Reblogging “Apologies for telling the Truth?”

From a blog I follow, a wonderful post on religions demanding respect and tolerance where none is deserved, and which they aren’t willing to give others. It highlights the Hypocrisy and the bullying tactics employed against anyone who would dare challenge or question what they consider is True ™ only by Faith. Enjoy the take down. -kia


Not So Polite Dinner Conversation – insisting on apologies for telling the truth

There’s an op-ed by Christine Flowers, a conservative Catholic with a problem. She isn’t happy that her religion is presented in a less than favorable light by some emails that are supposedly from the Clinton campaign, released by Wikileaks. She demands that Ms. Clinton apologize for what one of her staffers said. Let’s see how this plays out.

Ms. Flowers is aghast that anyone would point out that her church is rather medieval in its outlook, and sophist in its approach. She, like many American Roman Catholics, has invented her own Catholicism, picking and choosing what she obeys. However, if you show that she and her church are without base for their claims and hypocrites, then the wagons get circled immediately. She claims she can’t bear to actually post what was said except for one excerpt, but we can do that easily enough.

This is the excerpt she posted “Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the (Supreme Court) and think tanks to the media and social groups. It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.”

Hmmm, now, is there anything untrue about this? Well, there is and it’s from the fellows assuming that there is anything called “Christian democracy” since that term is never supported or mentioned by the bible’s Christianity nor by the Roman Catholic Church. Some more liberal Christians from various sects (including Catholics) do go by this, but it is an invention to match modern mores, not biblical standards. The truths stated are that the RCC has very systemic thought (going all the way back to the Church fathers aka Thomism amongst others) that is still considered dogma, and the completely ignorant ideas about women and homosexuals that the RCC tries to instill as law in any country they can. We have blasphemy laws still on the books in majority Catholic countries, and we have such wannabe theocracies like El Salvador where the RCC is so strong, a woman can’t get an abortion for any reason and children are forced to have babies or die in the attempt. We also have the RCC’s efforts to prevent sex education and their concerted effort in countries in Africa where AIDS is rampant to prevent anyone from taking any precautions at all, including wearing condoms.

Now, here are the other emails (here’s what I got when searching on “catholic”). In amongst lots and lots of inanities, some do point out the failures of the religion and its claims, and unlike what the Catholics and other theists would like you to believe, there is no law against that, no law against showing that the emperor has no clothes. When there is a truth, it’s hard to be so very indignant and insist that no one should mention it. Interestingly enough, the fellows in the emails are standing up for the RCC in that they think it is being bastardized by the conservatives, since the RCC does have some decent support of social issues (unless you are a woman who doesn’t want the Pope to decide her healthcare or anything but heterosexual). The emails also show that Catholics don’t agree on issues either, again pointing out that there are conservative Catholics and liberal Catholics, unlike the united front that Ms. Flowers tries to claim.

Like any religious fundamentalists, from Catholics to Protestants, from Muslims to Jews, they don’t like for their religion to be exposed to thought. How dare anyone not “respect” their religion! No matter that they each insist that the other will be going to some kind of eternal torture, a concept quite a bit nastier than pointing out failures.

She seems to forget, or wants us to forget, that her sect has spent millions in the fight to get Roe v. Wade overturned. It is only because the theocrats on the Supreme Court have been countered by those that respect the rule of law. They have lost their attempts to force a theocratic rule over women, but not for lack of trying.

This also holds true for the attempts that the RCC has made in preventing marriage equality and safe and equal treatment for those who are not heterosexual.

And we also have the examples of how the RCC wants power in the simple fact that they have done all they can in Pennsylvania to prevent the extension of the statute of limitations in rape cases involving children. They have done all they can to prevent having to be responsible for what they have done in the past to children.

And damn, Ms. Flowers, “grandma elsie who was a political lemming”? those blue collar “simple folk”? For all of your whining about “Catholic dignity”, you have no problem ignoring that “dignity” when convenient. But we know that what you call “dignity” is nothing more than a plea for no one to point out how very ignorant and backward Catholic ideas are. Those deserve to be shown to the light of day. But heck, if you have no problem in being “gender-backward” and in a “medieval dictatorship” (hello Pope!), then you can do that all you want. You just can’t do that to the rest of us.

Now, I find it amusing that Ms. Flowers and the other Catholics didn’t mention the most important email about Catholics in these leaked posts. Just feast your eyes on this: I was reading the emails and found this one that was just fascinating about Catholics, astronaut Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), and zero-point energy.


102 thoughts on “Reblogging “Apologies for telling the Truth?”

