Spiritual Journey Haiku

This was a post by a new ‘buddy‘ of sorts from a perspective i once held, but do no longer. It seems to reflects the Three foundations of coversion to and and life in Christ from a Christian POV. The three HaiKu were offered as participation in TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge. At once I read them, I enjoyed them as a remembrance of a former conviction and recently ask the author for both permission to Reblog and possible indulgence to respond in a separate post from myown perspective, both from my former Christian experience and possibly in reflection of having left the Faith. He agreed. I will attempt to write a blog post soon to compose my response, but as i promised, here is the original post by Dax for your consideration and enjoyment.
Please comment either here or on his blog with your opinions, reflections, agreements or impressions. I’m sure he would love the feedback from such a well thought out and put together set of HaiKu. Thx. -KIA

Infected Saint

Deep wounds from within

My soul longs for clarity

Crying out for hope

Deep affections come

My soul finds relief within

Basking in Christ’s death

Deep longings well up

My soul desires perfection

Longing for its home


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8 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Haiku

  1. KIA as you know this is my first attempt at writing a Haiku. I realize it is not my talent but I wrote from my heart and experience. I feel that I know KIA’s perspective on things as we have had a few discussions. Feel free to comment as you choose. Please know though that I wrote this as a reflection of my own heart and soul and not as an attempt to proselytize you. As I am sure all poems attempt to do, I lay bare my soul to you in these words…

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