The Love of God, Jesus and Christians on a Sunday 

“… And that is the last thing I have to say to you Mike..ever.
You can comment away and act like a complete fool. As far as I am concerned you have ceased to exist”

Leave Christ, leave the Church, leave Christianity… and cease to exist. This is Deconversion 101. Don’t you just feel the Love and Acceptance that will make you want to return?



18 thoughts on “The Love of God, Jesus and Christians on a Sunday 

  1. I did think Wally was rather shirty with you on that post. Nothing so frightening as a deconverted Christian I guess? Unlikeme, I’m no threat. But how could someone who spent 30 years in the business turn their back? Unsettling. Disconcerting. Never a True Christian™. Must be an atheist. Etc.

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    • Wally is special. Truly. Insecure and ignorant. He doesnt even know enough to know how much he doesn’t know. As a Christian, he displays none of the grace and poise that the Spirit is supposed to provide one who is spirit filled and controlled. As a person, he seems not to be very tolerant of anyone who knows and has experienced more than he has, yet has come to different conclusions.
      Wally is what you would rightly call and ass hole for Christ, with the ministry of condemnation.

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      • I’ll leave the assessment up to you, given my scanty knowledge of the doctrines of christianity.

        What was also interesting was the response to your question for Patrick about why he asked you the question. Of course Patrick didn’t have ulterior motives. How dare you accuse a fine upstanding tight-on Christian of such pernicious behaviour?

        Back when I visited and occasionally commented on TiP, I once happened to be commenting at the same time as Ark. Unsurprising as our time zones are similar. We were accused of being in cahoots and conspiring behind the scenes to ‘have a go’ at Wally. Seriously, I joke not. I’ll tell you what I told Wally. That had not happened; it was sheer coincidence we were both there at the same time. There had been no flurry of emails discussing our evil superplan. Paranoia or what?

        I’m never sure whether W believed me or not. Because atheists are just evil nasty liars out to get the poor persecuted Christian. And I do wish the man would get a dictionary. Atheist does not equal someone who is not a Christian and vice versa. It must infuriate you being called atheist all the time.

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        • Again, he seems to be tempermentally insecure. I have a buddy here in AZ who is the same and occasionally acts out the same towards me. It’s why we worked together for only a short time.
          But wally seems to be completely oblivious to standards of adult interaction and decorum, unless of course you’re kissing his ass.


        • What infuriates me is not being called atheist when I’m just not christian anymore… you all are generally not a cringe and contempt worthy lot… but the anger, bitterness and the aggression he turns towards one who isn’t Christian anymore, but won’t shut up about it. By his actions and behaviors to wards me, he has shown that he literally hates Deconverts even more than he loves and follows jesus.


          • I can understand it though. It’s like me being vegetarian for 30 years (approx) and suddenly diving into steak and chicken and salmon again. Or having had six rescue dogs and suddenly buying pedigree. How can someone do such a volte face? People have very strong ethics (in my case) or beliefs (in yours) and then suddenly reject all those years? I know it’s not an exact parallel but it’s the nearest I can manage.

            I have a blogpal who has been veg for years, but has reluctantly had to eat fish/chicken again because of health problems. I can understand that though. There is rationality to it. But for you to reject the Truth makes no sense to someone like W. And, how many others might do that? You are shaking the bedrock of his recently found new life.

            Add in all the other non-believers, some atheist, others not, and it is challenging to fundies. Atheists aren’t a bad lot, thanks for the backhanded comp, we’re ordinary people, we just don’t believe in gods and take responsibility for our own lives and accept death for what it is.

            Otherwise, I don’t know where the volatility cones from. As he doesn’t want non-xtians, I no longer comment. The religious drivel is boring anyway. His flower pix were better 😀


            • Sorry, it was meant not a a backhanded compliment but as a comic one, given Wallys utter contempt for atheists. I wanted to assure you that I don’t share his evaluation.
              As for what motivated his volatility? Fear is the culprit. He’s afraid of what he doesn’t understand. Fear pure and simple

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    • Wally is one of those authority driven people who when faced with something or someone he can’t understand, counter or or defeat… seeks to destroy it or silence it so he no longer has to consider it. He is the perfect example of my post ‘why blog?’

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  2. I thought the whole salvation things was between a person and their god. Why is anyone else involved except to ask, did you hear or know there is a view of such and such. IF they know you know of resources to “find god” ( did not know he was lost again, someone get him a GPS please ) is it not out of place for them to place himself in to or between that relationship you are to have with God? Seems very conceited to me. Hugs

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    • The whole point of religions is to interpose ‘special’ men with special knowledge unavailable to ordinary people between the individual and the god they may believe (or not believe) in.
      These men become spokesmen, ‘official’ arbiters and judges of the validity and even the propriety of other people’s faith or disbelief.
      Judge, Jury and Executioner all wrapped in gold and silver vestments designed to intimidate into either submission… or silence.


      • I guess I just don’t understand the mindset that well. I was never a “true believer” even when I was at church boarding school. But I always found the best teachers taught you to reason about a subject, not just to repeat at rote the test answers. However I think I get your point, it is not about you the learner understanding, it is about the position of teacher always being right and superior. Sad really as that spoils their whole message I think. Thanks and hugs

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  3. Mike, you and Wally are not getting on I gather?

    I have not had much to due with Wally of late, but I found him more open to discussion than his pussy cat friend.

    Having said that I did notice that Wally often seemed to misinterpret what I was trying to say. I think in the end I found the discussion too hard and gave up.

    I found that the best discussions I could have was sharing experiences with fellow deconverts. Of all the blogs I think Nate’s is the highlight, I don’t know if I have seen you there?

    I don’t have any desire to argue with Christians any more as I find that they have little interest in understanding the reasons I left the faith.

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  4. Just making fun of this Wally person again? Maybe you have not been shuned because you have deconverted at all. Maybe it is because you are a repulsive and hateful individual.

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    • Wow… now you know me that well to identify my deepest personality? You’re offended, I get that. But don’t let that personal offense get in the way of reading what I have written with an open mind. Chiao


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