    • Best I can tell you is that truth is that which comports with reality. It certainly doesn’t mean that which we want to believe based on no evidence or bad evidence, or against contrary evidence. Hope that helps


      • Ok tkx for the attempt. So then by default you must admit that since a chair needs a creator (comporting with reality), so does the moon need a Creator. (Also comporting with reality.)

        And your ‘contrary evidence’ also must automatically dismiss the idea of a sandstorm blowing through the desert and popping out camels like popcorn.

        Tkx for at least agreeing, by your own definition, that ‘truth’ includes as the very basis, a Creator.

        All children know this also btw, until they are untaught by a false reality.

        This should help.


        • The difference is that nature does not lead to your specific biblical god. And it is silent as to a creator god, much less a personal one.
          You surmise and assume far too much based on presuppositions given to you by what you have been taught to believe based on faith.
          The very definition of confirmation bias


          • People who cast God out from His creation mike, are way too selfish, narrowminded, and I would add, small minded.

            Neil Tyson is a fine example of a small minded man who struts his ignorance to the proud. He is self absorbed and boring.

            And I do not surmise and assume anything. Nature testifies to a Creator. You know this, you simply suppress the truth.

            ‘Apologies for telling the truth.’


            • “I don’t know, let’s find out” is probably one of the most honest and humble things one can say… when they don’t know… and want to find out. As opposed to pretending to know things you don’t know. Ie. Faith

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              • You assume too much mike. ‘pretending’ to know things?

                Please. I make no pretense stating with absolute confidence and with infallible proof that God is.

                And yes, the creature struts like a peacock sitting in judgment of God.

                Make a fingernail mike. Heck, make a stone using nothing on this earth…….. And yes, unbelief in its purest form is a another name for atheism.

                And btw, you will use ‘faith’ a thousand times in a day without even thinking about it, so be a little slower to mock that which you find fault.


              • Doesn’t bother me at all. I am simply amused at your evangelistic efforts to justify your ability to remove God from His creation, while you cite others as delusional for not drinking the same poison as you, and watching you and your new cadre of friends delight in the most vilest and basest forms of character assassination toward they who walk in this light that you now call darkness, and henceforth call your delusion of godlessness ‘truth.’

                So yeah, amusing I would say. And you must admit mike, without your godlessness posts, your blog would dry up; it is a sounding board for depravity of every sort.

                This is truth.


              • Thx for your encouragement for my little corner of the blogospere. Have a great day. And keep not getting bothered. It’s good for my views, comments and traffic. I appreciate these little talks we have


              • The only One. God has no competitors. And how do I know? the same way you know mike.

                Your conscience. Nature. Arithmetic. The alphabet. Scripture. Truth.

                And of course the fact that you can tie your shoes, while squirrels have been struggling for a few thousand years. But just you wait……they will evolve and learn quicker than you can say: there is no God………….


              • Again… I do not say, there is no god.
                I’m neither atheist, nor am I Antitheist.
                I know that the god portrayed in the Bible is a myth. If there is a God, yaweh ain’t it


        • “So then by default you must admit that since a chair needs a creator (comporting with reality), so does the moon need a Creator. (Also comporting with reality.)”
          No, he must admit no such thing. The moon, has to have come from somewhere. That’s the only thing he has to admit. This in no way whatsoever implies that it was “created” by a conscience being. Just because you are incapable and unwilling to entertain any other explanation other than goddidit doesn’t make your explanation correct or even plausible. And even if you were to be granted your pathetic explanation that a ” creator” “created” the moon, this has exactly ZERO implications for the truth claims of the specific cult, oops, I mean religion that you’re a member of. The “creator” “created” the moon, therefore the bible is the true word of the one real god and Jesus Christ died for your sins? No, I don’t think so sir. Your logic is tragically flawed.

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            • Cs is so resolute to stay in the sinking ship of christianity that he will actively start bombarding others who have already left it in order to make himself feel justified in going down with the ship


              • hey mike-
                When you are finished griping about your own lack of understanding God, scripture, nature’s God, and the truth above all, when you are finished forgetting that God holds all orbits together………when you are finished projecting your WISHES upon others, you may , and I say may, come to understand that God’s word is good, very good even, and it it you, it is You, it is YOU who have been weighed in the balance, and come up rather short.

                But your sinking ship? Uh, that would would be godlessness, and if you used your God given brain, you would agree. But you are too bust cryin about things in which you have not a clue.

                So yeah, chairs have creators, but by your own stupid logic, the moon requires no Creator. Get a grip and engage the brain. And your friends are no help, as your collective intellect is laughable.


