Reposting on a Tuesday: For TJ’s Household Haiku – Pins

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Pins Gather, Connect and Join Us Together

Pins on marri wood cheese platter

Hello, I guess if it’s Friday night, or Saturday or Sunday or even as late as Tuesday if you’re a Recovering Know It All, it’s time for TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. This week, the Prompt is “Pins”. I’ll let TJ do the honors, as I usually do…

“Would you like to join in the fun? Don’t hesitate to leave a link in the comments (hit the black speech bubble at the end of the post) to your own take on the prompt. I will feature your work next week!” -TJ

He really does have a Wonderful Blog, please pay him a visit and if so inclined, PLAY along as well. 🙂 (And DO have some better Wine while you’re at it, yeah?)

Without further ado… here is my Entry for the week


Safety Pins

Thirty years ago

in a land far, far away

I Did my duty



Attached to Hope

Still Happy to Help

Where ever need arises

Always “On Mission”



Hearts of Gold

For those who have Passed

My Job to Serve those who Live

With Max Empathy


Is there still Hope for Humanity?

I believe that we all have within us and endless reservoir of Compassion, Empathy, Love and Concern for our Families and others around us. The Bests of Humanity beats within your Hearts and in your Souls. 

The reason you grow weary of TV News stories of tragedy and Loss and Hopelessness and the reason you long for and yearn for the stories of Hope and Courage and Compassionate Service to others is that those are speaking to what lies within the Human Capacity for both good and Evil. 

Everyone has the Capacity and Desire for Good

Don’t believe people when they say Mankind ‘naturally’ wants the Evil. You know this is NOT true because of what YOU want when you see the worst the world has to offer played out on your TV screens. 

The Truth is we all WANT the good, we all WANT the best for our families and for others. This is reflected by our desire to see MORE good news stories to overbalance the bad when we click thru the channels.

Why not Answer the Call of your own heart and BE the Good News for others. Love the Unloved, Serve those in need, Help the Helpless. ACT on those Natural instincts within you to Move with Compassion and Empathy in your everyday life. 

We are the Reason for Hope 

I know it’s Cliche, but … BE the Change. BE the Answer. Connect, Gather and Join with the rest of Humanity outside your door. Now THAT’S a Mission to “Pin” your Future to.



Some light reading at B&N

The wife just had to drag me here to the Mall for the day after Christmas calendar sale. Fifty per cent off!! 

While we’re here, stopping for a coffee and a short read. Enjoy the day. We are. But it will be back to the grind stone in the morning.


Christmas HaiKu Challenge: “Christmas Morning”

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Visions of Christmases Past and Present

This was my offering for the HaiKu Challenge over on Edwina’s Episodes as she ‘echoed’ the challenge of TJ’s . Maybe you’d like to visit both of their blogs to play along. Or you could just opt for the Inclusive Atmosphere here at The Recovering Know It All. Either way you choose, you shall not lose.

“Christmas Morning”
presents under tree
fluffy white snow in the yard
ice on the windows

children waking up
way too early for my likes
disturb my quiet

(en homage to matt Redmond)

‘When the presents end…’ 🙂.
papers yet to be, picked up
fudge induced coma.


What would you add to this? Feel free to Like, Comment and “Tell me how you ‘really’ feel”.


Christmas HaiKu Challenge – “Stars”

(((Reposted from last Christmas -kia)))

This post will be a Triplet of Christmas Haiku in answer to TJ’s Christmas HaiKu Challenge for “Household Stars”. He was kind enough to give me a Shout Out on his blog regarding my last offering on my blog in answer to his challenge.

His blog is a wonderful collection of posts and prompts for both readers and writers of all kinds. Please visit when you can and if you feel so inclined (or reclined 🙂 ), be encouraged to offer up your own efforts to make the Season “The Most Wonderful Time of Year” with a Post or Comment to answer the challenge. Enjoy. -KIA

Close Encounters of the Angelic Kind?

Mystified Maji

Three followed “The Star”

They set out to find “The King”

and found… a baby.



I’m Ready Too…

I guard the front door

Hat and scarf Prepared for Snow.

says… “Happy Birthday”



Nestled in Needles

hidden memories

reminders of Christmas past

he winks from his Star


The Electoral College, History and the ‘United States’ of the Founders. 

