Tj’s HaiKu Challenge… Containers

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In the spirit of Christmas decoration put away, we have our buckets out for the tree ornaments and home interior decorations. I first learned of TJ’s Challenges from Edwina’s Episodes and have been enjoying them since Christmas. and Here and Here. They have given me a chance to stretch my wings a bit and expand exercise my HaiKu.

What usually and traditionally starts for us on the weekend after Thanksgiving now decrescendos into the New Year, waiting patiently and expectantly for the Holiday Season to come again.

Thus, my Quartet of offerings for TJ’s Challenge… Containers.

Containers of Our Love
Red, blue, green and gold
Memories both new and old
Each year, more buckets

We try all season
Think of many reasons to
Reduce what we keep

Simplify is king
But that is really the thing
Christmas joy isn’t.

Each trinket gathered
Tells of one that mattered
Sharing Christmas too.


DNC Staff: Arrogance Cost Hillary Clinton the Election vs. Donald Trump | The Run 2016 | US News

Arrogance, pride and abuse always have a price to pay. 

Presidents are not Dictators or Rulers 

I honestly don’t think a President Trump will be able to do any of the more controversial or extreme things he promised or said he would do from the campaign trail. He not only has the Democratic Party, the American People and even his own Republican Party that will oppose and fight him from all sides if he tries. 

Even as President, you can’t really do it all yourself, Obama learned that but still tried to ‘Executive Order’ his way past Congressional disapproval into law, being rebuked and rebuffed by the SCOTUS for doing so, his so called Immigration Reform. Presidents are not allowed to make law or create programs. Presidents take a very specific Oath of Office to ‘faithfully execute’, in other words… carry out and enforce the will of the people expressed by Congress in the laws THEY pass.

Presidents don’t rule… they carry out and enforce. If the Dems were really worried about illegal, unconstitutional and Dictatorial actions

(like creating whole cloth programs designed to specifically circumvent and ignore federal immigration laws), 

or Dictatorial ‘inactions’ 

(in refusal to enforce federal immigration laws already on the books) 

… taken by Presidents, they need look no further than the President we have had for the last 8yrs. He’s done plenty of that kind of thing without a peep from the Democrats, because it was their guy and they agreed with him. 

(For kickers… Hillary and the DNC are to blame, not Third Party Candidates or Racism… or the Russians. Watch the Video)

No, I’m not nearly as afraid that a President Trump would be as dangerous and damaging to our country and our freedoms and international relations as a President Hillary Clinton, who has been inching us closer to confrontation with Russia in rhetoric for months and was the architect, along with Obama, of the overthrow of a secular, non threatening Lybia, supporter of the Muslim brotherhood takeover/revolution in Egypt and wanted to overthrow Syria and ended up arming and supporting the Islamic Extremists who became ISIS. 

Constitutional Problems with a President Hillary

From her policies on gun control, which amount to almost complete gutting of the second amendment’s rights for citizens to protect themselves and their families from criminals, to her answers in the Debates regarding how she would consider Supreme Court Nominees… 

not one single word about Constitutional integrity or how they would interpret it, or how the nominee would apply it or the current laws to cases that the court reviews… (by the way that is the constitutional role of the SCOTUS… not to create new laws around congress)

… she didn’t even mention the Constitution that the SCOTUS is supposed to be using as the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’ when reviewing and deciding cases until Trump rebutted her answer.

International Problems…

A President Hillary Clinton would also, almost certainly if she had won, have brought in a majority Democrat House and Senate… not necessarily a bad thing IMO… and had little to no opposition at all to do what she wanted, including going to war in Syria, staying in and expanding our role in Iraq again, staying in Afghanistan, and possibly making good on HER rhetoric of increasing bullying and threats towards Russia as the scapegoat for America and the world finding out what a liar and criminal she and her staff really is due to Wiki Leaked emails.