              • All you have is the inference of intuition. You have no proof or evidence that the God of the bible did anything. Sure glad that my deconversion doesn’t bother you in the least. Lol


              • If you were were half as serious about your ‘Christianity’ as you are about preaching the gospel of godlessness, you would still be a believer.

                As it is, you ask the wrong questions, and avoid answers already given.

                But many sit in the bleachers and are well aware that your position erodes quickly when met with the truth of God’s word. Every single time.

                God has never lost an argument to termites, as industrious as they are.

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              • I was actually very serious and devoted as a follower of Jesus. Probably more so than you are. I’d never berate and belittle people as a form of outreach for Jesus. And I’d never mock or be insultingly hostile towards people who left the faith.
                It doesn’t show your security in your faith to do things like this.
                Cs, you’re a mess and your faith in Christianity has made you a mean and hostile person


              • Mike,

                You literally can’t stand it when met with sobriety of mind in a believer. You have no argument against the truth of God, a truth apparently in which by your own admission, you have no clue, for if it was TRUTH to you, you would not have traded it for vile, vice, and venom.

                Truth is something that changes not. Gold has that lasting quality, gold made by God by the way.

                And for what its worth, you and your new friends would love to think that believers are ‘hostile,’ but once more, you confuse arrogance with confidence.

                Your projections upon others are embarrassing to thinking people everywhere, or at least should be.

                And oh, why don’t you include your former writings as a ‘believer,’ so others can see just exactly what ‘kind’ of past life you had………and I can assure you, your words will be torn to shreds by the lasting truth of scripture.


              • Sobriety of mind? Truth?
                Then let’s go to the challenge: how would you prove that the god of the Bible created everything there is?
                Not inference, not presuppositional bias, how do you get from the creation to your specific creator story from the bible… without using the Bible?
                We can wait for you. Go ahead


              • Brilliant retort. When given an opportunity to prove that what you believe is actually provable, you resort to childishness. Amazing. This is why you only have hostility and aggressive bullying cs.


              • Childishness mike?

                Uh, I have been feeding you crumbs that you have been choking over, now all of sudden you are griping because you want explained the tree of life, which seed is in itself, thank you very much courtesy of the Creator.

                Then again, you knew that already….

                You do not need me, other than to remind you what you already know.

                Stubbornness is a poor friend. Recalcitrant is a bit stronger, but you get the point.


              • So… that evidence that leads directly from creation to the specific god of the Bible? Illumine us all please. Or are you just going to continue the song and dance?


              • Stop it already will you. And yes, no apology for rapping your knuckles here and now.

                The ‘song and dance’ is what everybody knows by birth. Don’t pretend to be deaf. I told you this a hundred times.

                The scriptures merely tell out in detail what your conscience already knows.

                Truth recognizes truth. So you may want to consider Pilates question: what is truth…….? when the truth was staring him in the face.


              • So… really nothing more than unsupported assertions then? Okie doke. You don’t know. You believe. And faith is all that informs you of that belief. You should really stop pretending to know what you only believe by faith.


              • Copying over my comment from your blog… 😉
                KIA says:
                Your comment is awaiting moderation.
                October 18, 2016 at 10:53 am
                Speaking of God’s word and it’s integrity cs… three questions:
                1. Was Judas remorseful or unrepentant?
                2. Did he throw the money back to the priests or keep it?
                3. Who bought the ‘field of blood’?
                Be careful with your answers… there is a known contradiction involved


              • “…when you are finished forgetting that God holds all orbits together…” No he(she? it?) doesn’t. Gravity does that. You should really try to understand the world and universe around you. Your ignorance is both alarming and breath-taking.
                “…when you are finished projecting your WISHES upon others..” The only one projecting wishes upon others, is you. You’re the one telling everyone you know which god is the right one and that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is doomed to burn in hell forever.
                “So yeah, chairs have creators, but by your own stupid logic, the moon requires no Creator. ” Go back and read what I wrote the first time instead of plugging your ears and preaching the same nonsense over and over. There is no evidence to suggest that a “creator” “created” the moon and just because you can’t think of anything else other than goddidit, doesn’t make you right and it sure as hell doesn’t imply that since a “creator” “created” the, moon, the creators name is Yahweh and the bible is his flawless word. Saying it over and over and over doesn’t make it any more true or believable.

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            • As much as I hate his guts, there is a part of me that knows that there are many other factors that led to his brain being infected with the virus of Christianity (which now appears incurable) that are out of his control, and for that I pity him. It’s a constant battle with me. And yes, I concur that he has zero grasp on logic or on reality at all for that matter. It’s both infuriating and heartbreaking at the same time.