From Breitbart.cim

Obama Calls Electoral College a ‘Vestige’ of an ‘Earlier Version’ of America



Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

“The Electoral College is a vestige, it’s a carryover from an earlier vision of how our federal government was going to work that put a lot of premium on states,” President Obama said Friday during a press conference at the White House.

((( that is, before the 14th Amendment effectively restructured the relationship between the States and the Federal Government from one of ‘service to’ to ‘dominance over’. -kia)))

“It used to be that the Senate was not elected directly, it was through state legislators,” he added. “It’s the same type of thinking that gives Wyoming two senators with about 500,000 people and California with 33 million gets the same two.”

((( Woodrow Wilson, another Progressive Democrat President, got that Amendment thru to further limit the States’ original independence from Federal control.. -kia )))

“The truth of the matter is that if we have a strong message, if we’re speaking to what the American people care about, typically the popular vote and the electoral college vote will align.”

Asked his thoughts on whether Republican electors should vote for anyone but Trump, Obama said it’s not his place to “decide my successor.”

“With respect to the electors, I’m not going to weigh in on that issue,” Obama said. “Again, it’s the American people’s job, and now the electors’ job to decide my successor. It is not my job to decide my successor.”

((( AT least he’s smart enough to realize when he shouldn’t encourage a Constitutional Crisis with an Unconstitutional Coup. Thats more than I can say for the Major Media, the Clinton Campaign, Jill Stein and the DNC. -kia )))

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But he’s right, the ‘United States of America’ today are not what the Founders and the Constitution intended or established. Originally, the United States were (notice the person conjugation) free and independent States, Federated together for mutual support and defense, and serviced for such purposes by a Federal Government which organized them each other.

Individuals were citizens of their States respectively and their States were ‘citizens’ or members of the United States. There was no ‘Collectivized’ Citizenship in a ‘Collectivized’ Country (notice the person conjugation) called ‘The United States of America’ because there wasn’t one.

The House of Representatives was called ‘the people’s house’ because it represented the People of these (notice the person conjugation) Unites States, and the Senate represented the individual States as a counterbalance to ‘Mob Rule/tyranny of the Majority over the Minority’ made possible by Absolute Democracy. This is why we have a Bicameral Congress, not to institutionalize inequality and unfairness, but to prevent it. So the few large cities and States would not be able to monopolize power and rule over the majority of the rest of the States.

The Founders’ intent, established with much thought and debate in the original Constitutional Congress, was to Balance the will of the Individual with the Independence of the States, with the latter being more important to prevent the type of Imperial or Dictatorial rule they had just spent a decade throwing off. That’s why the Founders gave Senators 6 year terms and selection by the State Legislatures, to provide the type of ‘longer view’ perspective on what would otherwise be prone to short sighted ‘mob rule’ pure democracy that would be open to easier emotional manipulation of the electorate… think the last three election cycles.

When Wilson changed election of Senators from selected by the individual States’ Legislatures to dierct election by the people of the States with the 17th Amendment, as a Progressive Democrat President, I think he knew what he was doing. He was further chipping away at the Rights and Independence of the Free and Independant States established by the Founders in the Constitution and the 10th and 11th Amendment, adding to the restructuring done by the 14th Amendment after ‘The War Between the States’, and completing the ‘newer version’ of our country that President Obama was referring to in difference to the one envisioned and established by the Founders.

The Electoral College is a representation of that earlier balance. It represents that original organization of Free and Independant States, their own citizens voting in the election for the Candidate of their own choice, then coming together to register that State’s vote. That’s why Progressive Democrats hate it so much.

The ‘version’ we have today is NOT the original. It was changed. Can you guess when?


For TJ’s Household Haiku – Ghost

Those bookshelves…

Yes,it’s been awhile since I participated on TJ’S weekly HaiKu challenge, but here it goes. For those out there who have lost parents yet ‘know’ they are still with them in the pieces of history and memory they’ve left behind. 

That cushion, that lamp, those glasses. It’s like she’s still with me. just as I see my father’s face in the mirror every morning, I see mom all around me in the small pieces we have kept from their 50 years of marriage. 

Sometimes, if I’m very quiet in the middle of the night… i hear her singing to me. I see both her and dad in my dreams. Somehow they are both still here, watching over me. I hope they are pleased with what they see. 


Still With me
A whoosh  of cool air

Did someone leave the door cracked?

Or was that you mom?