Saturday dinner out

The Perfect Pear 

This Saturday night, the wife and I were looking for a place to go for a date night out. We’ve all hot our favorite places that we go all the time, but I wanted to try somewhere different and, if possible, have a nice vegetarian dinner experience. We found it in the Perfect Pear off of Ray and Priest. 

We’ve eaten here once before with a group of older singles from a UU church we visit from time to time, but this was our first ‘solo cruise’. We loved the atmosphere of a cozy, modern wine bar kind of place. The food was amazing and the service was prompt and attentive and very friendly. Loved it all around. 

For starters we had a nice plate of hummus nachos. Never had these or seen these anywhere else, but it was a great alternative to the beef or chicken Mexican style nachos that are ubiquitous here in the southwest.

For dinner, I had linguini with tomatoes, basil, and a light tomato sauce, perfect vegetarian option. The wife had butternut squash rigatoni with some sort of white sauce. It had arugula, walnuts (?) and onions. Also great, but she had to pick out the pieces of bacon. Who puts bacon and walnuts in with butternut squash?

Finished off with a nice, light white wine for her and a Kilt Lifter for me, this was a wonderful and enjoyable date night with the wife. If you are in the Phoenix area, The Perfect Pear is the Perfect Place for any Pair on a Saturday night.

Enjoy. -kia


2 thoughts on “Saturday dinner out

  1. Grand. A wonderful thing to have a cosy dinner out with someone special who is special in your life. I liked the idea of your dinner but I think Ron would have rather have had your wife’s. I love stuff in a tomato sauce. I have never been one much for any squash. Be well. Hugs

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