Frosty is Thankful too

Happiest of Thanksgiving Days to you all out there. I wore this tie last year to our family feast. It looks like it will be a traditional favorite of mine. Even Frosty is happy and joyous at the prospect of seeing family and enjoying time together around the Holiday Season. 

Another tradition is Grandma’s China. When we got married 11yrs ago, my mother surprised us with two big boxes and a note. They contained what my mom described as Grandma’s China purchased from  a mail order catalog in 1953. They have a platinum rim, and appropriately enough, a beautiful rose pattern. My grandmother’s name was Rosemary.

We have been reluctant, due to their age and fragility, to use them other than once or twice since rec3iving them in tears as I opened the gift of family tradition and trust. But since her passing in February at the age of 94, I’ve decided to use them thru the holidays every year from now on in honor of her gift, her love for family thru the years and my mother’s love and happiness for us as we entered this new phase of our lives together.

During Thanksgiving, my dad’s favorite holiday, and Christmastime, my mom’s, we remember the most important thing in our lives here on earth. For us now, since the passing of dad in 2010, mom in 2013, Chris in 2014 and now grandma this last February, over and over have been the reminders in my head and heart that, at least for us right now in this short life we have here, family has become the most important thing we can have after life and breath.

My your holidays be happy, healthy, full of love, joy and family. May you remember to love and honor those around your table this year and treat them as royalty… for next year there may be an empty seat where they once were. Love your family, don’t let stupid s#!t keep you apart. Do whatever you can, while you have the opportunity, “in as much as lies within you”, to make things right. 

Happy Thanksgiving, from our Family to yours.



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