TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge: Buckets

My Entry for TJ’s HaiKu Challenge

Japanese Wooden Bucket

Here’s my entry for TJ’s HaiKu Challenge with the theme of “Bucket”. I’ll let TJ describe the challenge for himself.

“Welcome to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. Each Saturday a new household object for you to use as an inspiration for your own haiku. Today’s theme is bucket but you don’t have to use the word, just anything that comes to mind when you consider the object. It could be what it is crafted from, where you keep it, what it holds…anything that takes your fantasy.” -From TJ’s site, check him out.

I first found his Challenge thru Edwina’s Episodes a few weeks ago. Check her out too, Quality stuff. I skipped last week due to the stress of the work week that I talked about HERE, but I’ve really been inspired to write more poetry and HaiKu since I started responding to the Challenge and stepping up to the plate.

I will also plug another site that I have enjoyed recently.  It’s Elusive Trope, where the author does a lot of Poetry and Photography together. His words and pictures come together to tell stories and encourage me to think beyond the ordinary. You should really check him out too, you’ll be glad you did. Now for this week’s HaiKu…

Trusted Friends

Fashioned to contain

Precious gifts, Priceless Treasures

Carried in Plastic.

My Purpose is not

to hold on to or to keep

But to be Poured out.

Filled with Memories

Temporary Caretaker.

What you need, I have.



7 thoughts on “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge: Buckets

  1. These are wonderful, Kia, all three! I love the irony you used in the first one with precious treasures being contained in plastic! The second haiku is just perfect for the accompanying picture, and the last one is very sweet, the caretaker of memories. I can’t choose a favourite as they are all great! 🙂

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  2. I echo Judy’s words. Three great takes on the prompts and thanks also for the very kind words about the challenge. It has been wonderful to see a few new faces recently and to have a chance to share people’s poetry. Hope you have a wonderful week and sorry to hear you were snowed under with work last week. YJ

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