I deleted my previous reblog during one of the Monthly Blog Reset Purges in the past, here’s a direct copy and paste of John’s POST on the utter poverty of actual Evidence FOR the Exodus Story and virtually undeniable, except by Blind Faith that is, Avalanche of Actual Evidence AGAINST it. My original comment from his post, and then the body of it will follow. -kia


Reblogged this on The Recovering Know It All and commented:
To paraphrase a well known verse from Psalm 113,”If the foundations be destroyed, what can the ‘Christians’ do?”. The only answer to this age old question is to Ask more questions, Seek better answers than what your Teachers and Leaders have allowed you, and start Thinking for yourselves. If the very foundational truths, evidence and historical proof of what you believe is non existent, if instead the Historical, Archaeological and Scientific evidence that DOES exist points in the opposite direction and conclusively proves your Faith is built on Myths, Legends and Lies… “what is the Righteous to do?”…
If they are Honest, Open and have any shred of Intellectual Integrity left, the will Deconvert from Christianity and go into ‘Recovery’ from Knowing It All-ism.
Thanks again to John Z. for such a well researched and presented piece. Truly heartbreaking for the Christian, but I’d rather live in the Real world than for a Dead ‘Savior’. -KIA

And now… a word from the author of the post itself. Cheers. Please visit the original blog, and author. Engage in Reality. -kia


Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, & The Exodus

The Jewish origin tale recounted in the Pentateuch is a work of geopolitical fiction. This is the uncontested consensus of biblical archaeologists and bible scholars. It has been the consensus position amongst professionals for nearly three generations now, but as the Chief Archaeologist at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Professor Magen Broshi, explained: “Archaeologists simply do not take the trouble of bringing their discoveries to public attention.” So solid is the consensus, and so definitive the evidence supporting it, that in 1998, the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), the primary American professional body for archaeologists working in the Middle East, changed the name of its professional publication from Biblical Archaeologist to Near Eastern Archaeology simply because the bible had been determined to be (beyond all doubt) an entirely unreliable historical source to direct research into the early Jews, pre-Babylonian captivity. Indeed, in that same year, even Christianity Today’s Kevin D. Miller conceded: “The fact is that not one shred of direct archaeological evidence has been found for Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob or the 400-plus years the children of Israel sojourned in Egypt. The same is true for their miraculous exodus from slavery.”

These are just the facts. They are not a secret. The information has been in the public domain for decades, and today even the majority of Jewish rabbi’s openly concede their origin narrative is a work of fiction cast as a family unity tale: Isaac in the north (Israel), Jacob in the south (Edom), and Abraham, the father, right in the middle in Hebron (Judah) uniting them all. Imagined in the 8th and 7th century BCE, the story was designed to place Judah at the centre of the Jewish world so as to capitalise on a weakened Mamlekhet Yisra’el (whose name is derived from El, the father of the Canaanite pantheon, not the Judean Yhwh) after its sacking in 722 BCE. Coincidently, the 8th/7th century was precisely when the high priest, Hilkiah, miraculously rediscovered the supposedly “long-lost” scroll of the law, the Sefer Torah, hidden in a wall, telling this fantastic tale how his kingdom, Judah, was in fact the center of the Jewish world.

Convenient and timely discoveries aside, it is, however, known today that the very hills where the kingdoms of Judah and Israel would be found were not inundated with 2.5 million “arriving” slaves in the 14th Century BCE, rather they were first settled 50 years after the well-documented landing of the Philistines on the Levant in 1100 BCE. This is known today as the Settlement Period, it lasted for about a century, and the total population of the initial 11 villages never exceeded 30,000 during that entire period.

Libraries of evidence exist which confirm this more pedestrian history of the early Jews, but there is a contemporary case study which helps illustrate how just one element of the Exodus tale, for example, can be graphically shown to be myth.

