Haiku Fun time: TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Attraction

((( 8/13/16  Reposting for TJ’S HaiKu Challenge because… no challenge so far this weekend. Enjoy -kia )))

Happy Days and Weekends

solitude 1+2

Good morning and Happy Sunday to us all. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are having an Amazing Holidays. Boxing Day yesterday and coming up soon… New Year’s Day with all that promises for you and yours in the coming year. Bests wishes from the KIA Family and Homestead.

I was greeted this morning with another of TJ’s HaiKu Challenges in my WP Reader. You may have recently seen two of my other offerings to his challenges HERE and HERE. If you haven’t had a chance of the opportunity to oblige yourself of this wonderful blog, please do so today. There are many excellent works there and he seems to work hard at encouraging others to find their voices and express them. You won’t be sorry.

This one I wasn’t clear on whether it was simply Attraction or more specifically Magnet, so I made room for BOTH in my offering. Some out there may be able to garner the backstory of the piece. I admit from the beginning, it is sad and depressing, yet ultimately freeing and liberating at the same time. Hope for New Life and New Beginnings, and just in “Time” for the New Year. I hope you will enjoy. And if you can’t, at least appreciate the thought, emotion and effort poured into the words.


Hot Air

Who once drew me in

Dull moth to flame burning bright

now repulses me.

self abnegation.

all I could have been, would be

exchange of ‘I’-ons

poles can still reverse

north and south can yet revert

Right Polarity.

Ancient Attraction,

my Soul Sucking distraction,

… pushed away by Truth.

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Friday Poetry: “Work Week’s Done”

Work Week’s Done

work week’s done

it’s time for fun

maybe i’ll run

pretend i won

the power ball

or chuck it all

rise and fall

by glowing ball

sunrise wake me

sunset take me

dreaming maybe

all too hazy

early to bed

my cares to shed

of them well fed

they ache my head

my goal to sleep

to count my sheep

my snoring deep

in dreams i’ll leap.

from hill to hill

a slumber mill

new corners fill

of future will.

these words will write

perhaps fly kites

adventure nights

my burdens light.

work week’s done

it’s time for fun


Xtian HaiKu: Grand Nephew Thoreau?

Henry coming soon

Heart Beats

I’ve seen the future

Tiny wiggles up and down

Another Drummer


This is not him/her, but I got a text from my brother’s middle girl today. They told me a bit ago that they were expecting in February (maybe a Valentine’s Day Gift?).

She sent me a short video of their first ultrasound. I’m so proud of her and glad for her and her husband. I’m exited to see the progression towards motherhood for someone who, at the wedding, said she wasn’t even wanting children. (I didn’t believe her then either) 

Her dad would be proud. I sure am. This got me thinking of the future generations of children and families. Henry Thoreau said…

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” – Thoreau, Walden 

Listening to the strong, healthy beat of this little heart… we can only hope that this little one has started his drumming early.  His Grandpa was a fair drummer too.


For TJ’s Household Haiku – Symmetry

It’s time once again for TJ’S Household Haiku Challenge. I’ll let him explain in his unduplicateable style… you will find him here


“Welcome to TJ’s Household haiku challenge…If you would like to join then use anything in either the photo or the prompt that speaks to you. As the example shows, you don’t have to use the word in the haiku, just go with any inspiration you get. Share your haiku by putting a link in the comments (click the black speech bubble at the end of the post) and tag your haiku posts “TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge” so that I and others can find them.” 

His name was Chris

I have chosen to go with Twins. My brother and I are twins. Although he passed two years ago, I still find him in the mirror every morning as a reminder. We were not identical twins, only fraternal, but there were enough ‘identicals’ to make us more brothers than brothers usually are. 

In our similarities though there were dark and light differences too. We being of the same, we’re sometimes very different. The guy who fixed our A/C last night had my brother’ name and I immediately thought of him. I miss him very much.

For a more pensive take

Is it strange to you too how the word Individual conveys  ‘one’ yet also implies ‘undividable’? I guess it means the most basis unit, unable to be divided, but it could also be applied to a society (or brothers) that sees itself as unable and unwilling to be divided by our differences. 

In an election season here in the US where both of the Major Parties are using differences of all kinds to drive wedges and demonize their opponents…

  • can we see how much we are the same? 
  • Can we choose to be unable and unwilling to be divided? 
  • Can we say with the founders, “we many are one”? 

I sure hope so… we need to for a change

My Entry for this week for your approval. -kia


We both, two of one 

Are we simply echoes two?



For TJ’s Household Haiku – Shadow

((( Resposting for this morning 8/7/16)))

The Prompt this week is Shadow

My apologies to TJ and the rest for not being very consistent in the last few weeks. Lots going on and I haven’t been as attentive as I’d normally like to be. You might say there’s been a ‘Specter’ over my life during this period. Although I have been intending to participate in the weekly challenge on TJ’s Wonderful BLOG, it just hasn’t quite happened.  I hope to have a ‘Ghost’ of a chance to make up for it this week. I might just find that there’s Life After Bereft…

My Entry

shadow tj2 (Large)

He Waits in the Shadows

they call him holy

spirit of life and of death

given one, choose Life

We Need God

we seek agency

to define the undefined

Hope Springs Eternal

Unknown Knowing

We know that we don’t

yet some of us think we do

Fear begs the question.

Faith as Evidence?

All of us have Faith

Faith to Trust in the unknown

Some are more honest


How would you really

go about, the existence

of a God to Prove?


And what does He need with Witnesses? (or a Starship for that matter)

You can visit his Challenge post HERE. Why not give it a Go?