Economic Problems… continuing our 8 year ‘Non-Recovery’

Aside from all that assumedly completely unopposed damage, she would continue the failed economic policies of the Obama era like…. increasing the National debt and ‘paying for it’ with continued QE… 

Quantitative Easing: ie. printing money out of thin air and borrowing it from the Federal Reserve AT INTEREST! 

No, these people don’t think we have a spending problem… they think we just have a ‘paying for it’ problem. That’s why we have Doubled the debt from just over 9 Trillion Dollars in all the years from George Washington to George W Bush, to 20 Trillion under Obama.

That’s ELEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS spent ‘paying for’ the economic policies of the Obama Era. A President Hillary Clinton would not have changed any of that. And if she would have, she never gave any indication during the campaign of HOW she would differ with Obama economic policies and change them to ramp down spending and the National debt.

Our unemployment rate right now, they say, is a bit over 4 percent. I don’t see how this is possible with the highest level of employment nonparticipation in the history of the United States. Only 62.8% of America’s workers are working. That’s roughly 94-95 million Americans out of the labor force… the highest in history, and you are really going to tell me that the unemployment rate is ONLY just above 4 percent? Bulls#!t.

They are playing with the numbers. Historically the highest numbers of people and families on food stamps, many more on unemployment than you think, and when their unemployment runs out… highest numbers of americans on Social Security Disability… in history.

Democratic and Obama economic policies have failed and have been destroying our country, they’re just really good at hiding the numbers and redirecting your attention from the damage they’ve done. And a President Hillary Clinton wouldn’t change anything. She would probably increase the spending spree, further killing jobs, small businesses and families.

Looking to the Future with Hope and Gratitude

At 70 years old now, a President Trump will most likely be a one term President. He won’t run for re-election because I think he never really ran originally to be elected, just to take out the Republicans main opposition to Hillary… he was originally just a spoiler. Hillary was supposed to win. It was her turn. But somewhere along the way, the Spoiler and his staff realized that there was a Nation being destroyed and that ‘more of the same’ was more than we could take. The Spoiler became a Candidate, then he became a Challenger, then a Threat, and finally… President Elect of the United States.

Will he bring ‘Balance to the Force’ of Government from the Outside? Who knows… let’s see

He will be hounded by both Major Parties and a good portion of the American People. He will either compromise and work with everyone, or be stifled and stuffed and made impotent and ineffective by the process. Either way, he will be in office only four years. He won’t run again and he won’t do all the damage we think he will.

A Preseident Trump may just be the best opportunity for the rest of us to work together for real Hope and Change that we’ve had in decades. Why not give him a chance? Why not give us all a chance?


“From Russia, I mean Obama, with Love”

((( 12/30/16  On the eve of the petulant lame duck President and his soon to be former Administration’s premature ‘punishment’ of Russia for a ‘crime’ that has not been proved that they committed… Reposting exactly the Facts of the issue. 

Hillary Clinton lost not because of hacking or international interferance, but because the she, the DNC and the Obama Administration themselves could no longer hide who she really is and what she’s done and what she really stands for from the People of the United States. 

The truth is that Putin was the bigger man today in that he chose not to reciprocate the childish and foolish arrogance of Obama and the outgoing Administration, instead choosing to withhold judgment on the insult until the New President is inaugurated on January 20th.

But if our President and the Democrats are soooo concerned about national sovereignty and integrity of our election process from outside, international powers… they certainly have a conveniently short memory. Remember THIS? -kia

To those who say they are so concerned with possible Russian interferance in our US election… 

Russian involvement with the hacking has not been proven, it’s been ‘concluded’ by the Obama Administration’s CIA over the strenuous objections of the FBI who actually do the investigations.

Neither The Russians, Wikileaks or James Comey made Hillary and her team lose. That’s just BS.

Hillary Clinton lost because the Majority of the Country as a whole found her unbelievable and untrustworthy.

