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​You all must really check this one out

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An Amazing first post from a new WordPress Blogger on Recovery from Christianity,  Brokenness and finding our true value and worth as part of the greater universe around us.

“As Christians, we spend our entire religious lives learning the art of self-hatred”

That is Truth about “The Truth”. But this is Real Truth

“For the ex-Christian, it is vital that we not only discover, in the aftermath of our deconversions, that we have an incredible power as individuals, a power we were never taught to use and denied knowledge of our entire lives, but that we also learn to put it to use. It is the power of thought. The impact our thoughts have over ourselves, our points of view, and the way we interact with the world around us. We must unlearn the unnecessary weight given to our mistakes, and in its place learn the value of our hearts and minds and intentions. These things our are gold and silver. The lessons we learn from our choices and mistakes are what will help to mend our cracks in time.”

Fear not, Dear Heart… Recovery awaits. Embrace it!!



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