CTOTD: Thursday before Christmas edition

Really just a repost with a different Tie

“Twas the last workday before Christmas 

and all thru the house, 

the Maltese were barking 

and wouldn’t shut their mouths!”


Another one?

“Park there, Harold”, Angie screams. Stories of the Parking Lot scenes. 

-misheard lyrics over the Mall Wars this weekend

One more and then a story…

“Our father Art, who is in heaven…” 

–misheard by children at almost every Catholic funeral.

This is the second of only two gospel themed Christmas ties I have. Both from when I was still Christian. But do they reflect truth or just Truth ™?

In the first gospel written, well… Of the 4 Official Ones out of over 40 that the Official Church Officially either destroyed or Officially dismisses as too fantastical to be true, (have you even read the stuff that they think is NOT fantastical enough to dismiss?)… But I digress.

… In the first gospel written, Mark, there isn’t a Nativity at all. Jesus was an ordinary teacher/apocalyptic prophet come on the scene to whip his own fellow Jews into shape and ends up getting turned over to Roman authorities by his own people to be executed. Without the ‘interpolated’ or translated: ‘added much later by other people who weren’t there to see it’ verses at the end of Mark’s final chapter you wouldn’t even have a Resurrected Savior let alone a Virgin Born Son of God. Or was he really born in Alexandria…. Virginia? No matter.

We get the Nativity from the writer of Matthew’s gospel, whoever that was we don’t know for sure… No, really… We REALLY don’t know for sure who wrote Matthew let alone Mark, Luke or even John… But I digress, again.

We get the Nativity story from the writer of Matthew’s gospel toward the end of the 1st or the beginning of the 2nd century in order to ‘church up’ the gospel to try to make it more appealing to Jewish communities looking for OT tie in for the NT story of why their rebellion against Roman authority didn’t work… Again… and instead got their leader killed.

Simple solution from a Greco-Roman mindset… Dying and Rising God like the many others already being worshipped and revered throughout the region at the time. This One, it seems, has just been more successful and long lasting at keeping its Branding alive longer than the others. It always helps to have a Roman Emporers mother in the pocket though to help things along. After that, once the machinery and authoritarian priesthood is in place to Enforce Gods Rule on Earth… All you need is a Winter Solstice to subvert.

Simple really.



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