My Entry for First 50 Words

I never knew it would be so difficult to stay under fifty words

Here is my Entry, inspired by my brother in law and his “just lost his tip” when we first got married. Enjoy.

“We always start with fifteen percent. Whenever going to a restaraunt, I always give the benefit that our server will be prompt, courteous, professional and keep our waters filled. If extra attention is given, extra gratuity is allowed, but when small ‘indiscretions’ are observed, small amounts are withheld as well.” -kia

How would you handle the situation? Tell me in the comments below. 



22 thoughts on “My Entry for First 50 Words

    • Problem is that restaraunts build it into their compensation for employees. They make dirt for base pay and it’s expected as part of their pay that they ‘eat what they kill’ so to speak as a motivation for good service to customers

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  1. That must be how the Australians feel. Indeed, servers there make about $20.00 an hour (so, no tipping); whereas in North America servers make minimum wage, which varies. Since most in our family have served at one point in their lives, I am mindful of this fact – and tip generously. In fact, tipping is so ingrained in our lives that the gov’t expects all servers/hairdressers/etc. to claim a percentage on their annual wage.
    I agree with roughseas, however. A decent wage would alleviate the need for tipping – a much more fair system.

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  2. I left my comment on the other blog.

    I will add one thing here … I do NOT tip anyone but food and drink servers. Hairdressers are out of luck and the little “tip jar” of baristas, deli servers, etc.will never get fed by me.

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