In the Exodus tale, Kadesh Barnea (today known as Tell el-Qudeirat) is the site between the Wilderness of Paran (Num 13:3) and the Wilderness of Zin (Num 13:21) where the 2.5 million Hebrew refugees (Exodus 12:37) spent 38 continuous years in the 14th Century BCE before entering Canaan.

For a visual reference, this is what a temporary encampment of just 2 million extremely well-organisedpeople without animals, food, water, or belongings of any sort looks like for one week at the 2016 hajj.


Over four decades in Kadesh Barnea, they built homes, got married, raised children, died, and were buried. For four decades they conducted business, practiced law, and dealt with the affairs of state, including defence which would have demanded fortifications and guard towers. The daily nutrition needs of 2.5 million people (a population roughly the size of Chicago) would have demanded the establishment of extensive farms, roads for transportation and distribution, and, importantly, enormous food depots and storage facilities. No doubt, the presence of 2.5 million people (half the population of the Egyptian Kingdom at the time) would have drawn traders from nearby towns eager to service this huge (static) population. Trade would require some sort of currency, so a mint and central bank would have had to of been established, and guarded. Indeed, to satisfy the material needs of 2.5 million people, mines would have been sourced, secured, and worked. Industrial-sized smelters and metal forgery’s would have to of been constructed, turning out everything from weapons to farming equipment. Colossal pottery enterprises would have had to of been built that would have demanded equally enormous supplies of raw materials and the construction of industrial kilns. Brickworks would have been established, as well as the public infrastructure for sewage and general waste disposal. At a minimum (and not including bathing, irrigation, or other uses), 2.5 million people would consume 5 million litres of water every day, requiring dozens of deep wells feeding local aqueducts and immense reservoirs. Schools and places of worship would have been built and adorned. Multi-seated entertainment venues would have hosted music and theatre. Governing bodies would no doubt need a permanent place to meet, and this central government apparatus would almost certainly have been supported by numerous satellite councils which operated medical clinics, garbage collection, and other day-to-day civil services.

In Kadesh Barnea, according to the narrative, the Hebrews had to wait until all the original men of fighting age had died, meaning a minimum of 600,000 graves. Naturally, when considering all other deaths in the forty year period, the real number of burials would be closer to 2-3 million.

For a visual reference, this is Wadi us-Salaam (“Valley of Peace”) cemetery in Najaf, Iraq. The cemetery has been in use for over 1,400 years, covers an area of 1485.5 acres, and contains an estimated two to three million bodies.


Given all this, and more, it should not come as any surprise to anyone that Kadesh Barnea was the very first site archaeologists (many of whom were American evangelicals) poured over in the first half of the 20th Century, eventually spending decades looking for evidence of this enormous city: its foundations, graveyards, drainage systems, fireplaces, landfills, etc.

Those decades of exhaustive work can be summarised in one sentence: nothing was found from the 14th Century BCE. The site was first occupied in the Iron Age (a tiny, primary 12th to 10th Century BCE settlement), then adorned with a small fort which stood from the 10th to 8th Century BCE.

Now, it does not take any great intellectual effort to understand that this was extraordinarily strange, and just a little northwest of Tell el-Qudeirat is a living example of just how strange this total and complete absence of hard archaeological evidence was: Gaza.

In 1948 the virtually undeveloped Gaza strip (home to approximately 35,000 in Gaza City, excluding Bedouins) became home to 233,000 Palestinian refugees experiencing their own forced Exodus, the Nakba. Here they established eight main refugee camps: Beach Camp (housing 23,000 refugees), Bureij Camp (13,000), Deir el-Balah Camp (9,000), Jabalia Camp (35,000), Khan Younis Camp (72,000), Maghazi Camp (24,000), Nuseirat Camp (16,000), Rafah Camp (41,000).

To be clear, this 233,000 is an eleventh of the total number of refugees who are said to have settled Kadesh Barnea.

