CTOTD: New-Birth Day Edition

Yessiree Bob, today in 1981, on November 30th, coming home from my paper route in the cold and snow of a central Kansas winter… I ‘got saved’ from the impending doom of hell and eternal death. All that and I still made it home for dinner. 

I will repost My Journey post about the day, but suffice to say my life has never been the same since. That started the chain of events that made me not only who I was, a 34yr long Christian and a 25yr long avocational minister of the gospel in various roles and places, but also who I am today… Firmly in Recovery from same.

Christmas was always about Jesus for me, not Satan… I mean Santa. (See what I did there?) 

For me as a Christian, I hated Santa and all his commercial propaganda because he was the Grinch who really stole Christmas away from Jesus. I mean really, who throws a birthday party and ignores the Divine Birthday Boy? 

So when the wife and I got married in 2005 and her family’s normal, american, Pagan way of celebrating “Commercialized Santa Worship” clashed with the Birth of Christ… I became the Grinch who stole Christmas back from Satan… I mean Santa. (See what I did there?)

I learned then, even as a Christian with strong biblical support for leading my household for Christ rightly as the High Priest of our home, that the one thing I never want to see is my wife tearing up as I make her cry. That was the worst thing I have ever experienced yet as a husband, Christian or not. 

Over the years, we managed to make a balanced de’tent over the differences to avoid that kind of real conflict. I’m proud of that. Still, no Satan… I mean Santa in our home. But recent changes in outlook have opened the floodgates again to a really liberated celebration of Christmas, not as the Birth of a God man in ancient Palestine, but Christmas… The holiday everyone knows and loves, but “Real Christians” fear and despise as Commercialized Santa Worship.

My Deconversion from Christianity has led to a Reconversion or one might say a “New Birth” to Christmas. “… And that’s made all the difference in the world”-Robert Frost. New Birth Day Greetings to all, and to all a good night from The Recovering Know It All.



CTOTD: Tie Tuesday Edition

“Park there, Harold”, Angie screams. Stories of the Parking Lot scenes. -misheard lyrics over the Mall Wars this weekend

One more and then a story…

“Our father Art, who is in heaven…” –misheard by children at almost every Catholic funeral.

One of only two gospel themed Christmas ties I have. Both from when I was still Christian. But do they reflect truth or just Truth ™?

In the first gospel written, well… Of the 4 Official Ones out of over 40 that the Official Church Officially either destroyed or Officially dismisses as too fantastical to be true, (have you even read the stuff that they think is NOT fantastical enough to dismiss?)… But I digress.

… In the first gospel written, Mark, there isn’t a Nativity at all. Jesus was an ordinary teacher/apocalyptic prophet come on the scene to whip his own fellow Jews into shape and ends up getting turned over to Roman authorities by his own people to be executed. Without the ‘interpolated’ or translated: ‘added much later by other people who weren’t there to see it’ verses at the end of Mark’s final chapter you wouldn’t even have a Resurrected Savior let alone a Virgin Born Son of God. Or was he really born in Alexandria…. Virginia? No matter.

We get the Nativity from the writer of Matthew’s gospel, whoever that was we don’t know for sure… No, really… We REALLY don’t know for sure who wrote Matthew let alone Mark, Luke or even John… But I digress, again.

We get the Nativity story from the writer of Matthew’s gospel toward the end of the 1st or the beginning of the 2nd century in order to ‘church up’ the gospel to try to make it more appealing to Jewish communities looking for OT tie in for the NT story of why their rebellion against Roman authority didn’t work… Again… and instead got their leader killed.

Simple solution from a Greco-Roman mindset… Dying and Rising God like the many others already being worshipped and revered throughout the region at the time. This One, it seems, has just been more successful and long lasting at keeping its Branding alive longer than the others. It always helps to have a Roman Emporers mother in the pocket though to help things along. After that, once the machinery and authoritarian priesthood is in place to Enforce Gods Rule on Earth… All you need is Tie Tuesday and a Winter Solstice to subvert.

Simple really.


I Carried a Loaded Weapon

Packing Heat?

Most people don’t know this about me, but I used to carry a weapon of sorts on me at all times. Oh, don’t worry too much. I also carried a type of first aid in the same pouch.

Included items:

  • 1-Pocket sized bible (Sword of the Spirit… or maybe just a pen knife). Cambridge with no references or study notes (didn’t need them… Know it All, here) KJV Only if you please.
  • One or two pens with either a few small sheets or a post it note pad. Need to write down names, addresses, prayer requests. Came in handy.
  • A small assortment of Gospel Tracts. (I preferred Chick Tracts of course) Had to be ready, you know.
  • Frankincense and myrrh anointing oil for that spur of the moment Prayer meeting in the parking lot or in the lunch room at work. (This was the ‘first aid’ I told you about)
  • And I carried these items in my Eagle Creek Bible Pouch. Everywhere I went. For years. More than a decade.

