We finally got our Tree up

We love having a Christmas tree, just not the act of putting it up. Usually our family tradition is to get the tree up as soon as Thanksgiving  is over, the Friday or Saturday after. But this year we had a lot going on, plus I wasn’t feeling well after two dinners in one day. This weekend we decided the Christmas tree had to go up before we could go into town for the local Christmas tree lighting that follows the yearly Parade of Lights. 

It’s a bit jacked up, but we don’t mind. It says home to us. Yup. That’s done now we can go to the doings at the city center. Have a great weekend and enjoy the Christmas preps… as much as you can.



6 thoughts on “We finally got our Tree up

  1. I love it, you beat me posting ours by a few days. I have a few pictures of it when it first was set up. I am waiting for the close up of our more different unusual ornaments. I have not been up to getting them and today Ron said he will, but then did not. Also he has a few finishing touches like our under the tree train set to set up. I think your tree looks grand. That is the best part of the holiday is the trees, decorations, and the lights. I love yours. I totally understand your love of setting your tree up. Ron does ours. He loves doing it, it is his baby. I let him do it as I never had any say in decorations growing up and I love watching him doing it and seeing the joy on his face. Be well and happy, and the best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. Hugs

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    • I have to tell you scottie, that I didn’t always love the christmasy parts of Christmas. It’s just been the last four Christmases since my mom passed in 2013. Her favorite holiday was Christmas and it helps me remember and honor her memory. I’ve grow steadily to really love the season for myself too. We have Christmas music playing from Thanksgiving thru new years

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