Today in the Gaza Strip, 68 years after Nakba, that initial refugee population of 233,000 has become 1.26 million (1.76 million Gazans in total), for whom the United Nations Relief and Works Agency alone operates 245 schools, two vocational and technical training centres, 22 primary health centres, six community rehabilitation centres, and seven women’s programme centres.

And that’s just that one UN agency.

To make this point perfectly clear, let’s focus on one camp only: Beach Camp, also known as “Shati.” The 0.52 square kilometres camp is on the Mediterranean coast and initially accommodated 23,000 refugees who’d fled mostly from Lydd, Jaffa, and Be’er Sheva. Through natural birth rates, today, 68 years later, the camp has nearly quadrupled in size to 87,000 (still thirty-times less than the 2.5 million refugees who settled Kadesh Barnea), and includes 32 schools.

And here is a brief photographic journey through the history of the Beach Camp: Shati.

Beach Camp, 1948.

Gaza, Beach Camp, 1948

Beach Camp two years later, 1950, school operated by Jordanian government.


Beach Camp four decades later in the 1990’s.

Gaza, Beach Camp, 1980

Beach Camp in 2006, population 80,000.


The photo above is what 23,000 refugees can do in a few decades. To make life bearable, it’s what they must do. And so now take a look at the following two photographs: the first is what archaeologists found when they first arrived at Kadesh Barnea, where 2.5 million refugees allegedly spent four decades. The second is Kadesh Barnea today; the excavation in the foreground is the remains of the 10th to 8thCentury BCE fort. Nothing from the 14th Century BCE has ever been unearthed… Not even a single pottery shard.

ths is what they found

Reposting: Abrahamic Coney Island

The Gospel Story and Archaeological History exist in two different Universes. At least Disneyland has a cute mouse.

The Holy Land is a fabricated fraud created to sell an equally fabricated Gospel of a Lunatic, Liar and Literary mythological Legend.

It’s all been cobbled together over the centuries to keep the money rolling in and the Christian masses pacified. It’s religious propaganda on a Historical scale, but it isn’t true, it isn’t History… it’s just more Astounding Bull S#!t. 

If you want to research the Real history and archaeology of the area, keep your nose out of the Bible and see what real Historians and Archaeologists have to say. The Holy Land Experience is just a much earlier version of Ken Ham’s Big Boat in Kentucky. And no amount of false outrage or histrionics will stand as Evidence that Demands a Verdict of anything but… Fraudulent.


Today is 3:16 Day

Here’s mine

“For God so loved the world, everybody, that he gave everyone the respect and dignity they deserved as flawed and fragile as well as amazing and truly wonderfilled unique individuals. 

Because He can neither be offended infinitely by finite actions done by finite creatures in a finite world during a finite lifetme, rather than hold their ‘sins’ and imprefections against them, 

He chose to forgive and receive them to Himself in unconditional release and freedom. No strings or threats of Eternal Hell attached at all. 

For God is love, not vindictiveness​, pettyiness or cruelty​, and He receives all who receive Him in this life. No one will be turned away, not even after this life is over. Whatever or wherever that means.

For this is love, not that we love God but that He’s absolutely in love with us.”

-Kia 3:16-20

Why not give it a go? How would you rewrite this famous verse? Leave a comment or do your own post and comment the link for us to visit.

My Journey pt 10: The Question, “Why?”

Some people just like questions

From a thread over on Wallys blog post on Worship. I admit freely here that when he posted a Meme stating that Worship isn’t about discovering who we are, but about discovery who God is, my first comment from a former christian/minister/worship leader’s perspective probably came off a bit harsh and offensive.


September 25, 2016 at 13:00


The old jesus people song by maranatha rings in my ears as I read this. “Let’s forget about ourselves…”
It’s a mass self hypnosis/brainwashing activity designed to negate your individual identity and value. And to think I used to lead worship

Good memories of a wonderfully simple worship song, followed by a sharp ‘Ouch’

Then I got a curious question of why I ‘apostasized’ and what caused me to finally ‘defect’? I thought I had done enough damage, not only to the silly meme, but also perhaps to Wally’s original post and even my own self respect, having somewhat unfairly jabbed.



