Conversing Honestly pt 3: For an apparantly Tone and Color Deaf Color Storm

In answer to CS’s post on the happenings in Charlotte this week...

KIA says:
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September 23, 2016 at 10:40 am
Yeah cs, maybe you’re right. You know, there really don’t have any reason to be upset at all, what with multiple shootings to death by cops of African Americans across the country. They should just sit down, shut up and die like good slaves, right? (Totally being sarcastic here)
You display your total ignorance of the issues being dealt with and then blame the victims of this trend towards ‘shoot to kill’ by those charged to ‘protect and serve’. Amazing lack of empathy and understanding.-kia

From foxnews

Justin Bamberg, an attorney for Scott’s family, watched the video with the slain man’s relatives. He said Scott gets out of his vehicle calmly. “While police did give him several commands, he did not aggressively approach them or raise his hands at members of law enforcement at any time. It is impossible to discern from the videos what, if anything, Mr. Scott is holding in his hands,” Bamberg said in a statement. Scott was shot as he walked slowly backward with his hands by his side, Bamberg said.

And then the officers just let him bleed to death, without attempting to give any aid… At all

If you can’t see what’s happening right in front of you on your TV set, your newspaper, around the country… you are without Hope for honest and empathetic discussions with or about those you have no clue in identifying with. Wake up America. They are killing people for not following commands.



49 thoughts on “Conversing Honestly pt 3: For an apparantly Tone and Color Deaf Color Storm

  1. Ah mike,
    Since I notice your continued gamesmanship here upon my waking up this morning, there is no point in posting your comment since you have done so here. I would not want to be guilty of entertaining redundancy, but if you don’t know the difference between simple lawlessness and godlessness, I can’t help you.

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    • The comment I am presumably ‘disqualified’ (BANNED?)from responding to over THERE…

      ColorStorm says:
      September 23, 2016 at 12:19 pm
      Man acting like brute beasts, but this escapes you. Since you have ignored the point of lawlessness and godlesssness, and have wrongly assigned my ‘lack of empathy,’ you are disqualified from continuing this conversation HERE, as you have proven, you have planted a bad seed for a laugh fest at your site. Have fun in the house of mirrors.

      Btw, Charlotte is a picture of your desire to see every semblance of law and God removed from society. ‘Every man did that which is right in his own eyes.’

      But you just do not see it. The word for the day is ‘godlessness.’
      Yeah, copy and paste is a great thing 😉

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      • … but then again, on my blog there is no blocking, editing, deleting or Banning…

        The issues at stake in Charlotte, Tulsa and other places where African Americans have been gunned down time after time have nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible or Christianity, but of course yiu will USE them to preach. Slime ball.
        It’s an issue of police brutality and killing people for not obeying the guy with the gun and badge. Capital Crime I hear now a days. The people in Charlotte are tired of it being ignored. The only reason YOU aren’t still ignoring it is the riots. Now that they have your attention, you call them animals, thugs and evil people. What kind of person are you exactly CS? Are you just that unable to see from their POV? Or just too busy exploiting the situation to once again tell us how Evil mankind is without the particular God of your particular book of fables?

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    • Maybe Mike posted it here because you have a history of not posting comments and editing comments that disagree with your myopic narrative? It’s really not being redundant, it’s protecting oneself from your dishonesty.

      It’s interesting that you should be so against violent protest given that Jesus led one himself. It’s even in the Bible. I swear sometimes CS it’s like you never read the thing. Granted a lot of the bible doesn’t have dogs and hyenas so I can see where it might be a little boring at times.

      I also don’t like the violence and lawlessness that is happening, but then my people aren’t being routinely killed by law enforcement. Of course you spend little time in your post condemning the lawlessness by the the law, by the justice system itself which is full of corruption, bias, prejudice, but is able to hide behind its institutional authority. Perhaps it is the corruption of that authority that leads to the lawlessness underneath. Perhaps it is that authority which systematically keeps an entire race in poverty and in a poor state of education that is a source for the lawlessness. Perhaps it is that authority which has used the bible as justification for its oppression from the very founding of this “Society” on this continent that should be criticized first. If you’re the true Christian you are, then you should be on the side of the oppressed and how they got to be in the state that their in.

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      • And which comments of yours pray tell SGill have been edited, censored, removed from my site, like many of your kin have done to me?

