TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge: Buckets

My Entry for TJ’s HaiKu Challenge

Japanese Wooden Bucket

Here’s my entry for TJ’s HaiKu Challenge with the theme of “Bucket”. I’ll let TJ describe the challenge for himself.

“Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. Each Saturday a new household object for you to use as an inspiration for your own haiku. Today’s theme is bucket but you don’t have to use the word, just anything that comes to mind when you consider the object. It could be what it is crafted from, where you keep it, what it holds…anything that takes your fantasy.” -From TJ’s site, check him out.

I first found his Challenge thru Edwina’s Episodes a few weeks ago. Check her out too, Quality stuff. I skipped last week due to the stress of the work week that I talked about HERE, but I’ve really been inspired to write more poetry and HaiKu since I started responding to the Challenge and stepping up to the plate.

I will also plug another site that I have enjoyed recently.  It’s Elusive Trope, where the author does a lot of Poetry and Photography together. His words and pictures come together to tell stories and encourage me to think beyond the ordinary. You should really check him out too, you’ll be glad you did. Now for this week’s HaiKu…

Trusted Friends

Fashioned to contain

Precious gifts, Priceless Treasures

Carried in Plastic.

My Purpose is not

to hold on to or to keep

But to be Poured out.

Filled with Memories

Temporary Caretaker.

What you need, I have.



For Tj’s Household HaiKu Challenge-Tap: “Tap, Tap, Drip”

Saturday Morning Challenges are Fun


It’s the day once again to Rise to the Challenge, TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge that is. I’m so glad I found this weekly jaunt thru the fields of haiku creativity and expression from Edwina’s Episodes during the Holidays, an amazing blog in it’s own rights.  Here’s her entry for this weeks challenge. Go over to both and check in. Or perhaps you’d like to offer your own?

Here are some of my Thoughts about TAP.

I was thinking about this challenge of “Tap” all night as I pondered the multiplicity of applications.

These days, our home is undergoing some ‘renovations’ of sorts in the areas of knowledge we were previously sheltered from and reviewing long held, cherished and traditional beliefs about ‘Reality’, mostly gained and kept by nothing more than Faith in The Story we were told and the Authorities who gave them to us. My first ‘5-7-5’ then is a memory of former days when we thought Conscience was Externally provided.

The next is just because my favorite American Poet is Robert Frost. En Homage to his New Englander poetry and prose, his delight in the Natural world around him and the various gifts it provides, a ‘Hat Tip’ to Tapping Maple trees for their Joy.

The last is simple because of the Tap, Tap, Tap on the windows and Drip, Drip, Drip on our sidewalks and yard this week. Here in Arizona, it’s been raining almost all week and as you can imagine, we enjoy every bit we can get because it’s so hot and dry all the rest of the year. The Rain in Spain may indeed fall Mainly on the Plain, but not so much in Arizona!

So without further ado… My offerings for the day’s challenge: TAP.


I’m on your shoulder

an angel, directing you

“are you sure of that?”


Maple Syrup

sweetness from Vermont

there’s really nothing like it

pure love from a tree.


Arizona  Joy

streaks on my window

tears running from opened eyes

grateful for the rain.


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a Restful Weekend with family and friends. Enjoy the rain and receive Joy from Life as from the Kitchen… TAP.