Information and evidence from their own emails gave voters access to what the media, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign was trying to hide from us. It was they who were trying to ‘influence’ voters by restricting our ability to make a fully informed decision. 

In the age of the Internet, you can’t hide who you really are anymore. Hillary lost because the DNC should have picked a better, stronger candidate.

And even if the Russian government was involved, what did they do you might ask? 

Release emails hacked from the DNC and Hillary Clinton that these two parties actually wrote and tried to delete from a Private Email Server (servers) that Clinton wasn’t supposed to be using for Classified Secret and Top Secret materials…

… emails and materials that were only available because her server, and the DNC servers by her backdoor, due to her servers being “less secure than Google” according to FBI Director Comey in the summer. If Russia was involved at all, and again… that has not been proven, it would have been only by making Hillary’s and the DNC’s private ‘dirty laundry’ Public knowledge. Laundry that the major media, the Clinton campaign and the DNC worked hard to keep under wraps and hidden from the American Voters.

But NOW they’re worried about cyber security? Now they’re worried about legal and illegal security protocols? Now they’re trying to fool people into believing that Russian involvement means illegitimate election so they can convince the Electoral College to overturn the election by voting against their states’ election results. And this is Constitutional Democracy? No its not. Not at all. 

Objectivity Test:

If Trump supporters, the RNC and Trump himself were trying to intimidate, harass, lobby and even propagandize the members of the Electoral College, set to vote on December 19th according to the election results of their states in the November election, to change those votes and thus ‘overturn the election’ had the results gone Hillary’s way…

Think if Trump was doing this…

You better bet your last dollar that the DNC, the major media, Hillary, Jill Stein and anyone else left leaning or even right leaning would be pitching the biggest revolutionary fit the world had ever seen. And they’d be right and appropriate for doing so. 

Encouraging and lobbying, harassing and intimidating members of the Electoral College to violate their Constitutional duty to the people of the States they represent is not a joke. It’s an Unconstitutional Coup Attempt.

Really ask yourself… How would Democrats and the Liberal Left react if it were Trump supporters trying to do this? 

Just let that sink in… they are trying to convince the Electoral College to change their votes from what the Voters in the States they represent decided in November in order to overturn the Election. And they are using the propaganda rhetoric that ‘the russians did it’ to convince them. All the while decrying even the though of “foreign interference” in our Elections.  

That is the Media, the Left and Progressive Democrats trying to ‘interfere’ and manipulate the results of the Election after the fact because their candidate lost. That is the definition of Election Coup by people who only pretend to care about Democracy and the integrity of our Elections.

But they forgot about, or just ignored Obama’s proven attempted interferance in the Israeli elections. You see… that was just fine with them. It was Obama. It was them. “Nothing to see here, move along.”


Reposting on a Tuesday: For TJ’s Household Haiku – Pins

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Pins Gather, Connect and Join Us Together

Pins on marri wood cheese platter

Hello, I guess if it’s Friday night, or Saturday or Sunday or even as late as Tuesday if you’re a Recovering Know It All, it’s time for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. This week, the Prompt is “Pins”. I’ll let TJ do the honors, as I usually do…

“Would you like to join in the fun? Don’t hesitate to leave a link in the comments (hit the black speech bubble at the end of the post) to your own take on the prompt. I will feature your work next week!” -TJ

He really does have a Wonderful Blog, please pay him a visit and if so inclined, PLAY along as well. 🙂 (And DO have some better Wine while you’re at it, yeah?)

Without further ado… here is my Entry for the week


Safety Pins

Thirty years ago

in a land far, far away

I Did my duty



Attached to Hope

Still Happy to Help

Where ever need arises

Always “On Mission”



Hearts of Gold

For those who have Passed

My Job to Serve those who Live

With Max Empathy


Is there still Hope for Humanity?

I believe that we all have within us and endless reservoir of Compassion, Empathy, Love and Concern for our Families and others around us. The Bests of Humanity beats within your Hearts and in your Souls. 

