No Tie Today, but a question

What are some of your least favorite Christmas songs or carols? Here are a few of mine:

  • Taylor Swifts version of “Last Christmas” (too fast and full of teen angst).  Just give me Ertha Kitt any old day… or night for that matter. Meow, Catwoman!
  • “Mr Grinch” by whoever that baritone bully is, or was it’s so old. The entire song is one long string of insults and attacks. It gets harder to listen to as the season progresses and the more often they play it on the ‘all christmas, all the time’ radio station we listen to.

And last but certainly not the end of my list…

  • Any version of what I call ‘the masher song’ when it come on… “Baby its cold outside”. I mean, I know it’s cold and he ‘says’ he’s got her best interests in mind, but something tells me that he might have other plans that involve a trip to a police station by the end of the night. Can you say ‘rape kit’ of  wordpress? “… how could you do this thing to me?”. Yeah right buddy!! Back the truck on up and unlock the damned door!!

Now it’s your turn, let me know in the comments your thoughts on Christmas songs and carols that are the banes of your holiday existence.



14 thoughts on “No Tie Today, but a question

  1. Obviously, the “true Christmas” carols are the ones I have the least tolerance for. *gag*

    Some of the secular ones aren’t bad, but most of them have been around for so many years, hearing them (again and again and again everywhere you go during the holidays) gets old. FAST!

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  2. “The Little Drummer Boy” is probably my least favorite, but I’m pretty cool with all the rest barring a bad vocalist and/or musical arrangement.

    As for Taylor Swifts rendition of “Last Christmas” – just shake it off

    Alright! Time to dig out my Boney M. 8-track and get into the Christmas spirit.

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  3. I remember a few years back ‘Mad world’ getting the Christmas number one in the UK, which seemed pretty dark and depressing at the time. Still, it is better than that years X Factor winner always getting the top spot, and I was delighted when the campaign to get Killing in the Name by RATM to the top spot worked. It was a beautiful moment.

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  4. Sorry can not tell you which ones I hate the most, but I can tell you which ones I love. I love the non traditional, non christian songs. I love songs like “rusty chevrolet” and “Grandma got run over by a reindeer”, its sequel, and also the “Redneck Christmas” song. Oh well, I never said I had good taste in music as some will surely say, only that I listen to what I like. Hugs


  5. I’ve worked in retail for the past 5 Christmases. Last Christmas and All I Want for Christmas is You are my very least favorites of the dozens of Christmas songs that play for hours on end in every store in the mall! Ironically, my favorite Christmas songs are probably hymns. They’re actually pretty.

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