Arrogance, Pride and Abuse always have a Price to Pay

Most Animal Testing is unnecessary, cruelty, abusive and yields minimal useful results for humans. STOP IT NOW

First, a story of abuse From Fox News

University defends study that led to 6 beagles being euthanized
Published September 04, 2016 Associated Press

(AP Photo/Jens Meyer, File)
The University of Missouri is defending its research practices after a national pet-adoption group publicly decried an experiment that led to six female beagles being euthanized.

The California-based Beagle Freedom Project, which is suing the university system over $82,000 in fees it says it is being charged for an open-records request, said it learned of the dogs’ deaths after happening upon a published study about treatment for damaged corneas.

As detailed in April in the Journal of Veterinary Ophthalmology, the study said roughly 1-year-old beagles had their left eyes intentionally damaged while they were anesthetized. Half of the animals then were given a topical acid treatment to determine if that healed the eye damage; it didn’t, and the dogs eventually were put to death.

Kevin Chase, vice president of the BFP, which rescues former research animals ranging from ponies to goldfish for adoption, called Mizzou’s experiment “a colossal failure” and “cruel,” noting the “cornea’s top layer is filled with thousands of tiny nerve endings.”

“Caging dogs in a laboratory, intentionally damaging their corneas, and then killing them is about as ethical as picking people off the street and hitting them over the head with a pipe in order to test new concussion treatments,” Chase said.

Animal-rights groups widely say nearly 400 U.S. research labs use nearly 70,000 dogs each year, the vast majority of which are beagles, usually because of their docility.

The university issued a statement saying the beagles were anesthetized during the procedure and were given pain medications if any discomfort was evident. The research, meant to develop painless or noninvasive treatments for corneal injuries, “improves the quality of life for both animals and humans,” the university insisted.

“Animal research is only done when scientists believe there is no other way to study the problem, and our researchers respect their research animals greatly and provide the utmost care,” the statement read. “The animals were treated humanely and every effort was made to ensure dogs were as comfortable as possible during the tests to study the effectiveness of the new drug treatment.”

That statement did not say whether its research animals commonly are euthanized. In the study’s conclusion, the four researchers acknowledge the small sample size, saying it was determined before undertaking the study that two dozen of the dogs would be required to detect a significant difference in the healing rates.

The BFP successfully has lobbied for “beagle bills,” which essentially require healthy dog and cat test subjects to be offered up to rescue organizations instead of having them automatically euthanized. The Humane Society of the United States says such laws now exist in Connecticut, California, Minnesota, Nevada and New York.

The BFP sued the University of Missouri in May, alleging it violated the state’s Sunshine Law by charging more than $82,000 for documents that the group sought related to dogs and cats on the Columbia campus. Chase called the fees “exorbitant” and an effort to stymie disclosure.

His group routinely files open-records requests in search of post-research candidate dogs for rescue and was looking through previously published reports about University of Missouri animal research when BFP happened upon the study involving the beagles.

“Had they just given us the records for current protocols, we probably wouldn’t have dug that deep,” Chase said.


From Animal Abuse and Cruelty to Abuse of Human Beings

Arrogance and pride always have a price to pay. Sometimes it’s in the political arena where highly placed, “protected” politicians and officials who are “too big to jail” get caught in the attempted ‘cover up’ and we learn about the “Iceberg of corruption” just under the surface.

  • Think Watergate, 
  • think Whitewater, 
  • think Benghazi, 
  • think Hillary’s private email server, 

(cracked and hacked and jacked open for anyone with the skill to break security that according the FBI Director Comey’s estimation was not even as good as Google.) 

From animal cruelty to politics to a church near you

Think all the fallen Tele Evangelists or big money church ministries you can remember, all the arrogant and soul abusive systems of spiritual and emotional oppression…

Eventually, they all end up paying the price. This time, six beautiful and super gentle beagles died that never would have been known about had the University not blocked efforts to find out. How much corruption, how much abuse, how much emotional and spiritual torture, maybe even figurative ‘death’, goes on in today’s churches that no one knows about, but with the right mixture of arrogance, pride and refusal to be transparent and honest with themselves and others, what will be the price?

  • I hope the price they pay is the freedom of those they have held captive and abused. 
  • I hope the price is diminishing numbers and income to their coffers in the way of Tithes and Offerings.
  • I hope the price they pay is more people like myself who leave the systems of abuse and start telling the stories of their Journey out of Christianity or whatever system has made them non thinking slaves.
  • I hope the price is high and painful to their wallets and their way of life.

All this organization wanted was to free the dogs, but in the arrogance, pride and intentional deception, the University paid a higher price, with the Beagles as Martyrs to the cause of freedom for the rest.

What will be the cost for your freedom from Christianity today? Have you had enough of the emotional and spiritual abuse? When will you allow yourself the freedom to think for yourself and ask those questions you are taught not to ask, read those materials you are warned not to read…

Engage with “those people” you are told not to talk to?

“Today is the day of Salvation”

Be free today. -kia


5 thoughts on “Arrogance, Pride and Abuse always have a Price to Pay

  1. Ron and I used to rescue dogs. We really enjoyed rescuing former greyhound racers. When I lost the ability to walk and couldn’t take the dogs out, we switched to rescuing cats. It has been grand for us and for the cats. We focused on older cats that others did not want. We called it their retirement home. We gave them the best we could for the last years they had. We had to go through a lot of hurt each time one passed, and for an older cat vet bills were not a minor thing. I have two cats beside me right now that we rescued. While I don’t care for kitty litter cat boxes… I love the feeling of them snuggling up to me as I read and showing they are happy. I feel the use of animals for experimentation should be outlawed. I feel that if a product testing for humans is needed, humans should be the ones it is tested on. Boy that would stop the testing quick. Thanks for posting this. Be well. Hugs

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      • Grand. I have never been comfortable with the word “pets” , but those we label pets bring so much to our lives it is stunning. I had one cat who use to love to drive my old motorised wheelchair around. He would sit in my lap, his front paws on the arm of the chair and tap the control to move the chair. He did better than I , he never hit anything and I tore the couch when I was driving. Today I don’t need the motorised chair but still use a wheelchair and walker and Milo ( a cat we rescued ) loves going for rides on both. It is funny to see Ron pushing the cat around the house on my walker. I think what makes us part of the world we live in is our ability to empathize with the other creatures here with us. Hugs

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