Watch “A Super-Cool #amreading Update!” on YouTube

I love this guy!! I don’t know if it’s the ‘off his meds’ humor or that great beanie. 🙂  Believe it or not, the guy actually is very erudite and well read due to his professional reviewing, editing and writing. 

We found him a few months ago thru another bunch of videos on channels called Book Tube who were complaining about his Points of View on books, readers and ‘Some’ YouTube channels that Chronicle their reading habits in interesting ways. 

He’s like my mom was; Opinionated, unafraid and often unfiltered in his views on books and people. Only he’s not over 70 and he actually knows what he’s talking about from a professional, well read POV. Mom only thought she did. Sorry mom 😦

Enjoy the day. we’re going for a Kale Smoothie at Whole Foods. 



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