It looked like a Man bag,or a small purse, but I would deny it to anyone who asked. I was on a mission… always. The silly things we do when we’re young and ignorant.

Mission Over

I’m not “on mission” anymore.
I’ve abandoned my post
Deserted the war.
For heroic deeds, I’ve lost my lust.
Put away my armor
And now I’m just…

-one more fool who thought he knew more than he really did. That’s why I will forever be…

‘The Recovering Know it All’

CTOTD: Monday means Funday for Christmas Ties

Many who know me at work, and a few outside of work, know that I love ties. My wife thinks I have a problem… 😉  I have around 45 regular ties in my closet. 

Although not required by my job, I like to wear ties to work, except on Fridays and very seldom during the 110+ degree days in the Arizona summers. 

However when Christmas time hits, I’m in overdrive. I have enough separate unique Christmas ties to wear a different one every day, even on Fridays, thru the end of the year. 

I’d like to share them with you this year… One by one, one for every work day excepting Fridays, thru the end of the year. Is it a deal? Great. Thus was born the Christmas Tie Of The Day Post series. There might even be a story, poem, HaiKu or just a snippet of life in them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy these ties.


Changes in the Shave Den

Yup. Some of you may notice that my blue shave bowl is conspicuously absent from this corner of the den. I removed my dad’s shave mug for safety because last week my blue shaving bowl broke after I knocked it over the edge of the sink. Thankfully my Shave brush did a half gainor into the waste basket and was spared, but my bowl did a full belly flop onto the tile. Crash!!

So I went to Goodwill and picked up a suitable soup mug, that you see behind my Merkur 34c Heavy Duty and beside my dad’s first coffee cup, as an inexpensive and quite serviceable substitute. 

I’ve already done my head once and my face twice since the switch out. Awesome shaves continue… saving the mustache thru November. If you’ve never tried DE safety razor wet shaving I definitely recommend it to any guy who wants a better shave and a more enjoyable experience. I’m thinking of doing Decembeard too which may require just edging around the borders for the next month till the New Year.

Did I tell you I have a Christmas shaving bowl too?

Either way, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday from the Recovering Know It All and our small family.


Frosty is Thankful too

Happiest of Thanksgiving Days to you all out there. I wore this tie last year to our family feast. It looks like it will be a traditional favorite of mine. Even Frosty is happy and joyous at the prospect of seeing family and enjoying time together around the Holiday Season. 

Another tradition is Grandma’s China. When we got married 11yrs ago, my mother surprised us with two big boxes and a note. They contained what my mom described as Grandma’s China purchased from  a mail order catalog in 1953. They have a platinum rim, and appropriately enough, a beautiful rose pattern. My grandmother’s name was Rosemary.

We have been reluctant, due to their age and fragility, to use them other than once or twice since rec3iving them in tears as I opened the gift of family tradition and trust. But since her passing in February at the age of 94, I’ve decided to use them thru the holidays every year from now on in honor of her gift, her love for family thru the years and my mother’s love and happiness for us as we entered this new phase of our lives together.

During Thanksgiving, my dad’s favorite holiday, and Christmastime, my mom’s, we remember the most important thing in our lives here on earth. For us now, since the passing of dad in 2010, mom in 2013, Chris in 2014 and now grandma this last February, over and over have been the reminders in my head and heart that, at least for us right now in this short life we have here, family has become the most important thing we can have after life and breath.

My your holidays be happy, healthy, full of love, joy and family. May you remember to love and honor those around your table this year and treat them as royalty… for next year there may be an empty seat where they once were. Love your family, don’t let stupid s#!t keep you apart. Do whatever you can, while you have the opportunity, “in as much as lies within you”, to make things right. 

Happy Thanksgiving, from our Family to yours.


Veterans Day: “We are the Dead”

Veterans Day is not for celebrating or idolizing. Veterans Day is for Remembering and Mourning, and for focusing on ways to end the madness of War and War Deaths. -kia

In Flanders Fields

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In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

    That mark our place; and in the sky

    The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,

        In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

    The torch; be yours to hold it high.

    If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

        In Flanders fields.

To E. T.

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I slumbered with your poems on my breast 

Spread open as I dropped them half-read through 

Like dove wings on a figure on a tomb 

To see, if in a dream they brought of you, 

I might not have the chance I missed in life 

Through some delay, and call you to your face 

First soldier, and then poet, and then both, 

Who died a soldier-poet of your race. 

I meant, you meant, that nothing should remain 

Unsaid between us, brother, and this remained— 

And one thing more that was not then to say: 

The Victory for what it lost and gained. 

