Song for Thursday Night: “Take me Home”

Take me home


Almost Friday, Arizona

Work week’s waning, so’s my motivation.

Shutting down for a two day holiday

Maybe doing yard work, might be just to play


Take me home, down 101

To the place that I call home

Down to chandler, my family’s waiting

Down 101, oh take me home


Getting closer, Friday-eve Day

Eight more hours, i can almost feel it.

Maltese babies waiting by the door

Momma’s kiss of welcome, promising me more.


Take me home, down 101

To the place that I call home

Down to chandler, my family’s waiting

Down 101, oh take me home


Then Monday morning when the buzzing stops my dreaming 

I’m dreaming of the day when I’ll stay right here by her side

But that ain’t now, I’m getting up 

to go to work. I’ll go to work. 

I have to work…


Take me home, down 101

To the place that I call home

Down to chandler, my family’s waiting

Down 101, oh take me home

(ad nauseum, ad infinitum)



Watch “Evolution Is Only A Theory” on YouTube

***UPDATE 7/27/16***

*** I’ve been something called ‘Permabanned'(?) over at Dickweed’s blog because he…I mean ‘a reader’ of his blog… told him about this post… Hilarious ***

Posting here because Dickweed deletes comments

I was told today that I ‘must’ respect the Faith that I used to hold to and those who still hold it, and to publically question, disagree, or ridicule it on my blog was disrespectful and even hateful.

I reject this categorically and completely. I do not have to respect anyone or anything that is not respectable. 

I have no hate for anyone. I do, on the other hand, HATE and abhor lies and falsehoods taught in the name of the god of the Bible and christianity. I HATE what I once believed because it was false, damaging, HATEFUL to those it seeks to ‘save’ and mostly for what it made me for most of the 34 years I believed and taught it to others… 

No James, I do not have to respect you or the Faith I once held or that you still do. If your Faith and belief cannot stand up under even the gentlest criticism or challenge, it is YOU who ‘must’ do something about it. Namely ask deeper questions, seek deeper answers, think deeper thoughts and if necessary, MAKE deeper changes to your beliefs and behaviors.a

“Do you still have a Blog? Does anyone read it?”

You talk of respecting the dignity of all humans and having empathy and respect for everyone… you have no idea what these ideas mean. No James, it was not a ‘friendly question’ and you know it. 

Perhaps if you started listening to and ‘respecting’ the input and comments of people on your blog posts even from people you disagree with and disagree with you, you might actually learn something and look like less of an idiot.

By the way, what happened to that ‘not done yet’ article on the Atheist to Catholic Wackjob Physicist?
GOT YA you Frickin’ liar!


*** UPDATE*** Adding the comments regarding the “Permabanning” (hilarious)

  • Dickweed’s comment July 27, 2016 • 2:35 pm

  • A reader told me about the post you wrote about me yesterday Mike.

    You may now consider yourself perma-banned.

    Dissenting opinions and disagreements are fine but I am completely and unapologetically done with juvenile and insulting haters.

    I’ll pray for you and I wish you well but interacting with you just isn’t worth it.


    “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”

    – Proverbs 26:4

  • Hilarious

Interview with a Kia pt2: Turn about is Fair Play


***For the UPDATE post ***


Hi there all you wonderful people. My post earlier

on this brother’s

questions for me a a Christian deconvert went so well and was such a success for civil and polite exchange that we decided it would be nice to do another. This time I will ask the questions and Dax of The Infected Saint will do the answering.

I’ve taken it easy on him, as you can see, and only included three to his six for me, but I have to admit they are a bit heavy. Bang for the buck if you will. Here they are, so why not tell me how he did in the comments below.

While you’re at it, if you are a believer in Jesus or a Christian of any stripe, why not take a crack at the questions yourself? I’m open to discussion and exchange, not always to arguments or debates, and one sided preaching monologues don’t do much for two way communication, especially as I have probably heard, read or even repeated whatever you’re thinking of anyway in my 34yrs as a Christian or the 25yrs I spent in avocational ministry.

I’m more interested in discussion and exchange that proselytizing these days if you get my drift. So open up those minds and apply fingers to keyboards and tell me what you got. Thx. -Kia

Hey there brother Dax

I got my questions together. I’m taking it easy on you 😉 only 3.

1) how did you become a Christian? (Please briefly tell your conversion story.)

2)  would you say that it was evidence, historical/archaeological, that first convinced you that Christianity was true or did you just believe?

3) what, if anything, would convince you that the bible and or Christianity was false? (I’m not asking for a litany of reasons that you believe them to be true, but what would convince you that they are not true)

Well brother, thx again for the opportunity to exchange ideas.

(Looking forward to the answers from everyone.)