“From Russia, I mean Obama, with Love”

((( 12/30/16  On the eve of the petulant lame duck President and his soon to be former Administration’s premature ‘punishment’ of Russia for a ‘crime’ that has not been proved that they committed… Reposting exactly the Facts of the issue. 

Hillary Clinton lost not because of hacking or international interferance, but because the she, the DNC and the Obama Administration themselves could no longer hide who she really is and what she’s done and what she really stands for from the People of the United States. 

The truth is that Putin was the bigger man today in that he chose not to reciprocate the childish and foolish arrogance of Obama and the outgoing Administration, instead choosing to withhold judgment on the insult until the New President is inaugurated on January 20th.

But if our President and the Democrats are soooo concerned about national sovereignty and integrity of our election process from outside, international powers… they certainly have a conveniently short memory. Remember THIS? -kia


To those who say they are so concerned with possible Russian interferance in our US election… 

Russian involvement with the hacking has not been proven, it’s been ‘concluded’ by the Obama Administration’s CIA over the strenuous objections of the FBI who actually do the investigations.

Neither The Russians, Wikileaks or James Comey made Hillary and her team lose. That’s just BS.

Hillary Clinton lost because the Majority of the Country as a whole found her unbelievable and untrustworthy.

Information and evidence from their own emails gave voters access to what the media, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign was trying to hide from us. It was they who were trying to ‘influence’ voters by restricting our ability to make a fully informed decision. 

In the age of the Internet, you can’t hide who you really are anymore. Hillary lost because the DNC should have picked a better, stronger candidate.

And even if the Russian government was involved, what did they do you might ask? 

Release emails hacked from the DNC and Hillary Clinton that these two parties actually wrote and tried to delete from a Private Email Server (servers) that Clinton wasn’t supposed to be using for Classified Secret and Top Secret materials…

… emails and materials that were only available because her server, and the DNC servers by her backdoor, due to her servers being “less secure than Google” according to FBI Director Comey in the summer. If Russia was involved at all, and again… that has not been proven, it would have been only by making Hillary’s and the DNC’s private ‘dirty laundry’ Public knowledge. Laundry that the major media, the Clinton campaign and the DNC worked hard to keep under wraps and hidden from the American Voters.

But NOW they’re worried about cyber security? Now they’re worried about legal and illegal security protocols? Now they’re trying to fool people into believing that Russian involvement means illegitimate election so they can convince the Electoral College to overturn the election by voting against their states’ election results. And this is Constitutional Democracy? No its not. Not at all. 

Objectivity Test:

If Trump supporters, the RNC and Trump himself were trying to intimidate, harass, lobby and even propagandize the members of the Electoral College, set to vote on December 19th according to the election results of their states in the November election, to change those votes and thus ‘overturn the election’ had the results gone Hillary’s way… 


Think if Trump was doing this…

You better bet your last dollar that the DNC, the major media, Hillary, Jill Stein and anyone else left leaning or even right leaning would be pitching the biggest revolutionary fit the world had ever seen. And they’d be right and appropriate for doing so. 

Encouraging and lobbying, harassing and intimidating members of the Electoral College to violate their Constitutional duty to the people of the States they represent is not a joke. It’s an Unconstitutional Coup Attempt.

Really ask yourself… How would Democrats and the Liberal Left react if it were Trump supporters trying to do this? 

Just let that sink in… they are trying to convince the Electoral College to change their votes from what the Voters in the States they represent decided in November in order to overturn the Election. And they are using the propaganda rhetoric that ‘the russians did it’ to convince them. All the while decrying even the though of “foreign interference” in our Elections.  

That is the Media, the Left and Progressive Democrats trying to ‘interfere’ and manipulate the results of the Election after the fact because their candidate lost. That is the definition of Election Coup by people who only pretend to care about Democracy and the integrity of our Elections.

But they forgot about, or just ignored Obama’s proven attempted interferance in the Israeli elections. You see… that was just fine with them. It was Obama. It was them. “Nothing to see here, move along.”



8 thoughts on ““From Russia, I mean Obama, with Love”

  1. Let them do what they wish. It will cost them heavily because the true-born, patriotic American people will at that point rise up and put them, their children, and everyone and everything that they care about in the ground.

    They want to be on the sharp end of genocidal war? Fine!


  2. I have found it a bit unedifying to see so many folk trying to use what ever loophole they can to change the outcome of the election. Those who propose that Electoral College voters vote for a third party, such as Kasich, clearly have not thought through the matter.

    If one wanted a recipe for chaos then surely it would be the electoral college going rogue.

    If it was really intended by the writers of the constitution that the electoral college members could go rogue then surely the pre election focus should be on determining those those members are, not on the Presidential Candidate.

    I will raise one scenario to show the stupidity of this thinking. Imagine a scenario where the Republicans wanted say candidate ‘Hitler’ to be president but they knew he could never be elected. Well if the electoral college could go rogue you just put candidate ‘Gandhi’ on the ballot but ensure that each Republican Electoral College elector will really vote for candidate ‘Hitler’ instead.

    I say what right do members of the Electoral College have to go rogue? To do so they are thumbing their nose at the voters, if they intend to go rogue they should never have agreed to be appointed to the Electoral College. Otherwise the people should vote not for the PResident but rather for who they want to be in the Electoral College.

    The so called Hamilton group who want to encourage Electoral College voters to go rogue are really saying they don’t believe in democracy.

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    • They don’t believe in democracy at all, they believe in gaining and retaining power in their hands “by any means necessary” to quote Malcom x.
      That is what Marxist progressivism gets you these days.


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