To a ‘Christian’ on the verge of Recovery

​((A personal message from one who understands their anger and why they must lash out in their insecurity and fear.))

“Someday Brother <name withheld>, when you’ve been in Christ longer than 10 years, and seen outside of your own denominational walls a bit further, and mixed with people in your own faith that don’t agree with your particular tribe’s doctrinal stances, yet remain christian… when you’ve had enough time to actually learn what it means to love others as yourself and show the same grace that has been afforded you…

… Someday you will look back in horror of how you have treated others in the name of Christ, and realize that you are not a very nice or loving or graceful representation of what it means to be a Christian. Until then, I guess this is where you are. And it is I who are truly sorry for you and all you come in contact with, both on this oand other blogs, and in your personal, professional and religious life. 

<name withheld >… you are not a true Christian and you are barely an adult in your behaviour and conversations with people you disagree with or disagree with you. My suggestion is counseling and a discontinuation of your blog until such a time as you understand your true condition and begin to make amends. And really, have a wonderful day and a merry Christmas. I hope for your Recovery. -kia”

…To one doesn’t even realize how lost he really is or how close to Recovery.



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