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  1. Colorstorm,
    A chair doesn’t have an invisible creator – you keep forgetting facts when you launch into your diatribes. You really should name the god you speak about, CS – Yahweh, the war god. Or did you mean one of the over 5000 other ones?

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    • Hey notes-

      Let me translate your comment:

      ‘Since I can never win an argument against scripture, and since I have banned him from my blog site for answers that I cannot deny; and since I have publicly named him as delusional; and since no one sane believes there was a man named Saul then Paul, and since King Solomon was not wise, and since Ezra never lived, and since Esther never lived…………..then you too should join me in my ignoring him, because I cannot tolerate daylight that exposes my darkness. Smart people do not believe scripture, and all atheists are smart mike. We use our brains that we found laying by the side of the road. Don’t waste your time with people who believe there is a God and who can explain Him using logic and common sense.’

      There. That’s much better.


  2. Mike I had a chuckle reading your interchange with CS over in the Lions Den.

    It is amazing how he totally avoids answering simple and relevant questions. Rather he relies on unsupported assertions.

    I think he would get on very well with these folk, they have a similar grip on reality and tolerance for alternative views:

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    • lol

      “…because western knowledge is very pathetic to say the least….Thank you.”

      Immediately grabs tablet employing that “very pathetic” western knowledge after finishing her diatribe.


    • Yup. I know he understands what he’s doing is dishonest. I think he’s made a choice to refuse anything outside of Christ. He and Bruce from GMF are in the same boat.


    • Hey pete-
      You are not far behind mike in the embarrassment department.
      Mike feigns questions to things he says he allegedly already knows…………….while he believes none of scripture, yet demands answers from all of it.

      And you dare point the finger at a believer who not only believes every word, but can easily defend the so called contradictions. Some of us actually are well aware of the intended snares set by atheists and unbelievers alike, so don’t cry me a river because I will not play the game of explaining scripture to anybody who has no use for it.

      Now you come along and say these questions are simple. Well then, you don’t need me now do you. The word foolishness comes to mind. You also lose every argument against scripture. Every argument. Every time.


      • “And you dare point the finger at a believer who not only believes every word, but can easily defend the so called contradictions.”

        Yet somehow you fail to ever provide your defense of the ‘so called contradictions’.

        Saying ‘God is never wrong’, is not what I would call a defense.

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      • Just bald assertions you don’t defend, and open hostility. You are a one trick kitty Kat, cs.
        What bothers you so much about us telling you about the contradictions and issues with the Bible and christianity that you are seemingly powerless not to respond, yet so unwilling and unable to give real defence for your Faith other than just asserting that God is never wrong and the bible doesn’t lie?
        You’re like a kid repeating “I know you are but what am i?” Over and over


        • Why you waste so much time trying to find fault with truth that is faultless is reason enough that your deconnery is a sham.

          You cannot cease from still questioning the good book.because you know it is true………..and any misunderstanding, is always on your end.

          You ask the wrong questions, and ignore answers plain as day. I suggest you get a grip on God’s existence first, then you will be in the right frame of mind to understand your gripes regarding the man from Kerioth.



            • And he (Judas) cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself.

              Kind of hard to keep it if he hung himself.

              But once more you miss the greater questions, as your sleight of hand is revealed. WHY he did such a thing……Did Judas live at all? Did he hang himself? Was he not a thief? Was he not a friend of the others? Did not the others consider that they too would betray the Lord Jesus Christ? Did not the Lord say one of them would betray Him?

              The word of God is good.


              • Tks again for proving my point that scripture can be trusted.

                The ‘field of blood’ is just that, a place of blood money. You will have another thousand questions, with no interest in the truth of the narrative, which contains every answer.


              • Go away mike. The narrative is plain enough. Your mask is uncovered, and you are boring.

                He returned the 30 pcs of silver. A field was bought. He hung himself. He fell.

                Then again, you do not believe one word of it, thus proving that ‘interest’ is a magic act.

                Scripture is plain enough and you knowitall.


              • But you’re wrong. Matt tells the story of a repentant and remorseful judas who threw the money back and hung himself.
                Peter tells the story in acts that judas was unrepentant and used the money THAT HE HADN’T THROWN BACK to personally buy the field THAT HE WAS STILL ALIVE TO BUY and was struck down by God NOT HUNG BY HIS OWN HAND for his wickedness THAT HE HAD REPENTED FOR IN MATTHEWS ACCOUNT.
                Houston, there’s a problem that cs doesn’t want to see.


              • Uh no kiddin sherlock. If a man hangs himself, I suggest you are missing a few doughnuts from the dozen in understanding the entire scene.

