CTOTD: It’s beginning to look alot like… Monday

We live in the Phoenix area so there’s not much chance of it looking alot like Christmas during the holidays. The best we can hope for is maybe a light dusting on top of the Superstition Mountains to the east, but even that is eluding us this year. Thus… another week of Christmas Tie Of The Day posts to tickle your eyes and brighten the workplace. 

Today’s CTOTD is one of my favorites, and seemingly work appropriate as Santa oversees and supervises the wrapping of presents and placing them under the tree for the kids when they wake up on Christmas Day.

When we got married, The Wife’s ™ family usually had a tradition of spending Christmas eve watching movies and eating pizza together. But with her folks separated and mine in a different town but still in the area, we traveled between three places on Christmas day. There was no time at all for just the wife and I to exchange our gifts for each other and spend time creating our own family Christmas traditions. So we made and tough decision to keep Christmas eve for us. 

We still travel between two places for Christmas day, my parents being passed now, and Christmas eve at our home has stayed our special thing. How about you? What makes Christmas special for you and your family? Any traditions you’d like to share with us? Let me know in ghetto comments below and have a great day.



16 thoughts on “CTOTD: It’s beginning to look alot like… Monday

  1. That’s a nice tradition. We don’t do anything special for Christmas in my family, I mainly just sleep in and laze around. I miss how it was when I was younger. Happy holidays.

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  2. For Ron and I the holiday is the decorations. We use to exchange gifts in the past but we are at the age where we really do not want much, and if we do we just get it or give it to each when we decide we need it. Ron loves to cook a large holiday dinner and use fancy dinnerware passed down through the years. We don’t always do the dinner on a set day. It is when we feel like it and have time. Hope you and your family have fun this year with your traditions. Be well, have lots of joy. Hugs

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  3. “As time passes …” 😉 In other words, as you get old and older, the holiday season begins to lose its luster. Plus the fact it’s become so commercialized (!), it tends to take the edge off.

    My family is 10 hours away and the other half’s is 5 hours away, so it’s just him and me. We usually fix a special dinner (usually ham … on of my most favorite meats!) and may exchange gifts … although this is becoming more difficult as we get older since, as Scottie mentioned, one gets to the point in life where you simply don’t need any more “things.”

    Anyway, hope all who read this have a great December 25th! *Jingle Bells … Jingle Bells*

    P.S. I think this tie is my favorite so far!

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