The reason you grow weary of TV News stories of tragedy and Loss and Hopelessness and the reason you long for and yearn for the stories of Hope and Courage and Compassionate Service to others is that those are speaking to what lies within the Human Capacity for both good and Evil. 

Everyone has the Capacity and Desire for Good

Don’t believe people when they say Mankind ‘naturally’ wants the Evil. You know this is NOT true because of what YOU want when you see the worst the world has to offer played out on your TV screens. 

The Truth is we all WANT the good, we all WANT the best for our families and for others. This is reflected by our desire to see MORE good news stories to overbalance the bad when we click thru the channels.

Why not Answer the Call of your own heart and BE the Good News for others. Love the Unloved, Serve those in need, Help the Helpless. ACT on those Natural instincts within you to Move with Compassion and Empathy in your everyday life. 

We are the Reason for Hope 

I know it’s Cliche, but … BE the Change. BE the Answer. Connect, Gather and Join with the rest of Humanity outside your door. Now THAT’S a Mission to “Pin” your Future to.


Christmas HaiKu Challenge: “Christmas Morning”

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Visions of Christmases Past and Present

This was my offering for the HaiKu Challenge over on Edwina’s Episodes as she ‘echoed’ the challenge of TJ’s . Maybe you’d like to visit both of their blogs to play along. Or you could just opt for the Inclusive Atmosphere here at The Recovering Know It All. Either way you choose, you shall not lose.

“Christmas Morning”
presents under tree
fluffy white snow in the yard
ice on the windows

children waking up
way too early for my likes
disturb my quiet

(en homage to matt Redmond)

‘When the presents end…’ 🙂.
papers yet to be, picked up
fudge induced coma.


What would you add to this? Feel free to Like, Comment and “Tell me how you ‘really’ feel”.


Christmas HaiKu Challenge – “Stars”

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This post will be a Triplet of Christmas Haiku in answer to TJ’s Christmas HaiKu Challenge for “Household Stars”. He was kind enough to give me a Shout Out on his blog regarding my last offering on my blog in answer to his challenge.

His blog is a wonderful collection of posts and prompts for both readers and writers of all kinds. Please visit when you can and if you feel so inclined (or reclined 🙂 ), be encouraged to offer up your own efforts to make the Season “The Most Wonderful Time of Year” with a Post or Comment to answer the challenge. Enjoy. -KIA

Close Encounters of the Angelic Kind?

Mystified Maji

Three followed “The Star”

They set out to find “The King”

and found… a baby.



I’m Ready Too…

I guard the front door

Hat and scarf Prepared for Snow.

says… “Happy Birthday”



Nestled in Needles

hidden memories

reminders of Christmas past

he winks from his Star


Arrogance, Pride and Abuse always have a Price to Pay

Most Animal Testing is unnecessary, cruelty, abusive and yields minimal useful results for humans. STOP IT NOW

First, a story of abuse From Fox News

University defends study that led to 6 beagles being euthanized
Published September 04, 2016 Associated Press

(AP Photo/Jens Meyer, File)
The University of Missouri is defending its research practices after a national pet-adoption group publicly decried an experiment that led to six female beagles being euthanized.

The California-based Beagle Freedom Project, which is suing the university system over $82,000 in fees it says it is being charged for an open-records request, said it learned of the dogs’ deaths after happening upon a published study about treatment for damaged corneas.

As detailed in April in the Journal of Veterinary Ophthalmology, the study said roughly 1-year-old beagles had their left eyes intentionally damaged while they were anesthetized. Half of the animals then were given a topical acid treatment to determine if that healed the eye damage; it didn’t, and the dogs eventually were put to death.

Kevin Chase, vice president of the BFP, which rescues former research animals ranging from ponies to goldfish for adoption, called Mizzou’s experiment “a colossal failure” and “cruel,” noting the “cornea’s top layer is filled with thousands of tiny nerve endings.”

