What’s your Taste?

​Is Christianity rejected because of dislike rather than rational reasons?


This POST certainly thinks so. However, it’s not nearly that simple or easy to flippantly and callously dismiss the experiences and evaluation processes of millions, even billions, of people on the planet who have “measured” the truth claims and evidence for Christianity and “found them lacking”

The poster’s blog is one where I am not welcome, where my comments are frequently blocked, deleted and one where I have been previously something called… “Pernabanned”… for raising questions and making comments encouraging thoughts and ideas outside of the accepted boundaries of his “preference and liking”.

Although I could tell that the article and thoughts weren’t his, (he once again copied and pasted from an apologetics site rather than offer his own original thinking), I did attempt to leave a comment to the effect that I thought the post was too dismissive and simplistic in it’s assumptions that other people, even otherwise religious people, and even deconverted Christians like myself, reject Jesus and the truth claims of Christianity on preference and taste alone.

Of course, my comment didn’t make it past his “preference” and “likes” that it not be there. Lol but basically I told him that he would probably like and prefer it to be a correct and accurate statement of why so many people reject Christianity, but it just isn’t that simple and it’s just not true.

It would certainly make it easier to toss off the experiences and investigation and the soul wrenching of those of us who have evaluated the foundations of the Faith we once held with the most intimate and passionate respect, to believe as the article portrays, and he reblogs, that it was all just for like or disliking, preference and fashion, personal choice that led us away from Christianity and keeps others from accepting it in the first place…

But that is an insult to billions of intelligent, thoughtful and intellectually honest people around the globe, and millions, or at least growing thousands, of former Christians like me who have studied, searched the evidence and their own hearts and had no other intelligent choice but to go into Recovery from Knowing it All and Christianity.

I hope one day the poster, James, has the honesty and integrity to do his own search, beyond the cut and paste from Apologetics Web Pages, and once again starts questioning and even allowing answers that may not be to his liking or Christian preference, but are nevertheless True to reality.

My hope for him is the same for others. Recovery from Christianity by exposure to and evaluation of truth as opposed to dishonest and insulting Apologetics mind games.



11 thoughts on “What’s your Taste?

  1. A good friend of mine said that he rejected Christianity because he didn’t see the power of God. He knew that the Old Testament God wasn’t above causing any number of natural disasters, armies to fight in battles, and some good old fashioned displays of his power. If it’s true that God hadn’t really changed, then he expected to see just as much today – natural disasters, plagues, famines, etc. for which God takes the credit for causing. It wasn’t about his preference or taste. Just the evidence of his eyes and ears.

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    • Yup. As charismatic evangelical Christians, we sometimes mixed with people who manufactured testimonies of signs and wonders still happening today. But they were not real. Mostly Christians who wanted stuff to happen, and deluded themselves into believing it did because according the Bible, it was supposed to be happening.

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  2. I love the post. I did notice two things that show loud and clear. The first is that you have a sense of humor that some people on the internet lack. You also clearly care about people, even people who block your comments, and insult not only your argument but your motives as well. I admire that you don’t take the bad behavior personally. I think I would get angry and sarcastic if I was treated that same way. On a different note I think the arguments for the failures of religion have more impact and authority when delivered by a deconvert. You know both the experience of faith and a deeper understanding of the reasons why you don’t believe. Be well , Hugs

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    • As always scottie, I appreciate you comments and support. I wish it were always true that I don’t take the insults and challenges to my integrity personally. I can really get a head of steam sometimes, but I try hard not to. My wife is a good balancing mechanism for me. That and I do really care about the information and the issues, and even the people who are still as I once was. Thx again

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  3. Oh yeah, the Isaiah 53:5 Project is know for doing this. If you’re not banned there, then you’re not doing even a minimum job of criticism. James is part of the SC, CT, Wally, IB22, SoM cabal and they only like hearing each other parrot themselves.

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  4. Well, James states he believes in Yahweh because there is evidence. There is no evidence. His belief is based on faith. In the book of Psalms it is written “I will fear no evil. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Those are emotions.

    In Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, he uses emotional words such as fear, love, shame, faith, hope, comfort, consolation, sorrow, anguish, joy, grief, affection, cheerfulness, and jealousy, to name a few. Yahweh is the epitome of emotions.

    “Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” Exodus 34:14

    Jonathan Edwards, a well-known 18th century theologian said: “True religion, in great part, consists of the affections.” Translation: Feelings or emotions.

    To believers, it might seem rational for them to conclude that if the majority of people in their environment believe in a particular cultural deity, and if you believe and follow the uncritically assessed tribal beliefs and rules, you’ll be acknowledged and get to be a part of a community that may contribute to your chances of survival. It might seem rational to believe in a religion that offers the belief in an afterlife, thus curtailing death anxiety. It might seem rational to conclude that the best hypothesis for the existence of the universe is that a god created it. But, ‘that don’t make is so.’ 😉

    One of the reasons scientists use the scientific method is so that the theories they test are not biased by individual opinion and emotions. As with many if not most who left Christianity, my final decision to deconvert was based on diligent study. I do think it’s telling that James left out the main reason why most of us deconverted.

    James is a YEC which automatically disqualifies him as a rational thinker.

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