My Entry for First 50 Words

I never knew it would be so difficult to stay under fifty words

Here is my Entry, inspired by my brother in law and his “just lost his tip” when we first got married. Enjoy.

“We always start with fifteen percent. Whenever going to a restaraunt, I always give the benefit that our server will be prompt, courteous, professional and keep our waters filled. If extra attention is given, extra gratuity is allowed, but when small ‘indiscretions’ are observed, small amounts are withheld as well.” -kia

How would you handle the situation? Tell me in the comments below. 



1yr ‘Blog-a-versary’ of RKIA: Xtian HaiKu: ‘Fresh Start’

Many things change with Seasons…

… ‘My Omer’ changed with Reason

Starting Fresh

beginning again

it all feels so very strange

desperately… fresh


Today marks the one year mark for this blog, The Recovering Know It All. 

When I started this blog, it wasn’t my first, but it’s become my best and freest expression of where I am in my Journey. It’s about life, love, books, food, reading, home, gardening and not being afraid to learn new things.

My previous blogs were more about my Christian experience and trying to reach out to the world with what I Knew to be True ™. As my header on this blog indicates, I learned too much and yet survived. Too much to remain Christian anymore. Which for me was like waking up from a 34 yr long Dream that had fooled me into believing it was Reality, when it was just a Dream. Or ‘Rising from the Dead’ of a Coma only to realize time and friends and family and normal life had all passed me by as I slumbered thinking that I was the one in Reality and they were the ones who were Comotose.

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes…”  -David Bowie

I want to thank all of the ones who have come along for the Journey. This present ‘Incarnation’ seems to have been  the most successful in terms of engagement and discussion and conversation. I’m very grateful for that. If this is just me speaking into the ether or ‘pissing into the wind’, I doubt it would have been as much fun for as long as this.

At times it’s been a bumpy ride and I can definitely apologize for any unintended offense I’ve caused in the ‘out working’ of this New Me that’s being ‘In worked’ over time. I will probably continue to step on toes and slaughter the ‘sacred cattle’ of my former Faith from time to time. But I also promise to continue writing and reading as much as I can.

The Recovering Know It All has become a place for free exchange of ideas and at least for myself, a refuge of sorts. A place to unlearn, learn and relearn things that I thought I knew and Discern between truth and Truth ™. It will continue to be, with your help, input and continued involvement. Thank you all for Reading, Liking, Commenting, Sharing and “Following” …

The Recovering Know It All



Conversing Honestly pt 3: For an apparantly Tone and Color Deaf Color Storm

In answer to CS’s post on the happenings in Charlotte this week...

KIA says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
September 23, 2016 at 10:40 am
Yeah cs, maybe you’re right. You know, there really don’t have any reason to be upset at all, what with multiple shootings to death by cops of African Americans across the country. They should just sit down, shut up and die like good slaves, right? (Totally being sarcastic here)
You display your total ignorance of the issues being dealt with and then blame the victims of this trend towards ‘shoot to kill’ by those charged to ‘protect and serve’. Amazing lack of empathy and understanding.-kia

From foxnews

Justin Bamberg, an attorney for Scott’s family, watched the video with the slain man’s relatives. He said Scott gets out of his vehicle calmly. “While police did give him several commands, he did not aggressively approach them or raise his hands at members of law enforcement at any time. It is impossible to discern from the videos what, if anything, Mr. Scott is holding in his hands,” Bamberg said in a statement. Scott was shot as he walked slowly backward with his hands by his side, Bamberg said.

And then the officers just let him bleed to death, without attempting to give any aid… At all

If you can’t see what’s happening right in front of you on your TV set, your newspaper, around the country… you are without Hope for honest and empathetic discussions with or about those you have no clue in identifying with. Wake up America. They are killing people for not following commands.


Tuesday Humour pt2: Xtian HaiKu “Nine-Nine”

((Recycling for September 9th. ‘Nine, nine’ day))


No more

number repeating

I ask my Hausfrau for Bier

“I already said…”


“Nein, nein!”

Remembering my dad tonight. I bought this beer stein for him for Christmas at a tobacco and pipe store in San Francisco when I was there for my Army language school in 1984. I think he always loved it because it was always proudly displayed in their front room or their library area. Who doesn’t love an authentic German Bier Stein?

When I look at it now it brings happy memories of times now past with my dad and me trading corny jokes like the one above, while my mom just rolled her eyes and said “oh brother, here we go again.”

