For my First Follower: Intolerant Tolerance

Originally for a Very Opinionated Man. Go check him out immediately and Follow.


Intolerant Tolerance

When someone decries

that I am Opinionated,

aren’t They also?

Who are they to Judge

me Judging Others?

When I Discern

so that I can Learn,

aren’t They discerning

to Keep from Learning?



5 thoughts on “For my First Follower: Intolerant Tolerance

  1. Yes I have concluded that both tolerance and bias is very much in the eye of the beholder.

    I think the biggest mistake many of us make is to assume we are free from bias. I know I am not, but I also realise no-one else is either.

    Funnily enough one of the wisest people I came across in this regard was one of my Bible Seminary lecturers. He advised us that it is just not possible to put aside our presuppositions (biases), the best we can hope to do is to be aware of them.

    The person who acknowledges and understands that how they look at the world is affected by some underlying suppositions (worldview). Is on the road to wisdom, especially where they accept that they can never be certain their presuppositions are correct.

    One of my bugbears in so much discussion of issues is the false certainty that so many folk claim.

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