The Glee Club

How can we be so happy to proclaim this?

Gleefully gloating
Gutteral belching
Hatred for the vast
Majority of mankind
Consigning forever
To a place that has never
Been proven to exist
Outside of a collection
Someone’s invention
That’s changed over time
To keep us in line

Happily there is no evidence such a place actually exists.

Enjoy the day. -KIA


Two Word Challenge

Posting these two HaiKu for a Two Word Challenge

The two words I choose are Mean and Former

Mean (for a ‘friend’)

you think you’re helping

on your Crusade, ‘tell the world’

just a mean blogger


… and…


What I was is not

who I will be tomorrow.

Change is the Constant.


Enjoy the  Day. What will your two words be today? Tell me below and share your efforts. -KIA