For TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge: Rainbows

((( Reposting 10/3/16 )))


A Voluntary Limitation
Red, blue. You decide?
Who said there are only two?
Rainbows are Freedom.

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This was a rainbow captured back in May of last year at the celebratory party for my niece’s graduation from a nursing school in California. Her whole life in front of her, including an upcoming wedding to her beloved in November the same year.

Little did we all know that others would be freed to do the same with their beloveds just one month later in June.

You see, where I come from, Freedom is about being able to do what you want with whom you want as long as they also choose you to be their ‘with whom’ as well.

So, rainbows… Speak to me of a multiplicity of expressions of opinion and ‘flavor’. A diversity of opinion and understanding. A kaleidoscope of different agreements and associations.

Hue of You
A life of purpose
Colors searching for Canvass
We all Paint our own

There is never just Red or Blue. Not even just Red, Blue and a compromise Purple… Although we love Purple. To be truly free and free to express and Vote your Color in a Binary Political System, we must have a wider tent, a broader palate of Hues… Hues of Yous… to choose from, or there is only Limitation to Participation.

But what if there were more than just two colors… What if we were being coralled into just two stalls in order to facilitate a vision of reality where the Other guy is evil and you are all good… What if the powers that created and sustain this Matrix NEED it to keep us at each other’s throats, unable to listen, understand and possibly learn and grow from the differing  perspectives of those around us…

What if it’s all a Control Game to keep us from working Together and expressing all the beauty, wonder and brilliance that our Rainbows has to radiate?

What if whoever ‘they’ is… Is afraid of Rainbows? Let’s make them afraid. Be the Rainbow.

20 thoughts on “For TJ’s Household HaiKu Challenge: Rainbows

  1. A beautiful haiku and a wonderful reflection. I was only saying to a friend today that life already has its more than fair share of troubles and sadness. If we can find joy and happiness in ourselves when we can and, as you say, delight to see it in others then that is something far better than adding layers of anxiety and fear to the challenges we all have to face anyway. I really admire your journey and your writing. Thanks!

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  2. Keeping with the concept of freedom found in your lovely haiku, I like the metaphorical contract between the constraining wall and the limitless freedom of the rainbow. Beautiful, highly emotive photo and poem.

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