My dad was a only a high school grad, but he was self educated on many things that they don’t teach in colleges these days. When I was a kid, he even used to sit down and read thru the dictionary… yeah, the Dictionary!

I’m missing my dad today, and my mom who passed three a years after he did, and now my brother who’s been gone two years now. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t see pieces of all of them in my home, and in the mirror looking back at me.

Daily encouragement

Love your family while you’ve got them. Don’t let stupid shit keep you apart. One day they will be gone and you’ll be wishing you could redo the mistakes of the past and make the good Better.

What’s your Taste?

​Is Christianity rejected because of dislike rather than rational reasons?


This POST certainly thinks so. However, it’s not nearly that simple or easy to flippantly and callously dismiss the experiences and evaluation processes of millions, even billions, of people on the planet who have “measured” the truth claims and evidence for Christianity and “found them lacking”

The poster’s blog is one where I am not welcome, where my comments are frequently blocked, deleted and one where I have been previously something called… “Pernabanned”… for raising questions and making comments encouraging thoughts and ideas outside of the accepted boundaries of his “preference and liking”.

Although I could tell that the article and thoughts weren’t his, (he once again copied and pasted from an apologetics site rather than offer his own original thinking), I did attempt to leave a comment to the effect that I thought the post was too dismissive and simplistic in it’s assumptions that other people, even otherwise religious people, and even deconverted Christians like myself, reject Jesus and the truth claims of Christianity on preference and taste alone.

Of course, my comment didn’t make it past his “preference” and “likes” that it not be there. Lol but basically I told him that he would probably like and prefer it to be a correct and accurate statement of why so many people reject Christianity, but it just isn’t that simple and it’s just not true.

It would certainly make it easier to toss off the experiences and investigation and the soul wrenching of those of us who have evaluated the foundations of the Faith we once held with the most intimate and passionate respect, to believe as the article portrays, and he reblogs, that it was all just for like or disliking, preference and fashion, personal choice that led us away from Christianity and keeps others from accepting it in the first place…

But that is an insult to billions of intelligent, thoughtful and intellectually honest people around the globe, and millions, or at least growing thousands, of former Christians like me who have studied, searched the evidence and their own hearts and had no other intelligent choice but to go into Recovery from Knowing it All and Christianity.

I hope one day the poster, James, has the honesty and integrity to do his own search, beyond the cut and paste from Apologetics Web Pages, and once again starts questioning and even allowing answers that may not be to his liking or Christian preference, but are nevertheless True to reality.

My hope for him is the same for others. Recovery from Christianity by exposure to and evaluation of truth as opposed to dishonest and insulting Apologetics mind games.


Conversing Honestly with Cowardly Lions pt 2: “Yes, Britons are still Britons”

The Amazing Honesty of an overgrown Pu… uh, Cats

Christian Blogger Extraordinaire recently posted a comical swipe at the theory of evolution using, of all things, Dairy Cows as explanation why god is responsible for their Natural existence. 

Aside from the comment I left telling him from a Natural POV that modern Dairy Cows are far far from ‘full natty, brah’ because of the genetic and artificial manipulation, torture, repeated forced insemination and exploitation of what once was a Natural and beautiful creature very different from what we have now…. (read some of the truth here)

… another blogging buddy, John Zande, chose to deal with the anti evolutionary message/meme of the article from a comical meme fitting with the tone and tenor of the post. 

(Hint: anti evolutionist often ask “if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?”) 

Only to be blocked, edited and kept from comments, as he testified here on one of my recent posts. So i thought I’d make a post pointing out the meme that answered the usual idiocy spouted above in the Hint, and CS’s dishonest exploits in the name of Christian Blogging. Indeed, it’s ‘Conversing Honestly with Cowardly Lions’ part 2.  

Enjoy the smack down. -kia

john zande
SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 AT 7:22 AM
And this is the meme he’s refusing to allow

SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 AT 7:24 AM
Hilarious… but that’s because Americans were never True Britons ™ in the first place😉

john zande
SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 AT 7:25 AM

SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 AT 7:26 AM
Too bad cs never thought of countering with that, rather than blocking the convo.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2016 AT 7:35 AM
I tried to post the Americans not true Britons comment on the thread but he deleted it… typical


Pro Tip from the cheap seats:

If your Faith can’t handle Open and Free discussion where no deleting, selective editing and blocking takes place, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your position? Especially when you don’t seem to care too much for the practice yourself of selectively deleting or editing comments when it’s on someone else’s blog.

Just sayin’