                Ypu are embarrassing yourself to no end mike.


              • As the great theologian bill Cosby used to sing “one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong”


              • Here is a bonus thought for ya mike.

                Try giving God the courtesy of existing for starters…………at the very least.

                You then MAY be in a position to understand things that you find difficult.

                It is no wonder you cannot see straight. A decon finding it hard to reconcile scripture. Now that doesn’t happen often……… lol


              • Uh no mike. I believe the narrative. You do not. I have taken the time to understand the context. You have not.

                I believe God. You do not. My conclusions are rock solid. Yours are weak and sandy.

                It is you who kick and scream, while I admire God’s word.


              • Mike-

                Any weakness in understanding scripture is always, Always, ALWAYS in the heart of the reader.

                I’m trying to help you here, but you are pretending to be deaf.

                Your gripes about ‘discrepancies’ in the text are further proof of its inspiration. They have been left intact.

                You haven’t looked long, hard, and honest enough. In 50 years the scriptures will still read the same, possibly by then you will come to understand. Only God knows, but its up to you.


              • By the way, Matt says judas threw the money back and the priests bought the field, then killed himself. Acts says judas kept it to buy the field then was killed by God.
                Big differences that cannot be ignored without delusion


              • Seriously mike?

                Christ was accused of having a devil, Paul was called insane…………and you never spoke in their defense………

                I didn’t call you a ‘name.’ I asked you …..Get a spine mike.


              • As has been discussed before, CS – when someone resorts to ad hominem, it’s a signal that their argument is falling flat.


              • God has never lost an argument to weasels, gnats, frogs, rats, or even deer. But deer to not bleat at their Creator, only in Thanksgiving.

                Your arguments carm are weak, vapid, petty, and borrowed.

                Your gripes and mikes too, are pathetic.


              • Christ was accused in the pages of the nt. So was Paul. Why defend someone who is maligned in a fictional account?
                And you did imply with your question. Just as you imply spinelessness with this comment. Name calling is childish


              • I am sorry to crush your petty attempt at logic on your own blog mike. It is you who demands ‘truth’ from something that to you is ‘lies.’

                Yet your utter hypocrisy knows no measure. If an impartial jury was to weigh this interchange, you would be tossed in the brig for stupidity.


              • “The word of (a) god” should have begun with these words, CS
                . . . Once Upon A Time
                You mean the word of men, don’t you?


      • “And you dare point the finger at a believer who not only believes every word, but can easily defend the so called contradictions.”
        They are not “so-called” contradictions, they are actual contradictions. Anyone with basic reading comprehension skills can see that. Can someone like you defend it? Yes, not easily, but yes it is possible. You must dispense with logic and reason, make gratuitous use of cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics, and when that doesn’t work, just say “goddidit” and assert that god is always right. It might be what you characterize as an “easy defense” but it’s gibberish and stupidity and nonsense.

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        • Hey ash-
          If you do not believe the very first verse of scripture, that ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth……….’

          I can assure you, you are in no position to understand the life and times of a man named Judas.

          But yep, the ruling on the field stands: no contradictions, only misunderstandings by misfits.

          It’s up to you whether you cast your lot with misfits. Your better gripe would have been the silver……after all…….surely you can’t rely on the narrative that it was 30 pieces!

          Oh the price of bribery cannot be measured.


          • Hey ColorStorm

            If the only thing you believe is “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”, I can assure you, you are in no position to understand anything about anything. It is precisely the reason why you will remain a willful ignoramus for the rest of your pathetic, useless life. Which is why, not un-coincidentally, most of your posts are indecipherable gibberish. What your nonsense about 30 pieces of silver is about, I have no idea. English mutha fucka!!!! Do you speak it?!?!?!?
            Most of the 18th century is a period referred to as “The Enlightenment” for a reason. That was the period during which scientific enquiry and reasoning replaced Absolutist Monarchism and Christian Dogmatism as the primary source for authority and knowledge. In other words, people stopped listening to mouth-frothing, ignorant, hysterical lunatics like you, who claim to know what god wants, and instead listened to the likes of historical greats such as Locke and Descartes and Hume and Spinoza, etc. We’re all better off for it and no one wants to go back to the European middle ages or even present day Afghanistan. It’s unfortunate that we have to drag dead weight like you, kicking and screaming into the 21st century but c’est la vie. Change frightens and even paralyses a lot of people. It’s too bad. It doesn’t have to be that way. Get yourself some counseling or therapy and possibly some medication as required. There are a lot of trained specialists out there who could help you overcome this terrible affliction you have.

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