        Or are you relying on pure hearsay….

        And btw, Charlotte as I noted, is pure godlessness. One would think the atheist would be proud at such good fruit in a world without law and order.

        Law and order. Aka, creation.

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        • No cs, Godlessness doesn’t trouble me in this story. It’s not godlessness involved at all. But your blinded lack of simple empathy for the family of the man killed and your callous disregard for the real issues here not only troubles me but down right pisses me off.
          If wrong is wrong, and I still believe all wrong is wrong, just like All Lives Matter, but in this case, I’ll be waiting for your post on the Injustices done by the cops in these shootings of black men. Or do Some Lives Matter MORE than others? This is an issue primarily of Black Lives being killed by cops for no good reason
          Again cs, I’ll be waiting for your postn on THAT

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          • Mike I know that I said this on Ark’s blog, but the way Colorstorm acts, what he writes, he has to be a troll. No one who professes to be such a “christian” could ever respond to this stuff that way. That is my opinion. Hugs

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          • Stop it mike. I do not change peoples words. I do not attribute to them things they never said, so unlike many of your kin who have been rather depraved in their rewordings. And no, I will not refer you to them, they know who they are.


            • Another example perhaps?
              KIA says:
              September 3, 2016 at 1:04 pm
              Sorry cs, dairy cows today are far from natural. It’s really no joke how much we have exploited and abused such a wonderful and gentle creature.

              (Mike- three things.

              Because of your gamesmanship and immediate interest in your attempt to defame this blog site by running to your place, (to and fro sound familiar?) promoting further an idea that you know nothing, (updates etc) you have forfeited any semblance of credibility.
              I do not play link pong.
              (I wrote a post about pong)

              Dairy cows are ancillary to the essence of the post. You must have missed the part about the lamb, the heron, the ape, the fox, the man, the woman……….
              Now then, do feel free to run to your playground and complain how believers are intolerant hypocrites, and how the unbeliever or ungodly mind is light years ahead in intellect.)

              No cs, most times you just hijack the persons comment, delete the part you don’t want others to see, then insert your own comment within theirs. You don’t even let people say what they are saying. It seems that it’s not enough for you to either delete the whole comment, or god forbid… ‘give an answer for thenho0e that is withnin you’ in a separate comment… no. You have to so mangle and eviscerate someone else’s words so as to render them… not really their whole words… AND use their own comment space to ‘answer’ a comment you won’t even let others see what it was.
              Not on this blog


              • Hey mike.

                You need smacked around, but I’ll let someone else do it.In a courtroom the judge would throw you out for trying to put together that which is separate.

                It’s no wonder you detest the scriptures, here’s an example………

                You moan that I did not comment on the Charlotte incident as you think I should have. Listen carefully now.

                My post was not about the alleged facts of the murder, which by the way, a man is innocent until proven guilty………..

                My post was about the FACTS of the response…………a city burned………

                But of course you do not see the difference, and assign guilt where there is none. But this is your standard operating procedure. No wonder you detest God and scripture.

                It appears impossible for you to judge a matter fairly, and your doublemindedness is on full display.

                Don’t work so hard though at siding with rebellion and atheism; it’s not a pretty sight.


              • Don’t worry cs, I won’t edit out of commandeer your comments. You do your post, I’ll do mine. Have a great day, and stop threatening to smack people around. It’s not very christian… Oh wait, maybe it is


              • And the incident proves that in the eyes of police nowadays… it’s a capital offense to refuse their commands. You are guilty until proven innocent. They will execute their justice. That is the point of my post.
                Did that man who was killed, or the others in the past years, get the supposed benefit of ‘innocent till proved guilty’? No… they were gunned down and killed for not complying with commands from their rulers, and for the police officers’ fear that they might be reaching for something. Protect and Serve became police and control, became hunt and kill.
                THAT is the story you refuse to consider. Dipshit


              • Let me repeat since you are pretending to be deaf. I wrote about the AFTER effects of a killing.

                AFTER. AFTER. AFTER. No burning of a city is justified, unless you are applauding the evil in the hearts of men to justify lawlessness. Others can write about the BEFORE.

                But this apparently escapes you.


              • BTW, if you have visions or desires to smack people around for disagreeing with you or having opinions you disagree with then maybe you do have something in common with Islamic extremists and suicidal/homicidal maniacs


              • It’s easy. Go ahead and make a chair. Easy you say? Well then mike, gather up your comrades of godless intellect and make that chair……………… USING NOTHING.

