Tuesday Humour pt2: Xtian HaiKu “Nine-Nine”

((Recycling for September 9th. ‘Nine, nine’ day))


No more

number repeating

I ask my Hausfrau for Bier

“I already said…”


“Nein, nein!”

Remembering my dad tonight. I bought this beer stein for him for Christmas at a tobacco and pipe store in San Francisco when I was there for my Army language school in 1984. I think he always loved it because it was always proudly displayed in their front room or their library area. Who doesn’t love an authentic German Bier Stein?

When I look at it now it brings happy memories of times now past with my dad and me trading corny jokes like the one above, while my mom just rolled her eyes and said “oh brother, here we go again.”

My dad was a only a high school grad, but he was self educated on many things that they don’t teach in colleges these days. When I was a kid, he even used to sit down and read thru the dictionary… yeah, the Dictionary!

I’m missing my dad today, and my mom who passed three a years after he did, and now my brother who’s been gone two years now. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t see pieces of all of them in my home, and in the mirror looking back at me.

Daily encouragement

Love your family while you’ve got them. Don’t let stupid shit keep you apart. One day they will be gone and you’ll be wishing you could redo the mistakes of the past and make the good Better.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Humour pt2: Xtian HaiKu “Nine-Nine”

  1. I am glad you have such great family memories. Good memories support and balance us no matter what stumbles we face on the journey of life. I am very happy you can remember your passed on loved ones with joy. Be well and thanks for sharing your family memories with us. Hugs

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