For a Christian trying to ‘Insult’ me with an Honor I never had

(((UPDATED 9/28/16… for someone’s daughter and someone’s mother, is this how you were raised? Probably not. Is this how you are raising your children? Oh god, I hope not)))

In all fairness and kindness to the blogs author, I’m going to assume he didn’t teach you to speak with people and interrupt others when they aren’t speaking with you, but do you teach your children to do this?

You see, they keep calling me Pastor when I’ve repeatedly told them I am not, nor was I ever a Pastor. They use it as a taunt, an insult knowingly. This one even attempted to be clever in her insult and tried to insinuate that I was making a fool of myself by trying to distance myself from what she thought that I thought was such a distasteful title. Hopefully, this is the last time she tries to be clever and assume another person’s ‘thoughts and intents of the heart’ (all you Letter to the Hebrews readers see what I just did there?)

Just in case the comment ‘accidently’ disappears over there…  

mrsmcmommy September 18, 2016 at 10:40 pm
I was involved in a wedding last year in which the officiant was a Master of Divinity. He was in the Theology department of the bride’s university.

Anyway, during the rehearsal, the wedding planner was telling people where to stand… “Mom, you’re going to be here, and Dad will be there…”
That sort of thing.
And then the wedding planner made the mistake of saying, “And, Pastor, will you please–” when she was cut off by the definitely-not-a-pastor officiant.

He said, “I’m sorry, Madam, but I’m not a pastor! No, no, no, no! Just call me Jeff.” Or whatever his name was.

Truth be told, I’ve forgotten his name AND what he looks like. But I haven’t forgotten the look of surprise on the wedding planner’s face at being scolded over something so insignificant. And I haven’t forgotten the awkward moment of silence while everyone else in the room tried to figure out whether he was being serious.

… And I haven’t forgotten the way the “not pastor” seemed oblivious to the fact that he made a jackass of himself.

You didn’t happen to do a wedding in the Indianapolis area last July, did you, Pastor Mike?

Dripping with coyness, feigned intelligence and charm. My reply…

KIA September 19, 2016 at 11:38 am
I really wish you had some self awareness of how rude, and classless your attempted intelligence filled insults are.
I never said being a pastor was either a bad thing or one that I had to deny because it was somehow beneath me.
People who pastor congregations of believers rightly and with distinction and honor are to be esteemed and thanked for their efforts to care for and shepherd their people.
As a deconvert of christianity and a former minister for decades, I know what the life of a minister is and the difficulties that pastors go thru.
When I say, repeatedly after you and your father taunt and bully me with the title ‘pastor’ even after you’ve been corrected, that I am not and have never been a pastor, I do not denigrate the role. Its just one I’ve just never held.
And it’s you who look like a jackass when you wield it as an attempted insult to me. The title Pastor is neither one to insult others with, nor is it one I am insulted by.
Do try to move on to another attempted slur. That one doesn’t fit, and it make you look like the idiot you are trying to paint me as. -kia

Why do Christians on the Internet who say they are just reaching out and seeking to save the lost world around them with ‘meekness and respect’ (have you read 1 Peter 3 lately?), filled with this kind of rudeness and arrogance?

Does it shock or even annoy you other Christians out there that these people are trying to insult me, by calling me Pastor when they know I am not and have never been a Pastor because I’ve told them repeatedly?

Using the title Pastor as an attempted insult? 

Is this what some Christians have to resort to when the world asks for the ‘reason for the hope they have within them’ and they have no other answers? 

No answers so they stoop to poorly and incorrectly used attempted insults?

Is this what Internet Apologetics has come down to?

Apparently… it is for some. They just can’t seem to handle the idea of someone who was Christian for 34 years and in various roles of ministry for 25 of those years waking up to the realization, upon new evidence, that it was all myth and made up, and simply walking away. They need to demonize and mock and drive such a one into the ground. They need to erase him from humanity and his words and worth from their minds. He needs to become the enemy and butt of any cruel and arrogant and crass thing they can say to and about him so internally they can remain safely inside the bubble. 

