For TJ’s Household Haiku – Shadow

((( Resposting for this morning 8/7/16)))

The Prompt this week is Shadow

My apologies to TJ and the rest for not being very consistent in the last few weeks. Lots going on and I haven’t been as attentive as I’d normally like to be. You might say there’s been a ‘Specter’ over my life during this period. Although I have been intending to participate in the weekly challenge on TJ’s Wonderful BLOG, it just hasn’t quite happened.  I hope to have a ‘Ghost’ of a chance to make up for it this week. I might just find that there’s Life After Bereft…

My Entry

shadow tj2 (Large)

He Waits in the Shadows

they call him holy

spirit of life and of death

given one, choose Life

We Need God

we seek agency

to define the undefined

Hope Springs Eternal

Unknown Knowing

We know that we don’t

yet some of us think we do

Fear begs the question.

Faith as Evidence?

All of us have Faith

Faith to Trust in the unknown

Some are more honest


How would you really

go about, the existence

of a God to Prove?


And what does He need with Witnesses? (or a Starship for that matter)

You can visit his Challenge post HERE. Why not give it a Go?




4 thoughts on “For TJ’s Household Haiku – Shadow

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