CTOTD: Stretching out the Holidays Edition

Frosty’s not ready to ‘let it go’

There are still more ties than days left in the year and I just can’t stop now. We’re on our way to the end of the year, but not the end of the Christmas Holidays. My plan is to post just two more after this one, since I have Friday off this week as well due to needing to take my last PTO day of the year or lose it… no, they don’t carry over to 2017.

This tie is another of my snowmen ties that have a story to tell. This one of a snowman who, seeing the packages all in the mailbox, just can’t believe that’s it for the season. He stands ready still, arms open wide, heralding the fun and joy of Christmas. He refuses to “let it go”. He’d rather keep Letting it Snow.

Why not stretch out the holidays with us at The Recovering Know It All. The Christmas Spirit of Family, Friends, Love, Life, Generosity and Graciousness can extend to the whole year if you want it to. Why not Live the Reason for the Season. From our Family to yours, Enjoy the Day and Merry Christmas all year round.



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