Another Questioning voice gets shut down on a Christian blog for asking questions with ‘answers which must not be questioned’

Open Blogging is not that open

I will not link to this one. It’s a blog I used to participate on as a Christian. The blog and it’s author Michael are well known in one of my former ‘tribes’. 

The comments by Al were in response to a weekly Linkathon Post that Michael does there to encourage participation and comments. I guess Al made a misstep when he started bringing up inconsistencies with a literal interpretation of the Bible and disagreeing that belief in (ie. Acceptance of) evolution is rooted in paganism. Lol. 

Here’s the ‘exchange’ if you can call it that. Afterwards, AL is no where to be found in the discussion, presumably ‘banished’ to the blogger’s version of Hell… moderation limbo or ‘Permabanned’ (hat tip to James over at Isaiah for that term)

Al says:
October 4, 2016 at 10:11 am
“And Ham said Christians who accept evolution and the idea that the Earth is millions of years old are following “the pagan religion of this age”, which is an “attempt to explain life without God”.”

1. I like Janet Mefferd b/c she tries to hold the Church and Pastors accountable for their terrible Conduct, which oftentimes is the Sermon they preach louder than any speech from their pulpits. I disagree with her Fundamentalists backward view regarding what Science has discovered about some of the realities of our Universe/Multi-verse.

2. If God is a God of “Truth”….then you have to accept Truth and Facts when you can consistently observe them in our Present Reality. Gravity is a Fact we live with. To deny such is not being “more godly!” and less a heathen.

3. Evolution and Natural Selection are likely Fact. It’s likely how God DESIGNED things. There are many Christians who are also well-regarded Scientists who believe such based on mountains of evidence. The Planet Earth is old. So it the Universe. I can list enough facts to fill this blog for the next 10 years that consistently demonstrate such, but doubtful it would be well received or would change any Dogmatic minds b/c the Dogmatist is not out to discover Truth….the Dogmatist is only concerned with protecting and projecting their particular Apologetic.

Ken Ham is famous and collects a lot of money off of gullible Evangelicals. It would be funny if it weren’t so insidious. It’s not harmless b/c it does stumble many who are intellectually honest and reject Christianity b/c they note that if Christians can be that dishonest with regards to human origins and Scientific Discovery….then they cannot be trusted to be honest with other issues.

Interesting point about ‘if God is a God of truth’. This guy is coming presumably from a Christian POV. Non-literal biblical interpretation maybe, but he certainly seems to be holding onto his Christian identity.

Al says:
October 4, 2016 at 10:16 am
Evangelical Though of the Day:

You believe Adam and Eve are literally the first humans.

Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel.

You assume Adam and Eve had daughters and they had more sons.

That family was having sex with each other.

Cain gets punished for killing Abel….and they were not that old if you accept biblical genealogies and the biblical timeline.

Cain gets banished to another area….where there is already Civilization and a City with a Society and other humans. Cain takes wives.

You cannot square that circle. If you believe in a Literal Interpretation of Genesis, you are buying into a mythology and not being intellectually honest. It does you no good. It is another False Idol among many False Idols in Evangelicalism and Christian Fundamentalism.

And this is the part he starts getting dicey… he starts asking questions and drawing conclusions. Basically, asking people to think outside of the given interpretation and asking others to see the contradictions and inconsistencies in what they believe

Al says:
October 4, 2016 at 10:20 am
How did Adam and Eve and Cain and the City/Society Cain was banished to….skip the Paleolithic Period in history? Which of the Adam and Eve Family were living in Caves? Doing Cave drawings?

What Language were Adam and Eve and their Family speaking? They were the first and ONLY humans, correct? They were “speaking with God” in the Garden, correct? They spoke to each other, correct? What Language were they speaking?

….we don’t see Hebrew Language until late in Recorded Human History. <—Fact.

If the Genesis Narrative were Literal….the first recorded Language in Human History would be Hebrew. It is not. Not nearly. Adam and Eve are an archetype and if at all literal were late on the scene of Human History. That’s what the overwhelming evidence demonstrates and it only takes a modicum of Common Sense and Intellectual Honesty to figure that out.

And finally… when the non-literalist Christian has said more than the Literalist Christian wants to hear, or let his readers read and consider… 

Michael says:
October 4, 2016 at 10:43 am
This ends now.

And so it did… but you can consider, think and even respond to Al’s points and questions here all you want. I won’t shut you down or out. This is a Recovery Safe Zone. So why not Like and comment down below. 



23 thoughts on “Another Questioning voice gets shut down on a Christian blog for asking questions with ‘answers which must not be questioned’

  1. I found that in my time as a Christian the matter of origins and the conflict with science always troubled me. When my faith was strong I expected that somehow ‘God’ would provide a magical answer, but always I sort of expected that the answer would be in a different interpretation of the Biblical text. I don’t think I ever really accepted that the Garden of Eden and the flood were literal stories.

    The debate in my mind was between a pious myth and a sort of Sunday School version of science provided by ‘God’ to explain the essential truths in ways that uneducated people could understand. When pastors insisted it was literal truth I struggled to see how that could be the case when the scientific evidence which had been proven over time to be correct, so strongly suggested otherwise.

    I suspect the blog host is convincing himself that it is all the work of the Devil and that he is being virtuous in defending God’s word.

    When I undertook serious Bible Study, at an academic level, I was interested to come across the very well regarded Biblical Scholar Gordon Wenham who wrote what is considered a classic commentary on Genesis. Wenham is a committed Christian who is an expert in the Bible, he argues that those with a fundamentalist interpretation of Genesis misunderstand the text. To Wenham the creation stories in the Bible are essentially a repudiation of creation stories of other religions with which the Israelites would have come into conflict.

    But then again:

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  2. Hello Mike and everyone. I was never a “committed Christian” so I can not answer on that basis. However I will say that one of the things I find so frustrating about “fundamentalist” is their refusal of what is clear, proven, known science in favor of what seems to be a fable at best. It causes me to dismiss them, as I have dismissed Colorstorm as a troll. However some one like this person who acknowledges the difference between science, proven history, over biblical writing is a religious person I can respect and even accord space to. I have repeatedly said I do not condemn a person’s belief if that person doesn’t inflict it on those not willing to share it. I actually think personal faith is a good thing for some people. But it must stay personal or at least in the community of believers.

    I think the worst thing that happened to religion was when those “die hard never give an inch believers” decided that their god insisted they force everyone else to worship as they did. It was if they drank poison and wanted everyone else to drink, by force if need be. I think the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS has done more to harm religion and religious people than any mythical devil ever could. The fact is beliefs are not meant to be engraved in laws, in politics, enforced on others. First a belief you are forced to follow is a lie in every respect. That is where I get upset with any belief or believer, trying to override civil laws, public schools, exemptions in health safety or child safety due to religious faith.

    I want to add one more thing. IF your faith, your religion harms another, it is not worth believing in. If your faith denies education to people, if belief in it deny medical treatment to anyone, if your god tells you to harm a child in anyway…… Then ask for help. Run from it as fast and hard as you can. Save everyone you can , maybe even yourself. I have belief that causing harm to another human makes you non-human. Simply put no deity worth worshipping would ask that of its followers.

    Sorry mike for getting on my soap box but that issue is very important to me. Thanks again for an interesting and informative post. Many hugs

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