For TJ’s Household Haiku – Phone

Smart Phone, Dumb People


Once again, I’m a few days late in finishing my latest entry to TJ’s Latest Challenge. Oh well…. sue me. I love the challenges he gives and just about every post he puts up on his wonderful Blog, including THIS celebration of his 500th Post. Yay, TJ!!!

As for this last Friday’s Challenge, the word was ‘Phone’. I’ll let TJ clue you in on what’s expected.

“Perhaps you have fonder attachments to this wonder of modern communication. Do not be put off by my fear of the object. I would love to know your own “connection” with the telephone in your life.” -TJ

So, without further Ado… my entries for the week. Enjoy.


Picture of my Phone

Glasses on my Computer

Tools to see the World


Always on the Phone!

Drivers swerve as they Facebook.

“Get Off the Damned Phone!!”

Texty Lovers

Heads bowed, hands folded

Two together but Apart

Their eyes never meet.


My WordPress Posting

These HaiKu typed on my Phone

Subtle Irony.



21 thoughts on “For TJ’s Household Haiku – Phone

  1. Love all of these but the last especially. As I use the phone to take many of my photos these days I can’t help feeling hypocritical. Oh well, I am sure the Luddites didn’t try to analyse themselves deeply before smashing the spinning jennys. 🙂

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  2. Love this KIA. “Windows Impaired Texty Lovers Sharing”. Great haikus and love the photos. How you are able to do it on your phone still boggles my mind. I would take all day. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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