CTOTD: Big Changes Friday edition…

No Christmas Tie today but…

We are off work today thru Monday, not going back till Tuesday, for the Christmas Holiday. Sorry, I may still post another CTOTD on Christmas Day for our trip to the In-Laws’ for dinner, but for now you’ll have to accept my Bedspread. Today we have some more changes. Some minor, but one major.

First up:

My buddy Bill is coming over again to help replace the water heater in the garage. When he was doing the water softener, carbon filter and RO under the sink a couple of weeks ago, we noticed that there was some old water damage under the water heater. I looked at the date of manufacture/install and was shocked to see it was 1992. The house was built in 1994 so it has to be original. 

** Pro Tip: Water heaters aren’t meant to last 24yrs. They build up all kinds of sediment at the bottom over time that diminishes the capacity and puts pressure on the tank that can cause it to rust out and eventually start leaking or even burst… filling your garage or even your home with water, causing thousands of dollars in damage. **

You should typically look to replace water heaters at 10-15 years if you’re a good home owner and drain once a year. But most people, like me apparantly, are not and should start planning to switch out at the 7-10 year mark. Either way, 24yrs is extreme so we are getting it done today. By the way, say Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary to my buddy Bill today if you see him out there.

Second, Post on hold for now

The next change is probably bigger so I will hold that one back for now for a separate post. It involves family, getting older and marriage. 

Thirdly, I’m asking for input

The third is something I’ve gotten at least three bites on in the last 6 months. The Monthly Blog Purge of all (or most) non poetry related posts, excepting some special ones of my choosing or the suggestions of others. I’ve had questions of why I do this, whether it would be better just to leave everything in tact for future viewing and commenting by readers, some even questioning my motives and accusing me of trying to ‘hide’ somethings, embarrassing things,  I don’t want people to see 

** Quick Note:  It wasn’t you Nan or Scottie. It was the Inimitable Antebellum Amanda. **

So the third change I’m thinking of making is to do away with the Monthly Reset altogether and I wanted to get some feedback. What do you think? Should I keep it or should I keep everything? I hope you will comment below and ‘help a brother out’ by helping me make this decision before the end of December and the New Year. Thank you for all of your comments, suggestions, Liking my posts and following My Journey of Recovery. 

Now back to our Regularly Scheduled Post

Since as they say “the show must go on”, I decided to snap a pic of one of our Christmas bedspreads. I really wanted Daisey, our youngest and most vocal Maltese in the shot too but she would not cooperate. Typical Daisey. What a ‘Female Dog’.  

Have a Wonderful Day. -kia


16 thoughts on “CTOTD: Big Changes Friday edition…

  1. Hello Kia. I agree with Nan. Ron really loves the iron works, in almost every way, if for railings, decorative window coverings and other applications. I admit they are pretty and can be made into many shapes, but I find I am much more in favor of total wood structures. I love big wooden bookcase headboards. Oh well, the difference in life make it interesting. Hugs

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    • Yes it is. We got it about three years ago. We have another more traditional one for Christmas that we bought at a second hand store for 15 bucks. I’ll try to get that one up next.


  2. Kudos and commiserations on the new water heater!! Been there, done that, and in our area the water is so hard that we were told 5-7 years change out is not unusual. And may I add to that also the hoses connected to the washer. When they go, it can hit the ceiling and look like it’s raining indoors! (Hmmm, how would I know this…??)

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  3. Re: blog reset — I’ve never reset mine, although I have considered going back to the beginning and deleting some of the posts that never got any comments (which, when I first started my blog, was not unusual). I’ve also considered re-posting some of the oldies. Since I now have a following, I think some of them might generate some conversation.

    Re: water heater — is yours gas or electric? BTW, that plumber’s truck picture is hilarious!

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    • Thx for the input. I repost some from time to time for the same reasons. Also if I want to re say something at a particular time.
      We have an electric water heater.
      Yup, the truck was awesome


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