                And you have the nerve to ask if God is a WHO? Give me a break. And I apologize for cleaning your clock on your own blog, but somebody has to do it.


              • Sure doesn’t sound like you offered any evidence as I asked for… as for cleaning clocks? I’m sure you’d like to think so, but yours has been ‘brainwashed’


        • I’ve seen the evidence CS. People actually copy what they say on your blog as evidence.

          The fact that you equate religion with order and lawlessness shows your lack of understanding of religious history and your lack of understanding of the atheist viewpoint. How boring your world must be so void of understanding. No wonder you believe fairy tales to be true and invent stories about submarines and pea shooters.

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          • For the record… just one such recent example…

            Responses to This is no joke
            john zande says:
            September 3, 2016 at 12:44 pm
            Goodness, is that seriously the extent of your understanding of evolution by natural selection?

            (Hey jz- You must have missed the part where it says ‘stupid………………’
            Now then. You send another comment within seconds, airing your gripe, expressing your impatience, and your lack of understanding in not knowing that your link ‘asks’ for me to update a player………….a request I have no interest in complying with.

            And I always know when my short posts find their mark. Truth stings. Gotta love those bees and their honey, thanks be to God.)

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            • This is why cs cannot be trusted with an op3n discussion on his own blog and why I choose to create my responses to him, that I would normally keep in the threads of his posts on his blog, as posts in their own right on my blog.

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          • Copy? Ha, that’s because truth is always maligned. Nothing new there.

            And for what its worth, and in the interest of accuracy, I said God is about law and order, not religion.

            And good call with the sub and p-shooter. You gotta love the contrast of a man trying to huff and puff with his spitballs trying to sink God’s iron clad words.


  2. I watched a video yesterday that showed the protest was calm, but tense, until the police opened up with tear gas. The police had a wall of people between them and the protesters and the protest leaders were being careful to make sure no one got physical with the police. Then in the video you see the protesters running and you hear both the tear gas blast and then the gun shot. It was after this that the riot started and all the destruction. Hugs

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    • The police tactics of militaristic overwhelming force escalates the tensions when they should be diffusing and de-escalating.
      Literally the opposite of what they should be doing. For them, it’s about maintaining and asserting control. When did we become the enemies and prison population in our own country?

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        • Overall, I don’t think the root problem is racism. But the spotlight of blacks being killed by police at higher rates to their representation in the population has opened up the whole question of police militarism, brutality and oppression of us all.

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          • Hello Mike. I agree. I have to admit being a white male has given me advantages I did not even know I was using. I was telling Ron that as a young service member stationed in Georgia I was pulled over by the police for really speeding way over the limit. I was bubbling happy because I was going on leave that day. Well I did everything wrong at that stop. I jumped out of the car, was hyper excited, I even started to walk towards the officer to explain to him. Lucky for me he was well trained, and he was a big man ( big men who can handle themselves are way less likely to react to fear stress ) and I was a small white boy. I was really much more boy than man at that point in my life. Lucky for me I was not shot. The officer had me go back to the car and stand next to it while he came up , looked the car over, and talked to me. He then asked me to slow it down and to be safer. He also seen the cooler in the back seat and gave me a talk about drinking and driving and suggest that maybe I should start my travel after resting a while. It was late morning and I had not been drinking of course and the cooler had only soda but he never even look in it. He just was really nice and seen I was an excited kid maybe not to bright and let me go on my way. I wonder if I would have gotten the same treatment if I had been black? Also another time while still stationed in Georgia Some friends and I took a trip. I had a car as I was prior service and of high enough rank. However we never thought to figure in the area we were traveling to and we couldn’t find any place that would lets us stay that we could afford. So two of us slept in the car and two on the beach in a secluded pull off area. IN the middle of the night a police car came up to my car, the officer looked in, asked what we were doing, I told him, he asked for our id’s which we showed, and he was OK with us, and he left. Again had we been black would that have gone as well? I will never know, but I can really understand the anger and bitterness that the black population feels. There is definitely a class system being used and they are the second class people. Hugs

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        • We are a ruled and controlled and oppressed nation. The killing of blacks by police is just a symptom of the wider problem. But it is important not to ignore the unjust killing of people by police

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