What if? Love is the Answer

“Every night is the last night. Every Christmas is the last Christmas” -Doctor Who, number 12

Would you be ready? Would your family be ready?

Make this one count. Love the family you have left. Don’t let stupid s#!t keep you apart. There may not be another opportunity to set things right. -kia



6 thoughts on “What if? Love is the Answer

  1. The problem with this is, you might just get run over by a bus or eaten by an escaped rabid lion on the way to setting things straight!

    It’s only ever a problem if the guilt eats you up inside, right?
    Besides, there’s no law that says you must love all and sundry.

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  2. Thankfully, we know “Love IS indeed the answer.”
    A wonderful mentor puts it this way – when the answer is always the same, the question doesn’t matter. LOVE, wonderful ‘agape’ LOVE!
    God IS Love! 😉
    Jesus is the answer for all that assails us!

    For the most fulfilling and meaningful life – love God, and love those who come across your path (your neighbor).


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