CTOTD: New-Birth Day Edition

Yessiree Bob, today in 1981, on November 30th, coming home from my paper route in the cold and snow of a central Kansas winter… I ‘got saved’ from the impending doom of hell and eternal death. All that and I still made it home for dinner. 

I will repost My Journey post about the day, but suffice to say my life has never been the same since. That started the chain of events that made me not only who I was, a 34yr long Christian and a 25yr long avocational minister of the gospel in various roles and places, but also who I am today… Firmly in Recovery from same.

Christmas was always about Jesus for me, not Satan… I mean Santa. (See what I did there?) 

For me as a Christian, I hated Santa and all his commercial propaganda because he was the Grinch who really stole Christmas away from Jesus. I mean really, who throws a birthday party and ignores the Divine Birthday Boy? 

So when the wife and I got married in 2005 and her family’s normal, american, Pagan way of celebrating “Commercialized Santa Worship” clashed with the Birth of Christ… I became the Grinch who stole Christmas back from Satan… I mean Santa. (See what I did there?)

I learned then, even as a Christian with strong biblical support for leading my household for Christ rightly as the High Priest of our home, that the one thing I never want to see is my wife tearing up as I make her cry. That was the worst thing I have ever experienced yet as a husband, Christian or not. 

Over the years, we managed to make a balanced de’tent over the differences to avoid that kind of real conflict. I’m proud of that. Still, no Satan… I mean Santa in our home. But recent changes in outlook have opened the floodgates again to a really liberated celebration of Christmas, not as the Birth of a God man in ancient Palestine, but Christmas… The holiday everyone knows and loves, but “Real Christians” fear and despise as Commercialized Santa Worship.

My Deconversion from Christianity has led to a Reconversion or one might say a “New Birth” to Christmas. “… And that’s made all the difference in the world”-Robert Frost. New Birth Day Greetings to all, and to all a good night from The Recovering Know It All.



10 thoughts on “CTOTD: New-Birth Day Edition

  1. I love the tie. I love christmas decorations and lights. Did you know the history of Christmas when you were trying to remove the secular parts that you felt dishonored your God? I have people who live in the same park I do who every year put out signs that say “put Christ back in Christmas”. When I try to explain how the holiday was celebrated by pagans long before the Christians tried to take it over for their own, they get angry with me and deny the true history. Hugs

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      • I had to look up the book and try to understand the blurbs about it. As for people not wanting to apply things that don’t fit their own opinion and presumed beliefs. To some extent everyone does it. I have to be careful to guard against it myself on some issue I care deeply about. I have learned that if information I am receiving instantly puts me on guard and starts to get me upset, that I should carefully review reality or how I perceive what I know to be true against what is new. IF I can justify to myself that the new information is not valid by other data and facts, I feel justified to disregard it. IF I find my data of what I thought was true is not valid by the facts I am reading sadly I have to try to change my my mind to accept the new information. But preconceived notions are a hard things to defeat for sure. Be well. Hugs

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