Changes in the Shave Den

Yup. Some of you may notice that my blue shave bowl is conspicuously absent from this corner of the den. I removed my dad’s shave mug for safety because last week my blue shaving bowl broke after I knocked it over the edge of the sink. Thankfully my Shave brush did a half gainor into the waste basket and was spared, but my bowl did a full belly flop onto the tile. Crash!!

So I went to Goodwill and picked up a suitable soup mug, that you see behind my Merkur 34c Heavy Duty and beside my dad’s first coffee cup, as an inexpensive and quite serviceable substitute. 

I’ve already done my head once and my face twice since the switch out. Awesome shaves continue… saving the mustache thru November. If you’ve never tried DE safety razor wet shaving I definitely recommend it to any guy who wants a better shave and a more enjoyable experience. I’m thinking of doing Decembeard too which may require just edging around the borders for the next month till the New Year.

Did I tell you I have a Christmas shaving bowl too?

Either way, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday from the Recovering Know It All and our small family.



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