Christmas HaiKu Challenge: “Christmas Morning”

(( reposted from last year -kia ))

Visions of Christmases Past and Present

This was my offering for the HaiKu Challenge over on Edwina’s Episodes as she ‘echoed’ the challenge of TJ’s . Maybe you’d like to visit both of their blogs to play along. Or you could just opt for the Inclusive Atmosphere here at The Recovering Know It All. Either way you choose, you shall not lose.

“Christmas Morning”
presents under tree
fluffy white snow in the yard
ice on the windows

children waking up
way too early for my likes
disturb my quiet

(en homage to matt Redmond)

‘When the presents end…’ 🙂.
papers yet to be, picked up
fudge induced coma.


What would you add to this? Feel free to Like, Comment and “Tell me how you ‘really’ feel”.


20 thoughts on “Christmas HaiKu Challenge: “Christmas Morning”

  1. What to add to your Christmas morning? Your haiKu sounds about right. I probably would add something about the mess after all the gifts are opened. 😦 We always plan to open in order and oh and ah at each others gifts. Somehow it just never works that way. lol

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  2. Love your haiku! Some many perspective and ending in a coma. Many thanks for the mention too and I am looking forward to reading more of your poetry in the future now I am following. Best wishes from Western Australia! TJ 🙂


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