Xtian Poetry: Of Labels and Gnats

“Oh no he Di-uhnt!?”

Identity Mine

I say “No, kind sir”. You have no right

to so define and draw my lines

of what I may or may not be

by telling me only by what you see

or letting free with ignorant glee

your cutting words thru smiling teeth.

You cannot know the fullest toll

of all that gathers within my soul

the answers gained by questions asked

the ones you plainly seek to pass

un queried lessons behind un removed masks

no sir, you will not take by force from within your blog

that which rests only with whom it belongs.

I would not have my Identity Hacked by one so wrong…

Only The “Recovering” truly “Knows it All” for himself. So please, refuse the urge to Declare another’s identity FOR him. Respect is allowing others to speak for and define themselves, even if you disagree.




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