My Entry for First 50 Words

I never knew it would be so difficult to stay under fifty words

Here is my Entry, inspired by my brother in law and his “just lost his tip” when we first got married. Enjoy.

“We always start with fifteen percent. Whenever going to a restaraunt, I always give the benefit that our server will be prompt, courteous, professional and keep our waters filled. If extra attention is given, extra gratuity is allowed, but when small ‘indiscretions’ are observed, small amounts are withheld as well.” -kia

How would you handle the situation? Tell me in the comments below. 



1yr ‘Blog-a-versary’ of RKIA: Xtian HaiKu: ‘Fresh Start’

Many things change with Seasons…

… ‘My Omer’ changed with Reason

Starting Fresh

beginning again

it all feels so very strange

desperately… fresh


Today marks the one year mark for this blog, The Recovering Know It All. 

When I started this blog, it wasn’t my first, but it’s become my best and freest expression of where I am in my Journey. It’s about life, love, books, food, reading, home, gardening and not being afraid to learn new things.

My previous blogs were more about my Christian experience and trying to reach out to the world with what I Knew to be True ™. As my header on this blog indicates, I learned too much and yet survived. Too much to remain Christian anymore. Which for me was like waking up from a 34 yr long Dream that had fooled me into believing it was Reality, when it was just a Dream. Or ‘Rising from the Dead’ of a Coma only to realize time and friends and family and normal life had all passed me by as I slumbered thinking that I was the one in Reality and they were the ones who were Comotose.

“Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes…”  -David Bowie

I want to thank all of the ones who have come along for the Journey. This present ‘Incarnation’ seems to have been  the most successful in terms of engagement and discussion and conversation. I’m very grateful for that. If this is just me speaking into the ether or ‘pissing into the wind’, I doubt it would have been as much fun for as long as this.

At times it’s been a bumpy ride and I can definitely apologize for any unintended offense I’ve caused in the ‘out working’ of this New Me that’s being ‘In worked’ over time. I will probably continue to step on toes and slaughter the ‘sacred cattle’ of my former Faith from time to time. But I also promise to continue writing and reading as much as I can.

The Recovering Know It All has become a place for free exchange of ideas and at least for myself, a refuge of sorts. A place to unlearn, learn and relearn things that I thought I knew and Discern between truth and Truth ™. It will continue to be, with your help, input and continued involvement. Thank you all for Reading, Liking, Commenting, Sharing and “Following” …

The Recovering Know It All



Tuesday Humour pt2: Xtian HaiKu “Nine-Nine”

((Recycling for September 9th. ‘Nine, nine’ day))


No more

number repeating

I ask my Hausfrau for Bier

“I already said…”


“Nein, nein!”

Remembering my dad tonight. I bought this beer stein for him for Christmas at a tobacco and pipe store in San Francisco when I was there for my Army language school in 1984. I think he always loved it because it was always proudly displayed in their front room or their library area. Who doesn’t love an authentic German Bier Stein?

When I look at it now it brings happy memories of times now past with my dad and me trading corny jokes like the one above, while my mom just rolled her eyes and said “oh brother, here we go again.”

My dad was a only a high school grad, but he was self educated on many things that they don’t teach in colleges these days. When I was a kid, he even used to sit down and read thru the dictionary… yeah, the Dictionary!

I’m missing my dad today, and my mom who passed three a years after he did, and now my brother who’s been gone two years now. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t see pieces of all of them in my home, and in the mirror looking back at me.

Daily encouragement

Love your family while you’ve got them. Don’t let stupid shit keep you apart. One day they will be gone and you’ll be wishing you could redo the mistakes of the past and make the good Better.