Watch “Evolution Is Only A Theory” on YouTube

***UPDATE 7/27/16***

*** I’ve been something called ‘Permabanned'(?) over at Dickweed’s blog because he…I mean ‘a reader’ of his blog… told him about this post… Hilarious ***

Posting here because Dickweed deletes comments

I was told today that I ‘must’ respect the Faith that I used to hold to and those who still hold it, and to publically question, disagree, or ridicule it on my blog was disrespectful and even hateful.

I reject this categorically and completely. I do not have to respect anyone or anything that is not respectable. 

I have no hate for anyone. I do, on the other hand, HATE and abhor lies and falsehoods taught in the name of the god of the Bible and christianity. I HATE what I once believed because it was false, damaging, HATEFUL to those it seeks to ‘save’ and mostly for what it made me for most of the 34 years I believed and taught it to others… 

No James, I do not have to respect you or the Faith I once held or that you still do. If your Faith and belief cannot stand up under even the gentlest criticism or challenge, it is YOU who ‘must’ do something about it. Namely ask deeper questions, seek deeper answers, think deeper thoughts and if necessary, MAKE deeper changes to your beliefs and behaviors.a

“Do you still have a Blog? Does anyone read it?”

You talk of respecting the dignity of all humans and having empathy and respect for everyone… you have no idea what these ideas mean. No James, it was not a ‘friendly question’ and you know it. 

Perhaps if you started listening to and ‘respecting’ the input and comments of people on your blog posts even from people you disagree with and disagree with you, you might actually learn something and look like less of an idiot.

By the way, what happened to that ‘not done yet’ article on the Atheist to Catholic Wackjob Physicist?
GOT YA you Frickin’ liar!


*** UPDATE*** Adding the comments regarding the “Permabanning” (hilarious)

  • Dickweed’s comment July 27, 2016 • 2:35 pm

  • A reader told me about the post you wrote about me yesterday Mike.

    You may now consider yourself perma-banned.

    Dissenting opinions and disagreements are fine but I am completely and unapologetically done with juvenile and insulting haters.

    I’ll pray for you and I wish you well but interacting with you just isn’t worth it.


    “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”

    – Proverbs 26:4

  • Hilarious


33 thoughts on “Watch “Evolution Is Only A Theory” on YouTube

    • He had a post yesterday that purported to tell a story about a biker in DC, then used it to illustrate media bias as a true situation.
      When I asked if the story was true he admitted that it wasn’t (thus undermining his assertion of media bias)
      I asked him to edit the post to make it clear the story was not true, but he once again abused me badly in the comments.
      Just like wally the other day, I was trying to help him out, but he refused.

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        • I may be misguided, but I think it’s important to make them see it, as much as they allow it, from the comments sections of their own blogs. Also, if I can leave the crumbs for others who might me reading, maybe there will be others who come to the same conclusion and start thinking. Like I did

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        • I find it very sad John. We also see a lot of ‘shooting the messenger’ going on. Sad to say that is human nature. Indeed I would argue that one of strongest arguments against Christianity is just how much we see Christians exhibiting all the failings of humanity. If Christianity really had truth to it and people had a spiritual rebirth then one would expect Christians to be clearly different from others.

          Christians claim they are different but they look more alike than different. Sure there are some good Christians but just like they are some good non Christians.

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          • Peter, I agree. If christianity had truth on it side it would not need moderation and comment deleting or even editing comments such as CS does on a regular basis.
            If your ideas are truth, then they would hold up under scrutiny


      • Using a made up story to prove a point. That’s not so crazy, I mean to say it is totally consistent with the Bible even if James does not realise it. So to some extent by using a made up story he is continuing a religious tradition.

        The silliness of people trying to defend clearly fictitious stories like Adam and Eve and Noah’s flood knows no bounds.

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        • You took the next words out of my mouth, Brother Peter.
          PAR FOR THE COURSE for Christians to use a fictional story (that they refuse to even think is fictional) to support a True ™ gospel narrative and warning for others of an equally fictional hell


  1. I see that James has posted an entry ‘the foolishness of atheism’.

    I will quote one sentence from the post: ‘When atheism is stripped of pompous proclamations and arrogant allegations, its naked soul is seen for what it really is: weak, illogical, unscientific, and worthless’.

    I know James did not write it himself, but to make such a statement is hardly likely to be a channel for fruitful discussions with non believers. For a Young Earth Creationist to argue that atheists are unscientific is hypocrisy of the highest order.

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  2. What’s up with Christians?!?! Oh wait, I am one. Don’t judge the Christ by his Christians. They don’t live up to His name. Not that Indont fall short myself. KIA I promise not to ever permanent ban you mainly because I don’t know what it is.

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    • Lol… nah… you’re right. Not all the same. Although there seem to be alot of ‘amateur apologists’ that play dirty when they can’t or don’t want to answer difficult questions. Thx for the comment. I’m still getting the next email ready for you on some of your answers. Sorry for the delay

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