Lunch out with the Wife

Pita Jungle for lunch

Mine was a lentil Fattoush with organic brown rice, lentils, assorted fresh veggies, caramelized onions and pita chips. Mmmmm good!


4 thoughts on “Lunch out with the Wife

      • Agree. Partner was working this week and was given a cheese and tom sandwich (it was veg cheese!). But with butter. And he felt sick on the way home. When you start leaving it alone your system rebels, I guess.

        Oddly, I enjoyed hospital food (mostly) a couple of years ago. I specified vegan, which they mostly got right, and mainly ate soups, salads and fruit. Main courses were a bit ugh but if the veg were ok I’d eat them.

        Of course, my consultant said: ‘You need to eat more healthily.’

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