For TJ’s Household Haiku – Shadows

For TJ’s Household Haiku – Shadows


As always, TJ has the most wonderful prompts for his challenges. This week is no exception. I’ll let him introduce this week’s for himself.

“Instead I have gone with Shadows. They are everywhere! So if you can photograph an interesting shadow as an inspiration for your photo please do join in!” –TJ

With my Grandmother passing recently and the road trip to and back from Kansas, I didn’t feel much like participating last week. Just a bit hectic and life does kind of grab you from time to time so I thought it best to give it a rest. It’s also why I haven’t been posting as often as I normally like to. My apologies to those who have been waiting for me to get a grip again.

Here is my entry for TJ’s Challenge this week. Please go visit and if appropriate and amenable to your situation, participate as well.


what be these dark things?

yesterdays skins to be sloughed?

my past still follows.

visual echoes

reminders of what once was

engrams of the past

i am not alone

my shadows follow behind

more real than i was.

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