You went to meet the shell’s embrace of fire 

On Vimy Ridge; and when you fell that day 

The war seemed over more for you than me, 

But now for me than you—the other way. 

How over, though, for even me who knew 

The foe thrust back unsafe beyond the Rhine, 

If I was not to speak of it to you 

And see you pleased once more with words of mine? 

The Unhappy 270+

Just waking up for work this morning. it’s still like a bad dream that just narrowly escaped being a nightmare. Who knows, there may still be a nightmare to come. Now for the long road to January 20. How much damage can O still do before he leaves office? … Plenty.

I’m not happy with the results of the election. I’m probably less unhappy than I would have been, but I’m still unhappier than i would be if we’d really had a choice between two mature adults and qualified candidates rather than the ‘lesser of two evils’.

And no… I didn’t vote for either of the two major party candidates. and no… I won’t say who I voted for.

To all those out there who were incensed and filled with manufactured disgust when The Donald wouldn’t forthrightly say he’d respect the outcome of the election, and those who encouraged us who refused to let Hillary off the hook to ‘let go of their anger’ from the past and that we were just being hateful and maybe even sexist…

It’s time for you to put up. regardless of our unhappiness, anger, disgust, depression, or even rage this morning, it’s time for all of us to accept the results and move on. it’s time to go forward together.

I’m not happy this morning, but i think I’m a little less unhappy than I would be. I hope some day we will breakout of the stranglehold that the two party Oligarchy has on American politics. I doubt it will come in my lifetime.


Sorry, Political Rant ahead: “The Illusion of Choice”

We are all being lied to, from both sides of the aisle. Neither Reps or Dems are the true representatives of the people. They own us, manipulate us, and lie to us so they can stay in power over us. This election is so fckd up! We don’t have freedom anymore. We have what they give us.


This post may make me seem like something I am definitely NOT.

I’m sure many will interpret it that way and try to assume my motivation and underlying reasons.

But they would be wrong. Let me speak for myself please.

Binary Control and Manipulation

Why are we satisfied with only the illusion of choices in our political choices? Every Election season, we have only two choices given to us by only two major parties. Then they pit us against each other in an increasingly vitriolic and hate filled battle of ideologies that they provide the Talking points for.

All other points of view and ‘third parties’ are either ignored completely or marginalized in the press and media. It’s almost as if both of the Major Parties are the Same Ruling Party. This was my comment earlier on one of my posts in answer to a Canadian commenter.


SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 AT 4:46 AM

  • Here in the US, we only have the choices they give us. Red or blue. And the major parties make sure we only have those choices encouraged and shown to us in the media and news. When your choices are limited to just two and you are being herded into them by fear and vitriol, you don’t really have choice. You don’t have freedom. You have two major parties that are in reality one ruling party with the illusion of choice and the illusion of freedom. Truth is, the very nature of our national government and it’s relationship to the states and it’s citizens dramatically changed in the 19th century. We are not the same country as when we were founded. Neither trump nor Hillary are fit or sane enough for the office. I won’t be consenting to either.

  • The Federal Government was set up to serve, not rule

  • The relationship between the National Government that used to serve the “Free and Independent States” spoken of in the Declaration of Independence was irrevocably changed during the 19th century from one of subservience TO the States, to one of dominance and control OVER the States. 

  • We as citizens of our Several States (plural) before, our States being members of the Country thru their representatives, Elected and chosen by the States, became Citizens of the new National entity (singular) The United States. We are literally not the same country and our citizenship was transferred without our knowledge or consent to the new ‘collective’ citizenship.

  • That was also about the time when our Elections changed from multiple choice to just binary. When what we had as multiple parties, narrowed to just two Major Parties. Easier to control and manipulate us against each other.

  • Can you peg when this happened? 

  • That’s when National Government began to grow, when spending increased, debt started piling up, mandates and interferance in personal lives stated increasing as well, Wars against other countries and peoples around the world for control and financial gain, we started ‘projecting American power’ into the world arena. When the Federal Government stated limiting our freedom and choices… and the two Major Parties started choosing our Only Options for us. 

  • “Red or Blue, Dem or Rep? And we will choose who you will get for options even within those two.”

  • Instead of being heard, we are being ‘herded’ against each other and ourselves

  • It’s about “the consent of the governed”, right? Well, what happens when your consent is manipulated to just the Options ‘they’ provide for you? Is that really ‘free consent’? Or is it Tyranny from an Oligarchy of National Socialism?

  • Just my opinion, your milage may vary

  • I will not consent to either Trump or Clinton. Neither are fit, sane or qualified to receive my vote. I know that the present system guarantees one of them will be ‘elected’, in November, but not by my Consent.

  • -kia