I Carried a Loaded Weapon

Packing Heat?

Most people don’t know this about me, but I used to carry a weapon of sorts on me at all times. Oh, don’t worry too much. I also carried a type of first aid in the same pouch.

Included items:

  • 1-Pocket sized bible (Sword of the Spirit… or maybe just a pen knife). Cambridge with no references or study notes (didn’t need them… Know it All, here) KJV Only if you please.
  • One or two pens with either a few small sheets or a post it note pad. Need to write down names, addresses, prayer requests. Came in handy.
  • A small assortment of Gospel Tracts. (I preferred Chick Tracts of course) Had to be ready, you know.
  • Frankincense and myrrh anointing oil for that spur of the moment Prayer meeting in the parking lot or in the lunch room at work. (This was the ‘first aid’ I told you about)
  • And I carried these items in my Eagle Creek Bible Pouch. Everywhere I went. For years. More than a decade.

It looked like a Man bag,or a small purse, but I would deny it to anyone who asked. I was on a mission… always. The silly things we do when we’re young and ignorant.

Mission Over

I’m not “on mission” anymore.
I’ve abandoned my post
Deserted the war.
For heroic deeds, I’ve lost my lust.
Put away my armor
And now I’m just…

-one more fool who thought he knew more than he really did. That’s why I will forever be…

‘The Recovering Know it All’


10 thoughts on “I Carried a Loaded Weapon

  1. Gosh I remember being a cop and leaving my gun in my locker at work and carrying a pocket bible instead because of a “spirit is mightier than the sword” mentality. Um no, Charlie, you just arrested a guy on pcp that hates cops, carry the damn gun!

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