Two Word Challenge

Posting these two HaiKu for a Two Word Challenge

The two words I choose are Mean and Former

Mean (for a ‘friend’)

you think you’re helping

on your Crusade, ‘tell the world’

just a mean blogger


… and…


What I was is not

who I will be tomorrow.

Change is the Constant.


Enjoy the  Day. What will your two words be today? Tell me below and share your efforts. -KIA


5 thoughts on “Two Word Challenge

  1. It can be hurtful engaging in the blogshpere. I sometimes think it can be a bit like road rage in a car, in that being inside the car dehumanises the other person making it easier to become angry.

    I hope you will find some new friends who accept you as you are without judgement.

    Based on trying to understand myself I have concluded we are all more complicated than we like to think.

    A former Premier of the Australian state of NSW, Nick Greiner, observed that there was a tendency to pigeon hole people as either good or bad, but this was a most unhelpful way of approaching people. We all invariably are a mixture of good and bad.

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  2. I have a fair idea who you mean.

    I was interested to see a fairly flippant discussion about people burning in hell on that blog. That type of post really disappoints me. If someone really believes that those who think differently will be tortured for eternity I would have felt that anyone with an ounce of humanity would be have their heart wrenched by that thought.


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