Even using the honorable role and title of Pastor against him as an epithet.

Yes Christians, this is who represents you and the Christ you serve on the Internet these days. It should come as no surprise that fewer and fewer people outside of your church walls and doors wants to be like you. Do well to remember ‘judgement begins at the House of God’


Back to Work… Tie Tuesday!!

I love wearing ties to work. 

Usually in the summers, it’s too hot to be all knotted up and bound so I don’t do ties very often. But with temps starting to drop here in Arizona, I’m going to be breaking them out again. Thus a new Weekly Post titled: Tie Tuesday. 

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… Ties that is. Why not snap a pic and comment below. Thx and have a great day.


Xtian HaiKu: “The Nagging Question…”

Nagging Question
If it all weren’t TRUE
Would you really want to know?
If not… then why not?

Anyone care to bite on this? Either from a Christian perspective or a Deconvert’s? If what you have believed and based your life on was suddenly shows to be not really true, would you even want to know? Or would you choose Ignorance instead and retreat back into the ‘safety’ of your beliefs? Tell me in the comments below.


Debate Night: What a Bloodbath…

Where are the Adults in the room?

Honestly, I could only stand… 

  • … Trumps bullying and interrupting and obviously irritated and flustered appearance…
  • … and Hillary’s sarcastic, rude and condescending tone…

For about 2 minutes. 

For a couple of septigenarians, maybe it’s that they have begun regressing to their childhoods again. If this is what we have to look forward to in the next two debates and until Election Day in November, Trump hasn’t got a chance. And then when Hillary wins the Whitehouse… Neither do we.

They’re both thoroughly disgusting and horrendous candidates. But they are the Two that the System gave us. God help us all.


My Journey pt 10: The Question, “Why?”

Some people just like questions 

From a thread over on Wallys blog post on Worship. I admit freely here that when he posted a Meme stating that Worship isn’t about discovering who we are, but about discovery who God is, my first comment from a former christian/minister/worship leader’s perspective probably came off a bit harsh and offensive.


September 25, 2016 at 13:00


The old jesus people song by maranatha rings in my ears as I read this. “Let’s forget about ourselves…”
It’s a mass self hypnosis/brainwashing activity designed to negate your individual identity and value. And to think I used to lead worship

Good memories of a wonderfully simple worship song, followed by a sharp ‘Ouch’

Then I got a curious question of why I ‘apostasized’ and what caused me to finally ‘defect’? I thought I had done enough damage, not only to the silly meme, but also perhaps to Wally’s original post and even my own self respect, having somewhat unfairly jabbed. 



Don’t want to hijack Wally’s post. You can read and comment on my blog if you like. I’ll answer any question you want to ask as honestly as I can

My efforts to respectfully decline answering the Spaniard’s questions only brought the kind of abuse that was the answer to what finally pushed me over the edge further towards deconversion. 

September 26, 2016 at 09:23
But honestly Spaniard, Wallys response to me in this thread is part of what motivated me to ask even more questions and uncover the answers I didn’t expect to find. This video describes similar treatment I received last year as I tried to ask questions both here and on a different blog you might also frequent. I was still holding on to my faith by a thread, but some people seem not to be willing to explore or think beyond their own understanding. Watch the video and tell me what you think on my blog please.

If you are still interested in why I left the Faith I knew, loved and trusted after 34 years, it was Answers that I wasn’t supposed to learn, Evidence that what I believed, trusted and ‘knew’ about the Bible, history and science was simply not true, and also Evidence about science history, archaeology, and christianity that WAS true. The final push out the Chapel doors, the ‘Left Foot’ versus the Right Hand of Fellowship as we say, was administered both at Wally’s blog and at another person’s named James.

I hope this helps. Please watch the video all the way thru and read some of the other posts I have here at the Recovering Know It All. And thank you for still asking questions.