Don’t want to hijack Wally’s post. You can read and comment on my blog if you like. I’ll answer any question you want to ask as honestly as I can

My efforts to respectfully decline answering the Spaniard’s questions only brought the kind of abuse that was the answer to what finally pushed me over the edge further towards deconversion.

September 26, 2016 at 09:23
But honestly Spaniard, Wallys response to me in this thread is part of what motivated me to ask even more questions and uncover the answers I didn’t expect to find. This video describes similar treatment I received last year as I tried to ask questions both here and on a different blog you might also frequent. I was still holding on to my faith by a thread, but some people seem not to be willing to explore or think beyond their own understanding. Watch the video and tell me what you think on my blog please.

If you are still interested in why I left the Faith I knew, loved and trusted after 34 years, it was Answers that I wasn’t supposed to learn, Evidence that what I believed, trusted and ‘knew’ about the Bible, history and science was simply not true, and also Evidence about science history, archaeology, and christianity that WAS true. The final push out the Chapel doors, the ‘Left Foot’ versus the Right Hand of Fellowship as we say, was administered both at Wally’s blog and at another person’s named James.

I hope this helps. Please watch the video all the way thru and read some of the other posts I have here at the Recovering Know It All. And thank you for still asking questions.


Orphaned by Truth

I never wanted to leave Christ.

I never expected my God, the Father of all my comfort, hope, peace, future and life itself to leave me. He left me too early. I wasn’t ready to lose my best friend so early, so young.

All it took was a slip in the parking lot, having left the safety of familiarity and the comfort of confirmation. All it took was a quick wrong twist looking thru the boxes of my faith hidden away at the bottom of closet filled with all the things i took for granted after decades of faithfulness and service.

“Its not the fall that kills you. It’s the sudden stop at the bottom”… Literally.

An errant discovery at floor level, past my abilities to retrieve it… followed by a sharper turn than my Spiritual Spinal column could withstand. They say life is like a superhighway. Asphalt is asphalt, whether at 80mph or a dead stop outside of CVS.

Snap. Crunch. Break. Irreparable.
Turned to powder and no longer able to carry the considerable weight of the History I had built for myself.
I was meant to be a life long missionary. Perhaps even a solitary soul for God’s own use and purpose. I was to be his Martyr, a living Testimony “dying daily”…For Him. The fall, the twist… these were just the beginning. These were not what took my family… then my Family from me. Truth is like poison to Faith. Sometimes it takes time to finish the kill. My end started in a hospice room with my dad.

“He’s dying… what does that mean?”
What happened to me? Where have I gotten to? Can I ever return? It’s like two people died that day. It just took me another 5yrs. Jesus stands at the door and knocks… or is it me now? No one’s home. No one really is knocking. Is it me? Or is it God… My Father? Love personified… Anthropomorphized…
“Se hizo carne”. God where God cannot be.
I am Love’s flesh. I am the “Hand that moves the world”. We all are. At least the world around us, but not by Word of Mouth or Prayer as E.M. would have us believe. But by ‘Boundless’ action where out gods are immovable. See what I did there? Nah, you probably don’t. By speaking where He is silent. By doing what He leaves seemingly undone.
Even orphans grow up to be strong men and women, able to support and further the next generation. I never wanted to be one. I wish to Heaven that it had never happened. I miss my mom tonight. I miss my dad… God I miss my dad tonight.

And I miss my God. I miss my Savior, Jesus tonight. But… the time for childhood fairy tales is over. The orphan has grown up. Now it’s his turn to “Succor the Nations” and defend the defenseless. To love those who are unloved. To comfort the comfortless. Orphans… like me.