Watch “Reading Ken Ham’s Ridiculous Tweets” on YouTube

Now THAT’S Funny, John

This 17 year old kid reminds me so much of a young Christopher Hitchens. He seems to have an intelligent and thoughtful head on his shoulders for such a young guy, but he’s also quite humorous and quippy as he deals directly, one by one, with the ridiculous tweets of one Ken Ham. I wish I was as smart as he is when I was his age, but alas… I was a young Christian. Enjoy the take down.



37 thoughts on “Watch “Reading Ken Ham’s Ridiculous Tweets” on YouTube

        • Pretty sure one doesn’t need to be Christian to have a standard of morality. That’s a common misconception and lie that Apologists of almost all Faith’s give. The Muslim would probably say the same to you, that without Allah you would have no standard to judge suicide bombers to be evil


          • Guess what mike?

            I have said on many occasions an atheist can have finer morals than a believer. Are you surprised?

            So please do not include me in your catalog of ‘liars;’ yet I have extended the narrative to say WHERE the ability to judge springs from; in this we part company, for I see without question the human conscience as created by God which knows lying is wrong.

            No instruction necessary, as it is built in.


            • So… you get your standard of morality from the same god that killed the innocent newborn child of bathsheba and David, in order to cover up his murder of Uriah and rape of his wife… so he could still be king? Even though earlier in the books of moses, it said that David, the rapist and murderer, should be killed as punishment?
              You mean that standard, cs?


              • Sorry mike, I’ll not participate in a 500 comment thread with you still chastising God at the end of it all.

                Your arguments are weak and designed to extend a narrative which has long been settled. God is not on trial.

                He is blameless, you and me? Eh, that’s another story.


              • So… the innocent child? The standard you mentioned you had for morality that those without Christ cannot have to judge right from wrong? I’m just following up on your assertion of a moral standard that comes from the god of the bible… it’s a fair question really.
                Was god right to kill the innocent newborn child and spare the murdering rapist?


              • Mike-

                One last time. God can do no wrong.

                And it is the human conscience which knows by nature the difference between right and wrong.

                For God’s sake, when Cain murdered his brother, his rage was exposed, having never seen the act of murder before.

                God however has no defects of character.


              • That’s your trouble mike. You assign things to people putting your evil intent upon them.

                David was not a murdering rapist. You may want to read how scripture defines him, not your broken genie bottle.

                Btw, murdering rapists are not men after God’s own heart………now go get your own answers so I don’t have to spoon feed you.


              • Ah… No. I’m dealing with your context. Certainly didn’t happen in history, but YOU believe it did. Care to stop dodging the question and implications of the answer?


              • It’s not irrelevant to the conversation on your assertion of the standard of morality gained from the God of the bible. You’re ducking again


            • ColorStorm…

              But is lying always wrong?

              Were God-fearing Christians obligated to tell the truth when SS officers asked whether they were harboring Jews in your home?

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              • Didn’t Abraham lie when he said Sarah was his sister?

                Didn’t Peter lie when he said: ‘I know not the man?’

                Of course, scripture presents men as fallible, and subject to fear, things which paint the scriptures as reliable, accurate, and believable.

                If someone put a gun to your head, you may lie too, where others would accept death. But it hardly takes a genius to know that the norm is telling the truth.

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              • But that doesn’t address my question. I asked whether lying was always wrong or whether there were circumstances where lying was morally permissible. So fears aside, were Christians morally obligated to answer in the affirmative under such circumstances?

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              • Actually,
                Sarah was his half sister.
                Peter was lying.. but it wasn’t for God but to hide himself
                And there are many more instances of gods people lying for God (think micaiah the prophet)


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