Tonight, All Souls Return

No, There are no Ghosts, but we can Welcome the Memories of those loved ones who have passed and allow them to Mingle with us for the night. 

I will be remembering my Family members and best friend who have passed away in the last 6yrs. My grandmother being the most recent just this last February. -KIA

All Souls Return

Tonight ‘All Souls’ return from whence they’ve wandered

to darkened woods and Houses Haunted

there’ll be some here ‘more than invited’

as some have put, round ‘fireplace lighted’


erstwhile occupants of generations past

once again rising as if to gasp

another breath, once more to live

the journey risking the fright they give


but really, truly I beg to say

for them tis not easy to stay away

all year till summer to fall gives way

by changing leaves colors, returns this day.


Today all souls return to their homes

and then again tomorrow once more to roam

the lonely places from whence they’ve come

are you waiting, will you be one?




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