CTOTD: Little Santa Balls Edition

So, for Tuesday’s ‘tie day’ edition of the Christmas Tie Of The Day I thought I’d show you my newest addition to the collection. Satan… I mean, Santa Claus. 

My “breakfast of champions”

As a Christian, the way some people hate oatmeal and grapefruit juice, the way some people really hate corrupt lying politicians and swindling scam artist business people, I hated Satan… I did it again… Santa because he stole Christmas away from the REAL “reason for the season”. Needless to say nowadays I’m much less of a Grinch. We now celebrate Christmas as a family with a lot more enthusiasm and joy than we used to, and Santa is once again on the agenda. 

Ironic but not Irenic

I also wanted to share some ah… feedback from my CTOTD Posts that I recently received in the form of a haiku. JB, Amanda and I were trading back and forth a bit when this little ditty came out that seems to sum up the situation nicely. 

Coming from his side, as a committed Christian and still attempting comedian, I think he was trying to insult and bully me in his usual passive aggressive, overly insecure way, but it turned out to be quite funny. What do you think? Have a wonderful day. I’ll be super busy at work saving the world, one caller at a time.



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