“Caging dogs in a laboratory, intentionally damaging their corneas, and then killing them is about as ethical as picking people off the street and hitting them over the head with a pipe in order to test new concussion treatments,” Chase said.

Animal-rights groups widely say nearly 400 U.S. research labs use nearly 70,000 dogs each year, the vast majority of which are beagles, usually because of their docility.

The university issued a statement saying the beagles were anesthetized during the procedure and were given pain medications if any discomfort was evident. The research, meant to develop painless or noninvasive treatments for corneal injuries, “improves the quality of life for both animals and humans,” the university insisted.

“Animal research is only done when scientists believe there is no other way to study the problem, and our researchers respect their research animals greatly and provide the utmost care,” the statement read. “The animals were treated humanely and every effort was made to ensure dogs were as comfortable as possible during the tests to study the effectiveness of the new drug treatment.”

That statement did not say whether its research animals commonly are euthanized. In the study’s conclusion, the four researchers acknowledge the small sample size, saying it was determined before undertaking the study that two dozen of the dogs would be required to detect a significant difference in the healing rates.

The BFP successfully has lobbied for “beagle bills,” which essentially require healthy dog and cat test subjects to be offered up to rescue organizations instead of having them automatically euthanized. The Humane Society of the United States says such laws now exist in Connecticut, California, Minnesota, Nevada and New York.

The BFP sued the University of Missouri in May, alleging it violated the state’s Sunshine Law by charging more than $82,000 for documents that the group sought related to dogs and cats on the Columbia campus. Chase called the fees “exorbitant” and an effort to stymie disclosure.

His group routinely files open-records requests in search of post-research candidate dogs for rescue and was looking through previously published reports about University of Missouri animal research when BFP happened upon the study involving the beagles.

“Had they just given us the records for current protocols, we probably wouldn’t have dug that deep,” Chase said.


From Animal Abuse and Cruelty to Abuse of Human Beings

Arrogance and pride always have a price to pay. Sometimes it’s in the political arena where highly placed, “protected” politicians and officials who are “too big to jail” get caught in the attempted ‘cover up’ and we learn about the “Iceberg of corruption” just under the surface.

  • Think Watergate, 
  • think Whitewater, 
  • think Benghazi, 
  • think Hillary’s private email server, 

(cracked and hacked and jacked open for anyone with the skill to break security that according the FBI Director Comey’s estimation was not even as good as Google.) 

From animal cruelty to politics to a church near you

Think all the fallen Tele Evangelists or big money church ministries you can remember, all the arrogant and soul abusive systems of spiritual and emotional oppression…

Eventually, they all end up paying the price. This time, six beautiful and super gentle beagles died that never would have been known about had the University not blocked efforts to find out. How much corruption, how much abuse, how much emotional and spiritual torture, maybe even figurative ‘death’, goes on in today’s churches that no one knows about, but with the right mixture of arrogance, pride and refusal to be transparent and honest with themselves and others, what will be the price?

  • I hope the price they pay is the freedom of those they have held captive and abused. 
  • I hope the price is diminishing numbers and income to their coffers in the way of Tithes and Offerings.
  • I hope the price they pay is more people like myself who leave the systems of abuse and start telling the stories of their Journey out of Christianity or whatever system has made them non thinking slaves.
  • I hope the price is high and painful to their wallets and their way of life.

All this organization wanted was to free the dogs, but in the arrogance, pride and intentional deception, the University paid a higher price, with the Beagles as Martyrs to the cause of freedom for the rest.

What will be the cost for your freedom from Christianity today? Have you had enough of the emotional and spiritual abuse? When will you allow yourself the freedom to think for yourself and ask those questions you are taught not to ask, read those materials you are warned not to read…

Engage with “those people” you are told not to talk to?

“Today is the day of Salvation”

Be free today. -kia