CTOTD: Last one of the Season

This is the Howler that I was teasing yesterday. It’s my favorite of the non snowman ties and one of the few that I’ve paid full price for. This guy I bought at Kohl’s a couple of years back. I just couldn’t resist the cute little beagles with their Santa hats. 

Before I married, I had beagles for years, my last one passing in July of 2006. We now have Maltese dogs as you know and love them too, but I really miss my Beauregard, Straight Flush. Bo Bo for short.

Have a wonderful day and we’ll do the CTOTD again next year, same Santa time, same Snowman channel.



6 thoughts on “CTOTD: Last one of the Season

  1. Not as flashy as some have been , but very much a heartfelt one I see. Glad you had time with beloved furry family members. They make my life happier. They also some times frustrate me terribly. 🙂 Hugs

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