Watch “Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video” on YouTube

Most of You really don’t know who you’re voting for. 

This might help. And if it doesn’t, I’m not sure there’s much more I can say that would convince anyone that regardless of Trump’s issues, Hillary Clinton is the very least qualified Democratic candidate the DNC could have nominated, and one of the most inept, corrupt and incompetent candidates ever to be offered up for consideration to the American people for President of the United States. It has nothing whatever, as some people might say trying to emotionally bias you, to do with her gender. It has everything to do with her character, her history and her corruption. 

I’m sure there are similar videos about Trump, but the faults and even crimes of one person do not excuse or negate the truth about another person. And before someone starts calling me a Trump Defender, I have no dog in this hunt. I’m not voting for either of these monsters that the major political parties have limited us to. Neither the idea or the fact that Trump is as much or even more of a monster than Hillary mean she herself is qualified or deserving of being elected President. Most of the young people, and alot of people my age, simplementation have no memory or faded memory of who this woman really is and what her history is. Hillary Clinton is not who you think she is. She may not even be all I think she is. But she certainly isn’t who the American people have been told/sold she is. 

This is how the Clinton DNC Rolls

Trump or Clinton? Neither of these people are fit for public office or a position of public trust. She just has a longer public rap sheet. But don’t worry, we have only been provided with two major party choices. by all likelihood, only one of those two will be elected and it’s already been decided that it’s going to be Hillary. Just lean back and enjoy the ride.



6 thoughts on “Watch “Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video” on YouTube

  1. Already saw the first video… I re-posted the second on FB… Learned a little more about Hillary’s corruption, and the unfair tactics of the DNC…

    I must tell you…contrary to your belief…that God is in charge of who becomes president… If God want’s Trump, Trump will become president… This is the only choice God would be in favor of, because of the Republican stance of being pro-life… Hillary is a declared partial-birth abortion advocate…

    However, God may still choose Hillary to really bring this country to their knees… It didn’t work, with 2 terms of Obama…the worst president this country has ever seen… We have to hit bottom, before we look up and see that this country needs God put back into the schools and government facilities…


    • That’s just pure fantasy and self-contradicting. God will choose the pro-life party. But God might not choose the pro-life party and choose Clinton to make more people suffer. It sort of covers both sides allowing you to never be wrong. Not to mention the fact that we’ve had several Republican presidents since then and it hasn’t changed Roe vs. Wade. Not to mention there are numerous countries more secular than we are, whose economies are strong, people enjoy a high standard of living and have less poverty, and have legalized abortion. There are also countries that adhere to different religions that also have productive economies and large middle classes and things are improving. Your narrative matches no aspect of reality.

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