CTOTD: Christmas Trinity Edition

“You know Dasher and Dancer…”

“… and Donner and… Frosty?”

At work, I’m known as ‘that guy who wears ties’ thru the year, but especially during the Christmas season. Just before Thanksgiving, I was explaining my seeming obsession with one of my co-workers when she asked me if I had any that lit up and played music. I told her that I used to, but they didn’t work anymore.

She asked me again if she bought one for me, would I wear it. ‘Sure I would’ was my immediate and enthusiastic reply. This is what resulted. 

  • A Frosty…
  • With a nose like Rudolph the Reindeer…
  • That plays Jingle Bells for Santa Claus. 

How  cool is that? I know, right?

Enjoy the day. It’s finally December!!



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